Ior: Cuts to the cardinals’ ”earnings”


Ior: Cuts to the cardinals’ ”earnings”


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Cuts to the cardinals’ ”earnings”Cuts to the cardinals’ ”earnings”

After hitting Vatican employees, pope Francis’ “spending review” strikes the five commissioners who oversee the Vatican bank and whose work costs 25 thousand euro per year

GIACOMO GALEAZZI Taken from Vatican Insider
vatican city

No more bonuses for the Cardinals who watch over the Vatican bank.  Each Cardinal already has a “salary” of five thousand euro per month. This money used to be called “piatto cardinalizio”  now the name has been modernized to ” Cardinals’ cheque.” All the cardinals of the Curia receive the same amount. The other cardinals take their pay from the dioceses of which  they are bishops. But there is an exception. The five IOR commissioners have so far benefited of an additional allowance of up to 2100€  per month.

The “spending review” of Pope Bergoglio extends also to the College of Cardinals. After cutting the 4,000 Vatican employees’ allowances for the papal election, Francis’ decision to “break with tradition” in the field economic resources’ management has once again been made in the name of austerity. The Pope has decided to cancel the fee that is usually paid to the five cardinals who make up the Board of Supervisors of the IOR. The decision was made to coincide with the meeting of the Committee to approve the 2012 budget. The “cuts” amount to 25,000 euro per annum, per cardinal. Because of the economic crisis, The Holy See is implementing a strategy of “spending reviews” and thrifty resources’ management, in order to prevent the precipitation of budgets further into the red. Speaking of the 2012 accounts, the president of APSA, Calcagno, admitted: “Last year we survived, it could have been much worse.”

Meanwhile, in a letter to his former fellow bishops in Argentina who are meeting in plenary session at the shrine of Pilar, Francis apologized for his absence “due to recent commitments that hold me back.” In the refectory he sits each time in a different place and at the end of Mass he prays sitting at the back of the chapel. He makes his own coffee and offers it to the Swiss Guards who watch over his room.

The Vatican spokesman, Father Federico Lombardi announced that yesterday Pope Francis had decided that, for his election, instead of  giving the traditional bonus to Vatican Employees,  he would make” a donation to some charities and charitable organizations, by drawing on the funds available for the Pope’s charity work, as a sign of the Church’s attention to the many people in difficulty”. “In the past – said the priest – to mark the beginning of a pontificate, Vatican employees have been granted a bonus ” but, he added, “under the present circumstances, given the difficult economic situation, it did not seem neither possible nor appropriate to burden the balance sheets of Vatican institutions with a considerable and unexpected extra expenditure. ”

There are approximately 4,000 Vatican employees; in 2005, for the election of Benedict XVI, they received about 1,500 Euros each. The pope’s current decisions appear in line with the understated style of his papacy. Francis has from the start defined himself as the Bishop of Rome, rather than the pope,  and as such he celebrated Mass when taking possession of the basilica of St. John Lateran, the cathedral of Rome and of the world. This epithet can have a positive bearing on ecumenical and inter-religious dialogue. Humble people to serve the last. “Let us never forget that the real power is in the service of others and that even the Pope in order to exercise his power needs to enter more and more into that service that finds its bright summit on the cross,” said Francis.

.”Do not fear goodness, do not fear tenderness,” urged Francis in his homily at the pontificate’s inaugural Mass. And the tenderness of spirit that inspires the pope’s gestures is  something that all the faithful who have already had occasion to meet him have remarked upon.



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9 Responses to Ior: Cuts to the cardinals’ ”earnings”

  1. Ralph Coelho Yahoo says:

    Clearly Pope Francis is not following the ways of et world, of democracy, . Is it not a shock?

  2. Antonio Tornelli says:

    Its amazing when a priest gets everything from the church, why should they be paid salaries?

  3. For heaven’s sake Dear Holy Father, this cut in legitimate earnings will only tempt them to steal more

  4. Steal they will, its now become a habit.
    The Examiner a catholic news paper at Mumbai had this short ” quick wit” there is much truth to it.
    What is the difference between a Church bell and a pickpocket.
    Answer- One peals from the steeple, the other steals from the people.
    There is much truth when one goes deep into this Quick wit.

  5. I am told that as per sharia law someone caught stealing has his hand cut off as punishment. Sad that our clergy have only two hands. I really wonder what will happen the third, fourth and fifth etc.times. Does the boss’ hand get cut off for being in cahoots ?????? DEAR JESUS FORGIVE THEM FOR THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING !!!!

    • Hi Fergy, Please dont ever recommend this.We will have most of the clergy without hands, then who will say mass. may be the laity as the Apostles were simple lay people.
      Any way hindside its a good suggestion to keep in mind.

  6. They continue to steal and have the gall to come to the altar every morning and force JESUS to come to the altar, just because by virtue of their ordination once they say the HOLY SACRED words of the consecration JESUS has to come to the altar in flesh and blood; weird but so true; so sad that this privilege to bring JESUS to the altar with the utterance of those SACRED words, cannot be rescinded/cancelled by even the Pope. Don’t they realize by this hypocrisy they crucify our SAVIOUR every day after day after day.

    • Well said Fergy. The vocation to the priesthood is now a profession not a divine call. Most if not all who cant make it in life and want to get rich soon and improve the quality of their family status joining the religious order is no more a vocation..Of course there are good priests, and these are the exception. The nuns are no better.I know one who is in charge of a school who is unable account for some capitation fees that were collected..Of course the local Archbishops house to ensure the scam is contained, has not made this public. its shameful, and in fact its stealing from The lord.I pity those who indulge in this.

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