Better to be an atheist than a hypocritical Catholic dr. James Kottoor

What is the best or worst ‘to be’? Even on this topic, people on various parts of the world think differently. Once upon a time people in the US thought “to be a Communist” is the worst thing. So they fought against it tooth and nail.

In India, called a religious country, people thought the worst thing to be is to be “an atheist”, so it gave birth to so many gods and world religions. ‘Religion’ etymologically and content-wise should unite people, but unfortunately, it is becoming a divisive force all over the world and fighting one against another.

Today one of the most loved and admired and at the same time bitterly criticized world figure is Pope Francis – miracle of humility for some and grave digger of Catholic Church (last Pope according to prophets like Nostradamus).

Nice or Nasty?

He is so sweet, that many can’t spit him out, and so bitter that they can’t swallow him either. So many try to size him up and ask the question: “What is he actually – ‘a nice guy? a nasty guy? a soft or tough guy?’ Even Jesus asked such a similar question to his disciples: “What do people say that the Son of Man is?”

For Christopher Lamp who wrote an article in the NCR (read it below) the question raised is: “Pope: a nice or tough guy?” A person has hundreds of facets, not just one or two. That is what makes any of us incomprehensible to others. Indira Gandhi was not a long protruded nose, but that is how cartoonists portrayed her most of the time. The same rule is applied by writers to Francis.

A sweet or bitter Jesus?

What was Jesus during his public life?: To the blind Bar Thimeus, the woman caught in adultery, the paralytic and to every receipient of his works of mercy? To them he was “Sweet Jesus meek and mild”. But what about the traders and sellers in the temple whom he chased out with a whip and to the High priests, scribes and Pharisees? To them, he was just the opposite: “Bitter Jesus rough and wild!” But it was totally different to Peter who answered the question: “You are the Son of the living God…” etc.

What Francis does

Francis is trying just to follow his master, nothing else. Where he has to be firm he puts his foot down and says: “This far and no further!” There is a universally accepted norm: “Spare the rod and spoil the Child!” But in the US a minor can complain to the police for caning and parents could be punished. As a result, it looks there is more disorder there than anywhere else in the world today.

The principle is one has to love the sinner and hate the sin. It is because the parent loves the child and hates the mischief it does, it is punished. Francis is dead against double-speakers and doers. So was Jesus.

Their name for Jesus is: “hyprocrites”. Recall Chapter 23 of Mathew and the litany ‘woes’ he spits on them.

Hypocrites or Christians?

That is the choice for followers of Jesus. Jesus did not hesitate to call a spade a spade. So does Francis when he says that it is better to be an atheist than a hypocritical Catholic, that is, one who says one thing and does just the opposite. Apply this to the whole world or Indian church – bishops and laity. Will there be enough good Catholics who can be counted on one’s fingers in India? But one may be rest assured that the number of hypocritical Catholics — that may include more bishops and priests than laity — far outnumber those who openly and honestly admit to be atheists or agnostics.

Among the hypocritical Catholics against whom Francis took the stick to drive sense into their heads, are the grand master of the Knights of Malta; Cardinal Raymond Burke of US, priests in Nigeria who refused obedience to to their bishop; Archbishop Alfredo Zecca of Tucumán, Argentina and many others.

One lesson Francis drives home to every one of his admirers and critics is: “Be honest to God, to yourself and others, in what you think, speak and do and never be a Hypocrite.” Let others the freedom to call you an atheist, agnostic, communist, capitalist, globalist, patriotic, an all-knowing wise-crack or a know-nothing idiot. In practice all boils down to this: ‘Follow your commanding conscience – primacy of conscience –, since you are free to do either of the two in case of doubt and since you have to act now, not later.’

They all go to make up the crowd of confusion confounded, with which this world is made. In the meanwhile Stick to what is bright and beautiful to be tolerably happy during the fleeting time we are on this earth. james kottoor, editor, ccv.

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parish members rise to protest fathers forgiveness

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Salvatore Pennacchio what is the criteria for medals and knighthoods and who pays for the booze!!!!!

salvatore-pennacchio3Salvatore Pennacchio

On 8 May, 2010, Salvatore Pennacchio was appointed apostolic Nuncio to India. Technically speaking he is supposed to represent the Pope and is his ambassador in India. During his term I have sent hundreds of mails to him regarding the corruption in the Archdiocese of Mumbai and the way things were being run but surprisingly not a single e mail was replied by this ambassador who also claims to be a representative of Jesus.Would Jesus behave in this way?

Since I did not receive any reply I also phoned up his office a number of times  to inquire regarding the e mails but the phone calls would never go beyond the lady with a South Indian accent who refused to give her name and would pretend she was transferring the call but would only make me to hear music. However once when I insisted after phoning a number of times on that day  and telling he lady that she is making me to listen to music only,  the phone did go to some foreigner who told me that he would call the police . I told the foreigner then that  perhaps he was a diplomat and that if he could call the police I too would make sure that he stopped all public religious activities.

In my opinion the Pro Nuncio is a man who hates the laity and wants to be fed only with news which is pleasing to his ears. I do not know how the Pope keeps these type of people to represent him and in fact spoils the name of the Pope. Has the Pro Nuncio visited the poorest of the poor even once? Besides being photographed with the high and the mighty is there any thing else to show?

Now  it is reported that he has given the Benemeriti medal to his driver, his personal doctor got knighthood along with a Sunday mass organist, further his secretariat staff has been given the Pro Ecclesia et Pontiface and host of others have also been given medals. What a farce? What was the criteria for the medals? Weren’t there other persons who served the Church and that too free without taking any benefits who were more deserving and to top it all  we the laity pay  for the booze!!!!! Cheers the show must go on with our money.



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The art of fooling the Catholic Laity- Adv. A.M.Sodder

As a society we had approached the original owner of the land ie St. Micheals Church to give us permission to build a ring well as my society is having water problems. We are forced to approach Fr. Simon Borges the 76 year old Parish Priest of St. Micheals Church as the Church has not given us conveyance within four months of society registration ie on or before 19/05/2004. My society had sent all plans and had given the said plans through the Bethany Sisters who own two flats in the society showing the exact spot where we intend to build the ring well to Fr. Simon Borges.

Sadly despite a year passing we have still not got the permission from this Parish Priest who returned two days ago after surgical procedures were carried out in his cardiac system and stents were put. We, pray that he gets well soon.

Now this priest despite being born on 10/07/1940 ie he will complete 77 years in 45 days continues to be a Parish Priest . Canon Law states that Parish Priests should resign at 75. Thanks to our Cardinal Oswald Gracias who has appointed him, needs him  and cant find a replacement in his scheme of things.

What is really stunning is that Cardinal Gracias who is fully aware of the denial of the  well permission is hand in gloves with him and pretends that he is not aware.

Cardinal Gracias told the media in 2011 that he had constituted a inquiry committee to look in the Maringar deal. Till today my statement ( Complainant) has not been recorded. Since I am a catholic and he is the leader of the Catholics in Mumbai we allow ourselves  to be fooled by him.

While 112 catholic families continue to have problems regarding water, the perpetrators sleeps well in  ac rooms .

The sad part of it is that we call ourselves catholic , commit criminal offenses by not giving conveyance in the stipulated time, pretend to be blind when tenants who were already rehoused once are shown as yet to be rehoused, resell others gardens which were sold to us  flat purchasers , as amenities and to top it all we pretend to be Catholic and give wonderful preachings which are not put into practise.

Adv. A.M.Sodder

Ezekiel 3:17-21 – “Son of man, I have made you a – Bible Gateway

Ezekiel 3:1721New International Version (NIV). 17 “Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the … Footnotes: Ezekiel 3:18 Or in; also in verses 19 and 20 …


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Even the Copper Coin was not spared – Adv. A. M.Sodder

St.Josephs Parish in Juhu Mumbai had a novel idea. Plastic boxes were given in lent to all the families and they were told to put their mite in the said boxes and the same would be opened at Easter.

All families made sacrifices and put that money in the plastic boxes  which were opened after easter and the said amounted to Rs. 1,64,000/- was misappropriated by the Church employee.

From reports received it appears that the Parish Priest was acting on the instructions of some hireups who are afraid that if the said employee was arrested,  he would open his mouth and the said would lead to a can of worms opening and hence no FIR was lodged .

Any way the FIR has now been lodged . St. Josephs Parish has an ex parish priest whose brother is a legal person and hence legal advise was just a phone call away. Hence obviously the Parish Priest was acting under instructions from the higher ups not to lodge the FIR. Incidentally St. Josephs Church is the same place where the rent on hoardings increased from Rs.8,00,000/- to Rs.26,000/- per month after the AOCC exposed the under valuation. The negotiations for the increase in rent was also done by representatives of Archbishops House. All this clearly shows that the Parish Priest is merely a signing authority and the kingpins are sitting in Archbishops House. Its sad that good priests are being forced to do things which are not correct. The rot has to be nipped in the bud.

AOCC believes in supporting honest and transparent priests.

Adv. A. M.Sodder

Ezekiel 3:17-21 – “Son of man, I have made you a – Bible Gateway

Ezekiel 3:1721New International Version (NIV). 17 “Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the … Footnotes: Ezekiel 3:18 Or in; also in verses 19 and 20 …





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Are Mumbai Priests Accountable for our Money/ Gifts donated? Adv. A.M.Sodder

Time and again we raise this question as to what is happening with our money and somehow we do not get answers. In the past too  the Association of Concerned Catholics (AOCC ) late President Mr. Gordon Jacobs had raised several questions regarding the accountability of  Jesus assets,  which are donated to the Church for good use and which have been misused but somehow there have been no answers.

Since human memory is short I am once again recalling the past instances where the assets of Jesus have disappeared.

  1. Gold jewelry costing lakhs and lakhs of rupees given for safe keeping  by the East Indians of Santacruz Gaothan which has disappeared during the time of Fr. Salvadore Rodrigues or the priest who took over in Sacred Heart Church Santacruz. No FIR has been lodged.
  2. No tenders being called by St. Josephs Church Juhu for the hoardings and given away for little or nothing.Here too AOCC raised a hue and cry and  the rates have suddenly gone up from 8 lakhs a month to 24 lakhs.
  3. A flat given to a staff of Sacred Heart Church for free and the stand taken is that he took it without consent.
  4. A 1200 sq feet flat given to an Advocate for free by St. Micheals Church Mahim.
  5. Two shops being sub let to a Pizza firm just outside St. Micheals Church Mahim and the same was not informed to the incoming Parish Priest by the Chamchas. Subsequently closed down when AOCC raised a hue and cry.
  6. Marydell sold to a builder and his cheque of Rs. 10 lakhs had bounced and no action taken. It was only after AOCC made a noise that necessary action was initiated.
  7. Rs. 1,50,000 paid to an advocate to get sanction in Mahim and the certificate was not obtained. It was only after AOCC intervened and sent a lawyers notice for free that the Sanction to sell was given by the advocate.
  8. A flat given to a non catholic in Colaba despite there being guidelines which were not followed.
  9. Offices being given to various advocates for free in various places.The list can go on and on .
  10. The latest is that  Rs.1,64,000/- of Easter Collection  given to a person to deposit in the bank and belonging to  the St. Josephs Church Juhu which was never deposited  and kept as a closely guarded secret by all  concerned Priests and chamchas until AOCC exposed it. No FIR has been lodged despite 6 Sundays ( 45 days)  having passed after Easter. What could be the reason why no FIR has been lodged? Is the Parish Priest afraid of the thief who is an employee? Does the thief who has a transport business know about some much bigger misappropriations and therefore people are afraid of him?My guess is that the Parish Priest is afraid of the thief for reasons which are obvious and therefore he has never informed the Parishioners who donated the money that it was stolen nor did he file an FIR.  These are Jesus’s assets and not private property. All priests in St. Josephs Juhu are either unaware or are also keeping quiet. Why did all the chamchas keep quiet?Are these chamchas getting a slice of the cake?This is just a tip of the iceberg .Do not give any donations in the name of a Priest. All donations have to be made in the name of the trust.Do not get fooled that immovable assets can only be given to a priest and not a trust.  Certain priests are on a flat collection spree. Mumbai Catholics need to protect our assets. All  Church properties should be developed sold and resold to practising Roman Catholics only and tri partie agreements should be made between the buyer , seller and the consenting party  should be the church  so that Church properties can  be protected . Sadly  Cardinal Oswald Gracious is yet to accept this suggestion of mine. As a catholic it is our duty to warn the corrupt persons and expose them. Those persons who remain silent are guilty of the sin of complicity. What does the bible say
    Ezekiel 3:1721New International Version (NIV). 17 “Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the … Footnotes: Ezekiel 3:18 Or in; also in verses 19 and 20 …
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What is the difference between the Mumbai Catholic Church and these corrupt builders? Adv. A. M. Sodder

The Church in Mumbai has not given conveyance to the following societies. The law mandates that conveyance be given within 4 months of society formation. To top it all the Bombay Catholic Sabha a group which claims to defend catholics rights and stand for the truth has booked an office  space on land  sold to Our Lady of Vailankanni and Perpetual Succour Co-op. Hsg. Soc. Ltd. as amenities. A classic case of taking convenient stands. Does Bombay Catholic Sabha need to give an explanation to the Catholics of Mumbai who are their members? Why do they fight for gardens and open spaces when an outsider is the offender. Why are they taking convenient stands? Are they afraid to take on the Church when the Church is an offender? Bombay Catholic Sabha members are in the the Archdiocese Grievance Committee. If you complain about the Church authorities can a catholic expect JUSTICE?

Cardinal Oswald Gracias you cant pass the buck. Enforce the law of the land. Stand for the truth.  Cardinal Oswald Gracias would Jesus behave in this way?

Good Friday Continues and hence there can never be an Easter.

Read below the article in todays Times of India.

Some of the Catholic  societies/ institutions who have not been given conveyance within 4 months and the date of formation of society are listed below.

  1. Nirmala Colony Building  F( one room kitchen ) built in 1964 around 50 catholic  families
  2. Our Lady of Lourdes Co-op. Hsg. Soc. Ltd. society formed in 1998 around 45 catholic families.
  3. Our Lady of Vailankanni and Perpetual Succour Co-op. Hsg. Soc. Ltd. formed in January 2004 having 112 catholic families.
  4. Nirmala Niketan nuns in Goregaon Seminary Campus who have not been conveyance.At their recent General Body meeting a resolution has been passed to that effect.

Adv. A.M.Sodder

Conveyance of 50,000 housing societies stalled by builders

Chittaranjan Tembhekar | TNN | May 16, 2017, 06.28 AM IST

(Representative image)(Representative image)

MUMBAI: As many as 50,000 housing societies in the metropolitan region do not have ownership of land on which their buildings stand, and as a result, they are facing difficulties in either redevelopment or maintenance.

Home buyers and activists are now demanding that the Maharashtra Ownership of Flats Act (MOFA) be revamped on the lines of the new stringent real estate regulation law, popularly called RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority). Under RERA, the fine payable by the builder for delaying conveyance is up to 10% of the project cost, whereas under MOFA it is Rs 50,000. But only those building projects where construction is ongoing or those that are yet to get occupation certificates (OC) come under the ambit of RERA.The rest come under the ambit of MOFA and unlike RERA, MOFA lacks teeth, making it tough for existing societies to gain deemed conveyance (change in land ownership from builders to society)

Housing society members, whose conveyance has been stuck for years, now say MOFA should be amended to impose hefty fines on builders who refuse to let go.

At least 70% of housing societies still do not own the land on which their building or flats stand. This is because developers, who own the land want to continue having a say on maintenance or want control over society corpus, open parking slots, terrace space to install cell towers and hoardings to earn revenue. Under MOFA, several thousand cases demanding conveyance are now pending with the registrar’s offices, magistrates or consumer courts. In many cases, societies have not been formed or conveyance is stuck.In others, building residents do not possess the crucial 7 12 revenue papers, which gives information about a particular land parcel. The lack of this key document has become a major hurdle for societies that want to go in for redevelopment as their plans remain pending with the civic body due to absence of ownership rights. Housing societies pay dearly for such delay in getting a conveyance deed. “Due to delay in registering the conveyance deed, societies have to pay huge stamp duty against the gap between the earlier and the revised stamp duty and registration fees.The government should come up with a law to force builders to pay the shortfall, in case of delay in conveyance,” said a society member from Srikala society in Goregaon.

Office bearers of Sai Simran society in Deonar said their building comprising 92 flats got an OC in 2006 after which the society was formed in 2009. “In order to form the society, the builder took Rs 1,500 each, but there are no signs of conveyance being done yet. In the meantime, cellphone towers have been installed on the building by the developer to earn sizeable revenue. Parking slots are also still owned by the developer,” said a resident.

Ramesh Prabhu of Maharashtra Societies Welfare Association said after booking 50% of the flats, the owners can form an association (society) and in accordance with the law, make it obligatory for the promoter or developer to convey the property in the name of the society within three months of obtaining an OC. “If it is not done, then it’s a criminal offence,” he said.

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