Homosexuality: Judgment comes from God! —– Fr. Conrad Saldanha

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, says the Lord.

For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.    Isa 55:8-9

Humans, apart from the wisdom and grace of God, are the greatest enemy of humans, even collectively and in democratic situations. Even the choices they make are myopic and detrimental either to them or their children for generations to come.

At a micro level, we disagree with the choices our parents make for us and then we commit worst blunders then them and the repercussions thereof are for generations to come.  Many a times we do not realize the repercussions because of the cushioning on account of the faults of the many that surround us.

The problematic:  when sin increases the increase leads to further increase because humans want to outdo one another.

Our education teaches us to think wise, sound wise and be assertively self confident; as long as one is successful.  The only criterion for success is material gain: Achievements in school, in office, a better pay packet, a higher position in society, materialistic wealth, power and domination for self aggrandizement.

Who will attribute success to the many successful that have died ignoble deaths, lost to the world?  One such unsuccessful person in his own time was Jesus Christ.

He had a group largely comprising of unqualified fisher men and died the most ignoble death in the history of humanity.  Yet the truth that he died for stands firm forever for all ages and for all generations.  The fact that the church has stood in spite of the many corruptions and evil within its ranks for generations to come bears out a greater truth: the sacrifice of blood shed by Jesus Christ.

Kingdoms have come and gone but the church has withstood the many onslaughts despite the many corruptions within its ranks.  This is in not justifying the actions of the corrupt within its ranks, who have failed to live up to the teachings of Christ and act like Judases.

One such teaching of Christ which has withstood against the deception that the evil one throws up is the institution of marriage and family; Man and woman together are called into the union of marriage.

But now evil men in high places in society and some in the church too want to break this doctrine of Christ under various deceptive opinions.  They want to give their view a sense of legitimacy through deceptive play of words.

Homosexuality is a prevalent and rampant disease of our time which needs not indiscriminate compassion but a discerned compassionate approach.  I say this because many in the church talk about a compassionate approach towards the homosexuals and which doctrine is misplaced.

When they talk about compassion they talk about rehabilitating them in positions of power in the church, without seeking to correct their orientation, which is detrimental and scandalous to the faith of the church.

For example; the bishop of an Archdiocese may rehabilitate his priest who could be a known homosexual and depute him for higher studies so that he may dish out a happy and gay message to the laity and on the other hand he may even condemn an ordinary priest who questions their wrong teachings.  It seems that the church is more comfortable with its Homo sapiens in homosexual heave!

Without moving away from its mission of compassion, which largely has been its forte, the church could then think about rehabilitating the individual after having sought their recovery through the implementation of the sound elements of its faith.

Does this love and compassion mean that the church should be silent about the evil of Homosexuality or the sin thereof?

Many in our generations, including certain leaders in the hierarchy have started trending the new language: “who am I to judge”?  Surely, in the subjective sense, we are no one to judge the individual who has committed an act as to the punishment and the legal clause to be applied, especially if that individual appears ever repentant. On the other hand we cannot be tight lipped about the judgment of God, as revealed in scripture and affirmed in the rich tradition, about homosexuality and which the canonical and inspired book clearly reveals.

Hence one would not proclaim the judgment of God only if one doesn’t fully accept the revealed word of God, as God’s word (the Scripture is Canonical even for a Catholic).

Every true Christian, that includes Clergy, religious, Bishops and even the Pope, are called upon to proclaim not their own judgments about sin and evil but what God has revealed through his word and as Catholic also through its rich tradition. If they find themselves in opposition to the revealed word or have difficulty in proclaiming what the revealed word has to say then they need to either repent or go back into reflection and acceptance of the word or step down rather than fool the people with a white robe and a dead spirit inside.

Primarily, it’s not your judgment or the Church’s judgment or the hierarchy’s judgment but it is the judgment of God and as Christians we are called to be faithful to God and not to somebody else’s opinions and reasoning’s:

“Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither the immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor sexual perverts, nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor robbers will inherit the kingdom of God.  And such were some of you. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and in the Spirit of our God.” 1 Cor 6:9-11 (Bible)

On the other hand, when genuine Christian Leaders, in keeping with their faith, proclaims certain actions as sinful or morally as unacceptable then:

  1. They are not condemning (judgment of condemnation), but are only warning about an impending consequence.

Condemnation is the prerogative of God. A human being may be given that right to manage society or church, sitting in place of God.

Hence to look at it as a hate language or discrimination is based on false understanding of Christian faith.  Those within and willing to submit to the government of the church, then this judgment is accomplished in faithfulness to the law of God, so that the person is not lost forever.   Unfortunately the abuses of those who sit in such positions of judgment in the church are galore in our day; some of them judging on the basis of socio-psycho ideologies which have their basis in Satanism or a form of humanism which is myopic rather than basing themselves on the truth of the Gospel.

  1. It is an action of concern & deep love, in keeping with the Christian world view of eternal heaven and the consequences of sin in this life too, not only to them, but to others too and for generations to come.
  1. It gives an opportunity to the ones who are facing the problem to see their condition or at least to seek the truth about their condition and even seek help if necessary.  Many Christian have faced martyrdom in their action of love to warn the deviant; compare this with the self centered love of the homosexuals, which is a pure pleasure seeking exercise for selfish gain.  (cfr. Jn. 15: 13)
  1. It is this acceptance of the evil desires at work in them and the need to rectify that leads a person into close union with the Lord; who died, out of love for us in order to save each one of us from our sinful ways.

On point 2, there are enough scientific studies done on the evil effects of homosexuality and the impact it can even have on children who are raised up by such parents. This evil effect will only multiply.  And for a Christian such pulls of this disease is a result of the rejection of God at some stage in a person’s life or in the life of their family and hence the inevitable wrath of God is bound to fall on humanity.

“For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and wickedness of men who by their wickedness suppress the truth.” Rom 1:18

What sort of a world are we building with mentally disturbed children, confused on account of the different orientation of their so called parents of the same sex?  – A violent generation to follow, disillusioned and depressed, confused and confounded.

This is just one of the consequences of the effects of sin. When the word of God addresses something as sin, it means that it is going to have a severe negative repercussions on the state of human relationships with various elements of nature and more so with the other.

On the other hand, as in pt. 3, to silence a society, in the name of discrimination and hate speech so as not to refer to homosexuality in any form as sinful, is only aimed at creating an intolerant society by forcing an absurd tolerance on the other whose mission is only love and means no harm but good.

Also, just as in case of a person with mental sickness it is difficult to tell the same to them about their real mental condition, likewise there is now a similar trend among the LGBT’s to refuse to accept their condition, even at times being violent to assert their hypothetical rights.

A pathological sickness or criminal tendencies brings a person under custody of someone; either a parent or a doctor or a rehab institution or imprisonment, etc. What will happen to a society when such people who need to come under the custody of someone now assert that they have equal rights and be given freedom to contaminate society with their unnatural orientations; as if the present evil of such criminals in positions of power is not enough!

Very soon, in the name of human rights and freedom, nothing will be considered a crime in society.

If they refuse to accept their condition then those among them, who are genuinely interested in addressing their condition and would want a solution to their problems, will lose out on it. It is like the denial of any serious sickness till the person realizes or may not realize till the end that it is too late to address it.

No society can be built on lose morality, every sound and surviving society has been built on sound moral principles, if not then it has vanished from the face of the earth like Sodom and Gomorrah. (Gen. 18:22- 19:29). Thus we have the term Sodomy.

As for the church, the time is come to preach the gospel that heals and saves, through an earnest call for repentance and forgiveness of sin, with renewed zeal. It may result in a new wave of martyrdom for the faith and may the martyrdom not begin from the persecution that comes from within its rank.


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Francis: “All Christians have Jewish roots”

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Francis at the Western Wall (26/5/2014)

The Pope meets participants of a meeting held by the International Council of Christians and Jews on the 50th anniversary of the Council document “Nostra Aetate”, which “marks the irrevocable rejection of anti-Semitism”. “We are no longer strangers but friends, brothers and sisters”

vatican city

“Christians, all Christians have Jewish roots”. Pope Francis reminded people of this in his audience with the participants of an international meeting organised by the International Council of Christians and Jews on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Council declaration, “Nostra Aetate”, which laid down new premises for the relationship between Catholics and Jews.

 The Pope was glad that Rome was chosen as the city to host the meeting. Rome is the city “where the Apostles Peter and Paul are buried and both of these figures are essential reference points for all Christians: they are like “pillars” of the Church. And Rome is home to the oldest Jewish community in Western Europe, whose origins date back to the Maccabean period.”

 “So Christians and Jews have been living together in Rome for almost 2000 years,” Francis pointed out. “Though that is not to say there have been no tensions between them through the course of history.” The Pope explained that a “real fraternal dialogue” was able to develop “from the Second Vatican Council on, after the promulgation of the “Nostra Aetate” declaration. This document marked the definitive acceptance of Christianity’s Jewish roots and the irrevocable rejection of anti-Semitism.”

 Francis went on to mention the “rich fruits it produced,” adding that an appraisal of Jewish and Catholic dialogue can be made with gratitude… Our fragmentary human nature, our mistrust and our pride were overcome thanks to the Spirit of God the Almighty, so that trust and fraternity would continue to grow among us. We are no longer strangers, but friends, brothers and sisters,” who “believe in the same God, Creator of the universe and Lord of history, despite our different perspectives”.

 “Christians, all Christians,” Francis continued, “have Jewish roots. For this reason, ever since its creation, the International Council of Christians and Jews has welcomed all the various Christian denominations. Each of these, in their own way, is connected to Judaism, which in turn is characterised by different currents and sensitivities.” The phrase about Christianity’s Jewish “roots” echoes in some way the words used by Pius XI during an audience he had with a group of Belgian pilgrims on 6 September 1938: “anti-Semitism is unacceptable. Spiritually, we are Semites”

 This is how Pope Francis summed up the differences between Christians and Jews: “Christian denominations are unified through Christ; Judaism finds its unity in the Torah. Christians believe that Jesus Christ is the Word of God made flesh in the world; for Jews, the Word of God is to be found above all in the Torah. Both religious traditions have as their foundation, the One God, the God of the Alliance, who reveals himself to mankind through His Word.”

 Finally, the Pope recalled that in its reflections on Judaism, the Second Vatican Council “took the ten points of Seelisberg into account. These were drawn up in this Swiss location, in 1947. And these points were closely linked to the foundation of the International Council of Christians and Jews. We can say that an initial idea for a co-operation between your organisation and the Catholic Church was already budding.”

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Don’t fish in aquariums, Francis tells future Vatican diplomats


Pope Francis with members of the Pontifical Ecclesiastical Academy (L'Osservatore Romano/Pool Photo via AP)

Pope urges members of Pontifical Ecclesiastical Academy ‘to have the courage to move away from the margins of safety’

Clerics who work in the Vatican’s diplomatic corps are not called to be “senior officials of a state” or “a self-preserving superior caste, welcome in worldly living rooms”, Pope Francis has said.

Rather, they must be “authentic pastors” with the “courage to plow” with their own hands the fields of mission to which they are assigned, he told future Vatican diplomats during an audience at the Vatican.

The Pope met the current class and staff of the Pontifical Ecclesiastical Academy, which provides training to priests for eventual service in the Vatican’s diplomatic corps.

Francis said their formation was aimed at making them men who build “bridges” and urged them to guard against attitudes of superiority.

Speaking to the future diplomats about their role as representatives of the Holy See, he laid out clearly the charitable mission of the Church.

“The Holy See is the see of the Bishop of Rome, the Church that presides in charity that does not rest on vain pride but on the daily courage of compliance – or rather abasement – of its master,” he said.

“The true authority of the Church of Rome is the charity of Christ. This is the only power that renders it universal and credible for people and the world,” he continued.

“This is the heart of its truth, which does not build walls of division and exclusion but is a bridge that builds communion and calls to the unity of the human race.”

Using vivid farming and fishing metaphors, the Pope told them “not to expect the ground ready” when they get to their country of assignment but to “have the courage to plow it with your hands, without tractors or other more effective means”, preparing it for sowing and then waiting, with the patience of God, for the harvest”, which they may not necessarily benefit from in the future.

He also told them “not to fish in aquariums or fish farms but to have the courage to move away from the margins of safety” of what they know, to throw their “nets and fishing rods in less predictable” waters, and not to “get used to eating pre-packaged fish”.

The Pope said their future service includes “protecting the freedom” of the Holy See. In order “not to betray its mission before God and the true good of all people”, the Pope said, it cannot be “imprisoned by the logic of networks”, “be a hostage to cliques”, subject itself to “political powers” or be “colonised by the thinking of the day or the illusory hegemony of the mainstream”.

Vatican diplomats are called to seek the good in the churches and populations in which they serve, the Pope said. To achieve this with good results, they must “set aside the attitude of a judge” and take on the role of a teacher, who can draw out the good in the local Church and people.

He noted the various needs of the different continents and urged the priests not to be discouraged by the hardships they will face in their service

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Indian missionary priests sent to rejuvenate ‘tired’ faith in Scotland

Taken from Catholic herald

Bishop William Nolan at his installation in Galloway (Photo: Paul McSherry)

Bishop of Galloway says priests seek to ‘bring God to a country where so many do not know him’

Three missionary priests from India are being sent to Scotland to evangelise what they see as “mission territory”, according to the Bishop of Galloway.

Bishop William Nolan told faithful in a letter last week that the priests were not coming to “plug gaps or to maintain the current system”, for instance, by increasing the “variety of Mass times or to help us avoid travelling a few miles further in order to attend Mass”.

The bishop said: “They are a missionary order and they are coming because they see Scotland as mission territory. They see a country where the faith is tired and the Faithful lack the enthusiastic joy of the first Christians – an enthusiasm and joy that we see in the Church in many Third World countries, where the faith is young and alive.

“They come because they want to bring God to a country where so many live without God and not know him.”

He added: “There is no doubt that for Catholics in Galloway diocese and throughout Scotland our enthusiasm for passing on the faith, particularly to those outside the Church, has been dented, because we have been disheartened by the scandals and criticism and negativity of recent years.”

Meanwhile, the Bishop of Dunkeld told the Scottish Catholic Observer this week that Sisters from Kerala, India, had been invited to run a care home in Dundee.

Bishop Stephen Robson said a home run by the Little Sisters of the Poor but had been on the brink of closure due to a “shortage of vocations” to their order. He added: “we’ve also got sisters from Nigeria running the pastoral centre.”

He said he expected more of this type of arrangement in the future. “There needs to be the realisation, with humility, that Scotland is now a mission country,” he said

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Do We Judge or Do We claim that we have never judged?

Very often during the course of any conversation we hear the statements “ Do Not Judge” God will take care of them.

God has given us various talents do we waste them or do we work on those talents and fine tune them.

It cannot be said that a person who does not study needs to pass in the Examination since he has prayed to Jesus.

Now coming to the point of judging. Is there any person who can put his hand on his heart and say that he has never judged in his life?

Let us start from child birth the doctor has to use his judgement and skill to decide if he wants to go in for a normal or caesarean section.

Then the child goes to school/college don’t  the parents judge which school/college is best.

We go to the market don’t we judge which fish/produce is the best  and after judging the value we pay the price.

We, go to buy a shirt don’t we judge which shirt is best.

We, intend getting married don’t we choose the right partner.

We, have differences and want an annulment,don’t we approach the Church authorities and file a case and isn’t a judgement given as per the Canon Law.

Is judgment not used when a Priest is to be made Bishop?

The list can go on and on .

If there is one person who says that he does not judge then he is a hypocrite.


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No Indian Bishop Responds to Papal Call? Church in India & Oct.4-25 Family Synod

No Indian Bishop Responds to Papal Call?

Church in India & Oct.4-25 Family Synod

Will the Church in India fail a second time to come up with a Family Survey ordered by Francis Pappa? It missed the boat at the 2014 Extraordinary Synod. How can it cobble up one now in just three months for the final Synod? Without any data why any Bishop should be allowed to go?

dr.james kottoor

Pope Francis has been shining through glittering headlines in secular and religious media all over the world ever since his election, because of his irresistible, all embracing, palpable care and concern for the entire global family. It transcends all religious, political barriers and boundaries to merge into that ancient spiritual vision Vasudaiva Kudumbakam, of Indian Yogies and Gurus, who saw humanity as one great extended family.

It is enough to recall his one statement, “My God is not Catholic” which crushed to smithereens the hitherto inward and awkward looking “Ghetto-Catholicism” ruling the roost, trotting around the world with an air of self-righteous superiority like the Pharisee praying in the temple with all sorts of self adulation, besides, what is worse, looking down with an air of contempt on other churches and other religions as inferior, erroneous and pitiable in God’s sight like the chest beating publican. The second is his unparalleled and admirable option for the poorest in the Family of Man, his concern to start with the last, least and lost, to build anew “a poor church for the poor.”


For him, the health and wellbeing of the Micro family of Daddy, Mammy and Baby, is the corner stone on which the great macro human family can stand to prosper or fall from to perish. “A family that prays together stays together” of Fr. Payton, is rooted in the prayer “Our Father” Jesus taught: “Thy Kingdome come thy will be done here on earth as in heaven, forgive and you will be forgiven, judge not and you will not be judged”.


Fatherhood of God (no matter by what name you call Him) and brotherhood of all humans irrespective of all divisions of class, caste, creed, community and country have to be adhered to and enforced by all reasonable means, if the rule of the jungle “might is right” that prevails even today is to be replaced with that peace and prosperity promised to all men of good will by angels at Jesus’ birth. Believers in creation story identify it with the perfect peace that reigned supreme in the Paradise lost and strive to bring it back.

Participation in Synodal Study

That explains why Francis launched his two-year-long mammoth study, not undertaken by any other pope before, on all Challenges facing and dangers destroying families around the globe. For this purpose, at the behest of the Pope the Synod organizers headed by Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri had started work already from October 2013, and sent a questionnaire with 39 detailed queries for the people on the pews to register their family experiences – good, bad and ugly – and send to Synod organizers for the bishops to study at the October 2014 Extraordinary Synod.


At its conclusion the Pope again had asked bishops to return to their dioceses to do another year of in-depth reflection, open and transparent like the one held in Rome, with ordinary parish and diocesan people and seek out “practical solutions” to the “innumerable challenges” identified at the Extraordinary synod sessions. The Indian bishops are not known to have done any such national or regional study or survey at parish or diocesan levels to collect data for last year’s Synod. Nor is it reported to have done anything this year either. The last date to submit reports to Rome was April 15, 2015, two months ago.

Many Countries Which Did

But very many countries in Europe, Americas and Afro-Asian countries sent their survey reports both last year and this year. For this year’s study the Synod organizers had sent a set of 46 questions to find answers to what they could not crack at the last Synod, to all bishops around the world. To this the bishops were to respond with the data they collected and sent to Rome by April 15, 2015, the latest. This data was to be the resource material and working paper for further thorough study and discussion during the coming concluding session called the Ordinary Synod, to be held from coming Oct.4 to 25 in Rome


Did the Indian Bishops belonging to three Rites – Latin, Syromalabar and Syromalankara – respond to this second survey call from Pope Francis? So far we have not heard of any survey done by any Indian Bishop. This is in spite of initiatives taken by lay groups – laity moving the hierarcy — and articles by many including this scribe sent to all Indian bishops to get started, already from last November. The Global website of Catholic Citizens’ Voice (CCV) had even offered to provide the forum to Bishops for a national or regional level public discussion, study or consultation with people. But none of these promptings seem to have made any impact on bishops belonging to three Rites in India.


Accusing Finger at Indian Bishops

It is in this context that the examples of many countries in Europe and Americas point an accusing figure at the three-Rite-coalition of Catholic Church in India. For example the Churches in Switzerland, France, Belgium, Germany, UK, US and Catholic Church Reform International (CCRInt’l) have not only sent their finding but also published them in their websites for the benefit of faithful world wide to read, reflect and react constructively.


The CCV published two weeks ago a report titled: Europe’s fractious Catholics set out their Views on Synod Questionnaire. It published another, one week ago headlined: US Bishops hear summary of synod consultation, held on June 10th 2015 at their annual spring general assembly of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops in St. Louis.


At St.Louis the US conference, the report said, it has 33 Latin-rite archdioceses and 145 Latin-rite dioceses. All of them had already put the results in their websites by Feb.23/15. Thirty-one dioceses offered the questionnaire both in English and Spanish; while San Jose, Calif., diocese provided even a Vietnamese version. US plans to send at least six bishops and two more designated as alternates, to October Synod to represent U.S. Catholics.


More than half of the US respondents were 55 years or older, nearly two-thirds were female and about 70 percent were married. A similar review of the two Eastern Rite Archeparchies and 15 Eastern Rite Eparchies that are members of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops found no information about how to contribute to the October 2015 synod. One of them could have been the Chicago based Syromalabar Eparchy started as an extension or out post of Kerala’s SMC noted for its inaction in consulting faithful.


Europe’s Response to Oct.Synod

When it comes to Europe, we see Spanish bishops keeping the questionnaire strictly within the church. Those of England and Wales released it on the Internet and invited everyone to respond. Switzerland received completed questionnaires from 6,000 Catholics and published a digest in early May. In France, where some 10,000 responses were received, each bishop decided to promote debate in his own diocese. Besides French Bishops organized special debates on family pastoral issues at the shrine of Lisieux, as well as at Lourdes during the bishops’ March plenary, before the questionnaire results were forwarded to Rome in May. In Belgium, the questionnaire was published last February in the Catholic weekly Journal Dimanche,


The most comprehensive response seems to have come from Germany. In a 17-page March report, the German bishops’ conference said it had received only 1,000 responses from the country’s 27 dioceses and assorted Catholic associations and religious orders. According to a March survey by Poland’s Public Opinion Research Centre, up to three-quarters of Polish Catholics disagreed with their church’s stance on homosexuality, contraception and extramarital relationships, and favoured a change in Catholic teaching on issues from divorce to clerical celibacy.


To get an insight into the findings of surveys done in various countries more articles have to be written by this or other expert journalists. Only many may not come forward to write since they are sure of receiving no response at all from their Bishops. Who wants an exercise in futility?


             Why Indian silence & Inaction?

Now compare the various initiatives taken by Bishops in Europe and US with Indian Bishops. On studying CBCI website I fond India also, like US, has over 200 bishops including 5 Cardinals, 29 Archbishops,   9 Auxiliaries, and 2 Curia bishops for their 170 Indian Dioceses. But none of them seem to have done anything for the coming Synod. They did nothing also last year for the Extraordinary October Synod of 2014. Likewise the SMS’ out post in Chicago also did nothing as pointed by US report above.


With so many dioceses and bishops in India what could have been the reason for the inaction on their part for the last two years at a stretch? What leaps to my mind is the compulsions of coalition politics as suggested by Manmohan Singh for his failure to take right decisions. He had to placate skeleton parties to stay in power.

Global Perspective

Just take a look at the coalition of three churches in India against a global perspective. Of the 2.2 billion Christians in the world a little more than half, 1.2 billion are Catholics. This catholic world is made up of a community of 22 sui juris  Churches. The lion’s share of this 1.2 billion (140 crores), that is,138 crores out of 140, go to make up of the Latin Church alone. The remaining 2 crores are distributed among 21 sui juris Churches, with the Ukrainian Catholic church coming second in strength with a population of 45 Lakhs.

Only in the third place comes our Syromalabar Church with a membership of around 25 lakhs, Then comes in the fourth place   the Syro-malankara Church of Mar Baselios Cleemis, with just around 2 lakhs. That makes the third and fourth partners in the Indian coalition, skeleton parties or partners surviving at the mercy of the Latin Church which leads the Indian Catholic coalition. The numerical strength of the two skeleton churches is seldom or never uttered or admitted in public. Recently Malankara Church also wrenched from Rome the New Syro-Malankara Gurgaon diocese. It is said to be world’s largest diocese spread over 22 states. It got inaugurated last May 1st. to make the number of Catholic dioceses in India 170.


Darkest Spot in Indian Coalition

But the bête Noire, darkest spot in this fragile Latin-Malabar- Malankara coalition of Indian Catholic Church is the presence of one single diocese, Kottayam, as part of Syromalabar Church. It alone promotes Endogamy or Pure blood marriages publicly, brazenly. This being totally against Jesus’ teaching and blatant violation of human rights, no Bishop in the coalition partners can publicly say a word for or against; neither swallows nor vomits it without hurting coalition dharma of politics.


Hence the ominous, treacherous silence on the part of all three churches and also the   tacit nod to Catholic media not to discuss it publicly, precisely to present a façade of unity and comraidere in public and to show sportsmanship of playing musical chairs before the Vatican to wrench more Episcopal thrones. This reminds one of the Vistar Vad of China and Vikas Vad of India Modiji spoke of at his Japan Visit. The bitter truth is our ecclesiastical structures often happen to be carbon copies of political structures and their crooked workings.


None of the bishops in all three churches therefore, dared to mention Pure Blood promotion as the deadly cancer destroying Catholic families in India last year or this year, although marathon discussions, furious and venomous at times, are going on among the faithful at various levels. Can the Bishops succeed to keep all these under the carpet, under the tomb stone of their silence during the remaining three months to the Synod and fool the impatient Church citizens in India sending memorandums and petitions one after another to Pope and Synod organisers? That is the unsettling question staring in the face of those who want to see the Aegean stables of Church in India cleaned by admitting mistakes openly – all make mistakes – and correcting them once and for all. Read also article: “Evaluating Your Bishop’s Performance, on 7 counts, published in CCV, http://www.almayasabdam.com, June 22nd to help bishops to shape up or ship out imitating Pope Benedict.

Contact at: jkottoor@asianetindia.com, Mob.9446219203



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Catholic Bishop Thomas Dabre Obstinately Misrepresents Church Teachings

Catholic Bishop Thomas Dabre Obstinately Misrepresents Church Teachings- Fr. Conrad Saldanha

(As appearing on Facebook) Bishop Thomas Dabre


Dear friends,

(My comments are in red against Bp. Dabre’s explanations)

My article that was put up on World Yoga day, on my blogsite, and other social media network was widely disseminated and much appreciated by many. Some who opposed it said that they disciples of some yogi priests they argued with heretical arguments and misinterpretation of scriptures and church teachings. But the worst was yet to come, like a shocker, from none other than a Bishop who was formerly in charge of the CBCI doctrinal commission and who in seeking to present the correct Church position on Yoga confused and even was leading astray the gullible. Some, including the AOCC, sent me this article and other such heretical postings in the social media page of the same Bishop. In my rebuttal below you can see for yourself how the Catholic Church teachings are audaciously misrepresented by him and this is not the first time that he has done this. Unfortunately, it has been going on in the social media for some time.

Bishop Thomas Dabre of the diocese of Pune has now ascended a new height of distortion and deception in what apparently seem to be through his yogic powers and practices to openly falsify the Catholic faith to ordinary people. One of the exposures on a popular blog site mentioned below clearly shows him leading the Archbishop of Goa on a wild goose chase. With the elapse of time he has become bolder, perhaps through the psychic powers of yoga to deceive gullible Catholics into believing what apparently seems to be “CHURCH POSITION ON YOGA” https://www.facebook.com/bishopthomas.dabre/posts/1789631837929982?fref=nf&pnref=story

Bp. Thomas Dabre, Bishop of Poona, and a former member of the CBCI Doctrinal commission, I greatly appreciate your initiative in seeking to answer your facebook friends on the subject while a matter of your controversial answer, on the same subject, to Archbishop of Philip Neri of Goa, surgically analyzed and exposed by the great apologist of India, Michael Prabhu on his blog site, stands ignored by you. Alas for your concern for the truth! http://ephesians511blog.com/2013/11/16/is-most-rev-thomas-dabre-former-chairmandoctrinal-commission-a-proponent-of-yoga/

There are other exposes of yours too on the same blogsite, and it puts your doctrinal capabilities in a very bad light and hence you should stop all such reflections with immediate effect.

Yesterday, Yoga Day was celebrated both in India and in other parts of the world. It has raised awareness regarding the Indian tradition of yoga. Some of my face book friends have asked about the Vatican position on yoga and so I shall be sending a few messages on the issue of yoga and Surya Namaskar.

Please be specific, unless you are communicating to us that India is synonymous with Hinduism; therefore what you are communicating, when you say, “Indian tradition of yoga, should be respected. Or maybe the confusion in your harmonious mind, post yoga, is no confusion for you!?!

The text of the Vatican document does not mention yoga nor does it out of hand reject, condemn or ban it. (VATICAN DOCUMENT “ORATIONIS FORMAS”)

If you had not ignored Michael Prabhu’s article then you wouldn’t have sought to deceive ignorant flocks, who look up to you.

You appear right but any child versed in the basics will tell you that though the Vatican document Orationis Formas does not mention yoga in specific but the language of the document clearly and in no uncertain terms refers to Yoga and other eastern practices.

Further, the document itself clearly and in no ambiguous language asserts that in the footnotes No. 1: “The expression “eastern methods” is used to refer to methods which are inspired by Hinduism and Buddhism, such as “Zen,” “Transcendental Meditation” or “Yoga.””

Why then does the Bishop of Pune stoop to such levels of misrepresenting an important document in the name of presenting the Church position on Yoga and that too repetitively? Could be that he himself has been a promoter and practitioner of it to keep himself fit and trim and gain the psychic powers of doublespeak, as done by most Yogis’ in the Catholic church. Outsiders and their doublespeak if any don’t interest me.

Surely, it seems to nurture the selfish ambition of popularity and power at the cost of truth. And do you not come across as a good Bishop when you deceptively speak of universal brotherhood and unity in deceit at the cost of truth and Catholic faith.

As you can see the following from the Vatican Documents are relevant to the issue of yoga.

The majority of the great religions which have sought union with God in prayer have also pointed out ways to achieve it. ‘’the Catholic Church rejects nothing of what is true and holy in these religions’’.

Bp. Dabre you know how to further misrepresent by taking things out of context, let me quote to you from the same document what follows after this quote of yours from Orationis Formas, from the same para 16: “On the contrary, one can take from them what is useful so long as the Christian conception of prayer, its logic and requirements are never obscured”

And you already seem to be obscuring ipso facto your presentation here is proof; hence incapable of even touching this subject!

Leave aside the concept of prayer you are even obscuring sound doctrine, as is done by most yogis like you in the Catholic Church.

Human experience shows that the position and demeanour of the body also have their influence on the recollection and dispositions of the spirit. This is a fact to which some eastern and western Christian spiritual writers have directed their attention.

It is also a fact that for a Christian the position and demeanor of the body is NOT a prerequisite and thus is never an issue for prayer. A Christian can even lie down and pray or labor and pray, etc. (cfr. Jn. 4:23-24, also OF: 28:2). They also take recourse to a position for a reason far different than a non-Christian. Since it is never an issue for a Christian, then to encourage him, apart from the public or communitarian worship, to get into bodily positions and disposition, especially into that whose root and origins are clear, leads to a definite suspicion as to the motives behind the practitioners and as to their commitment to the flock of Christ.

(But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for such the Father seeks to worship him. God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth.” John 4:23-24)

In prayer it is the whole man who must enter into relation with God, and so his body should also take up the position most suited to recollection. In some aspects, Christians are today becoming more conscious of how one’s bodily posture can aid prayer.

So, does this mean that one should take up a yogic posture? Are there not enough postures already in existence in Christian circles from which Christians have taken enough benefit from?

The genuine practices of meditation which come from the great non-Christian religions, which prove attractive to the man of today who is divided and disoriented, can constitute a suitable means of helping the person to come before God with an interior peace, even in the midst of external pressures.

Why dear Bishop Thomas Dabre have you chosen to quote partly and that too by getting rid of certain words from the quote. Why are you so intent on leading the flock astray like an imposter in Shepherds clothing?

Here below is the complete quote from the Document with what you have missed out as highlighted in RED. Before I do that let me assert: That

1) Quoting in part

2) Omitting certain important words from the quote; GRAVE misrepresentation of facts

* Suits your insidious agenda to lead the flock astray; the specialty of a Catholic Yogi

That does not mean that genuine practices of meditation which come from the Christian East and from the great non-Christian religions, which prove attractive to the man of today who is divided and disoriented, cannot constitute a suitable means of helping the person who prays to come before God with an interior peace, even in the midst of external pressures.It should, however, be remembered that habitual union with God, namely that attitude of interior vigilance and appeal to the divine assistance which in the New Testament is called “continuous prayer,”34 is not necessarily interrupted when one devotes oneself also, according to the will of God, to work and to the care ofone’s neighbor. “So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God,” the Apostle tells us (1 Cor 10:31). In fact, genuine prayer, as the great spiritual masters teach, stirs up in the person who prays an ardent charity which moves him to collaborate in the mission of the Church and to serve his brothers for the greater glory of God.” (Orationis Formas 28:2)

It would have been also nice while deceptively quoting half information from a Church document and by misrepresenting facts and while seeking to catechize the flock to whom you have committed to do so faithfully, you would have also explained what is that “genuine practices of meditation which comes from the non-Christian religion” and are beneficial to a Christian.

But I am glad you didn’t because that would amount to another grave error.

Such grave errors and lies are rampant expressions of Bishops!

Instead you could highlight the positive elements of prayer and how to pray the Christian way, which the documents mention and about which many of our Christians are not aware of.

Those who are interested in obtaining the whole document can do so by advising me of their email id.

Wow! Such a request will definitely give your attempts at deceitful indoctrination a sense of legitimacy. And which documents Yogi Maharaji Thomas Dabre? Why have you ignored the other pertinent document of the church; viz. Jesus Christ the bearer of the water of life. Is it also not a Vatican document too which is clearer on the subject?

Is not your action a selective picking and choose in order to suit your insidious agenda?

My reflection on this topic will continue.

Should you continue to deceive, dear Bishop Thomas and create more confusion? And you have proved me right by do so in your subsequent posting on your timeline on facebook.

As for the simple laity, I say: At least by their fruit know what manner of tree it is.

Fr. Conrad Saldanha

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