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Get Rid of the Priestly Class….Issac Gomes

CHRISTIAN WORLD 0 Get rid of Priestly class to save! Who’ll save Christianity from Church? BY ISAAC_GOMES · 23/11/2018 Cover Photo: Express Illustration by Soumyadip Sinha   THE NEW INDIAN EXPRESS 19th November 2018 * VALSON THAMPU What is propagated thereafter, in the … Continue reading

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Lost Faith in Bishops, Pope?

  Lost Faith in Bishops, Pope? What Catholics can do who’ve lost faith in their bishops & even the pope? Shane Schaetzel, in  LifeSight News, Nov 16, 2018    Note: Lost faith in Bishops and the Pope? That is not … Continue reading

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ALL SOULS DAY— Sunny Fernandes

Suddenly we remember souls of the dead on ‘All Souls Day’. How many of them were revered in the same passion of thought and rememberance when alive. Strange is that we are not taught of all boolaboo of souls of … Continue reading

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