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Clash of Civilizations! Huntington’s Clash Revisited

Clash of Civilizations! Huntington’s Clash Revisited      David Brooks  in New York Times, March 3, 2011      (Note: It is against the background of Islamic State prompted terrorist attacks in Europe, Middle East, US and elsewhere that Huntigton’s Clash … Continue reading

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Another kidnap of Pastor in MP

Another kidnap of Pastor in MP Kidnapped pastor, companion denied bail Published on July 25, 2016 in Matters India Reporter (Note: First it was the kidnap and torture of a Catholic bishop, Prasad Gallela of Kadappa on April 25/2016, now … Continue reading

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Caste atrocities: sickening, horrific, shameful

Caste atrocities: sickening, horrific, shameful Of cows and caste By Tavleen Singh, in Indian Express, July 24, 2016 Violence against Dalits is not something that began in the past two years as the tenor of the debate in Parliament would … Continue reading

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Bosco sj’s crucial letter to Cleemis Not answered till today! dr. james kottoor

  An Open Letter to His Eminence Cardinal Cleemis, President, CBCI on the Kidnapping of and Physical Violence on Most Rev.Bp.Gallela Prasad, The Bishop of Kadappa was sent by AXJ. Bosco SJ, Adviser, Citizens Forum for Justice and Adviser, National … Continue reading

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HC relief for Mahim Church plot residents

HC relief for Mahim church plot residents In a relief for residents of a building on St Michael Church property at Mahim, the Bombay high court has directed the trial court to decide afresh whether a builder should be restrained … Continue reading

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The Mumbai Church Should stop its double standards

We, are reading in todays newspapers that the Mumbai Church and its yes men are opposing the DP plan.While there is nothing wrong in opposing the DP if there are genuine problems which I believe there may be , but … Continue reading

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