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MaharashtraChristian Youthforum Agnelo

This is a site where catholics and in particular catholics of

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Mumbai,Thane and Navi Mumbai can air their views and read about catholic happenings worldwide.You may write to us about all the happenings in your parish along with your phone number.We may verify the information and the said information is passed on to like minded groups and after writing to the person concerned and his higher up about the issue and giving the said persons a reasonable amount of time to rectify the situation the said issue is then put in the public domain.

Depending on the issue we may also inform like minded groups like the Association of Concerned Catholics(A.O.C.C.) to take necessary action which may publish leaflets and hold protests on the road.In the recent past protests and leaflets have been held in Mahim and Dadar and the first FIR regarding the demolition of the Cross in Old Khar was registered due to the efforts of the A.O.C.C..

We are also of the view that all Church properties should be protected and should be for the benefit of practicing Roman Catholics only.So also when Church Properties are being developed all the flats should be sold/resold/occupied/leased/sublet to practicing Roman Catholics only.The said fact can be verified by asking for copies of the last sacrament received and asking for a letter from the parish priest which he should verify from neighbours before giving any letter.

The laity are the owners of all Church lands and the Parish Priest is a mere administrator who should inform all the members of the laity before selling any properties by putting the same on the Church notice boards and after making repeated announcements at all masses.The transparency which the Bishops and the Cardinal talks about should be seen and felt and should not be spoken.Actions speak louder than words.

We,deal with issues which all other groups refuse to take up and we assure you that if we feel that you as a catholic are wronged and the wrongdoer is a church official we assure you that we will take up the issue.We have no problems in calling a spade a spade.

Our aim is to rid the church of corruption especially in all financial and land deals where the laity of Mumbai,Thane are being cheated.We,believe that the Church is a universal church and any person no matter where he resides has a right to ask a question as that is the spirit of the prayer “I Believe” and when someone writes to us that information cannot be given because the person who has asked for the said information is not a parishioner we feel extremely sad about the same.Attached below is a letter from the Cardinal Oswald Cardinal Gracias to one of the members of the laity which makes interesting reading.

If you have any news item/item of interest for our catholic readers you may send the same to us.
Contact :- and

Below is a letter sent by Bishop Agnelo Gracias to one of our catholic activists challenging him to do things.It is this sort of behaviour of the clergy which has to be nipped in the bud and where in the so called Bishop uses innuendo to imply that the person is senseless,read below and find out for yourself who is senseless.
Email from Bishop Agnelo Gracias to Mr. Gordon Jacobs:

My dear Gordon,

I have patiently tolerated your numerous e-mails and SMS messages. Now, however, I have reached the limit of my tether and it is time to respond. You will wonder why initially I had kept in touch with you, but after some time refused to respond to you. It is because I found I was just wasting my time: I found you totally ineffective and totally confused too. Let me give you some examples of both.


v You had told me to give just one letter and Tony Lewis from the parish, who had much clout with the Police, would speedily settle the Shinde affair, Nothing happened! I realize that Tony was not prepared to use his influence for you.

v You sent me an e-mail that at the Christmas midnight Mass parishioners would come with black bands as a protest against Fr. Tony Mendonca. Nothing of that sort happened.

v You sent an e-mail that you would be distributing handbills at Santacruz to let people know about Fr. Tony Mendonca. What has been the result? Nothing! I realized that nothing happens because you are an isolated individual in the parish. I have been told that parishioners just disregard you. In fact, several wondered how I was wasting my time responding to your letters!

Confused state of mind:

When Reggie Fernandes decided to drop out of his present job, you sent me an e-mail asking how the bishop was allowing him to escape. I was amazed wondering why you wanted me to keep Reggie back in his post. Would his continuation in office help in any way? Would not, rather, his being out of office help the next parish priest to check Reggie’s misdeeds? This is just one example of your confused state of mind. I could give you more examples too, if you wish. The climax for me when you hauled an innocent man, Bp. Bosco’s driver, to the police on baseless charges of being drunk – a man who does not touch liquor! It is a bit of an irony that you could not get an encroacher like Shinde booked but could get a poor innocent person booked on false charges. As I said, I refused to correspond with you, but we have been implementing the suggestions of sensible parishioners (Virginia Saldanha and others). Accordingly, a Parish Finance Committee has been put into place, suitable persons, including women, suggested by them have been appointed as members and Guidelines have been drawn up for the Allocation of Flats. It was happenings at Sacred Heart, Santacruz, that prompted Cardinal Oswald to draw up the Guidelines which have been made applicable to all parishes of Bombay archdiocese. Steps have been taken, but wise ones – not exactly the ones you have been constantly proposing. Pardon me for this longish letter – there is much more that I could write and comment on, including your ignorance of the actual Marinagar situation. I leave that aside. Allow me one final remark: If you send e-mails, make sure that at least the spellings and grammar are correct. Even such a common word as “properties” is wrongly spelt. Please get your e-mails corrected by someone who knows English. I am writing this for your own good. People who receive your e-mails must be having a good laugh at your mistakes. With kind regards,

In Christ,

+ Bishop Agnelo Gracias

Below is a letter sent by Cardinal Oswald Gracias where in he claims that information cannot be given because the person is not a parishioner of the said parish.How ironic it is when we claim that we belong to a universal church!

E-Mail Received From the Cardinal on 20/10/10 along with attachment dated 13/10/10
October 13, 2010

Dear Mr. Sodder,

This has reference to your e-mail of October 1, 2010.

Perhaps the Parish Priest, Fr. Aniceto Pereira, of Our Lady of Salvation Church, Dadar, has not replied to you because you do not belong to his parish.

With kind regards and best wishes,

Yours sincerely in Christ,

 Cardinal Oswald Gracias
Archbishop of Bombay

Mr. A. M. Sodder

Mail sent by A.M.Sodder to Cardinal Oswald Gracias
Email sent on 21/October/2010
Your Eminence,

I am in receipt of the below attached mail and i wish to reply as under:

Perhaps the words in “I believe” will have to be changed from “the holy catholic church” to ” the holy catholic Churches” as per Fr.Aniceto Pereira.

Perhaps the guidelines given for flats by the archdiocese that all catholics of the the archdiocese shall be eligible , will have to be changed to only catholics of that parish as per his thinking.

Perhaps Fr.Aniceto fells that all the money given to Our Lady of Salvation Church Dadar by catholics who were not parishoners should have not been taken.

Perhaps Fr.Aniceto fells that all the money given to Our Lady of Salvation Church Dadar by catholics who were ex-parishoners of the said Church and who have now settled in different parts of Mumbai and Thane will now be returned.

Perhaps Fr.Aniceto feels that the transparency which was spoken of in the Examiner of June 2010 is meant to mean only for the Catholics of that parish.

Perhaps Fr.Aniceto feels that when parishoners from other parishes come to collect money for any worthy cause they should not be allowed.

Perhaps Fr.Aniceto feels that he will get a life long posting in Our Lady of Salvation Church Dadar.

Perhaps Fr.Aniceto has forgotten that all catholics irrespective of where they stay are benefactors of Trust.

Perhaps he has forgotten that the trustees are mere custodians and the laity of Mumbai and Thane are the true owners and beneficiaries of the said trust and considering that the persons in power are transparent and have nothing to hide it would be in the interest of justice and fair play that the said information is given to me on an urgent basis unless something has to be hidden.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,


E-Mail sent on 08/07/2010 subsequently a reminder was sent on October 1st 2010
Your Eminence,

I have been recently informed that Ave Maria Dadar has also been sold.Considering past incidents in the archdiocese and how things have been handled I would like to know the following:

1.At what rate the said land has been sold or alienated or being redeveloped ?

2.Whether there is clause in the said agreement as to when the development ends?

3.Whether balcony FSI of 10% has been included in the total FSI which is sold given for redevelopment?

4. Whether the 20% increase in FSI for built up area has been included in the total areawhich is sold given for redevelopment?

5.What is the date of sanction given by the Charity Commissioner for the said deal?

I also wish to inform you that 2 different standards have been adopted one in the Marydell deal and another standard

Considering the fact that the trustees are custodians and the laity of Mumbai are the true owners and beneficiaries of the said trust and considering that the persons in power are transparent and have nothing to hide it would be in the interest of justice and fair play that the said information is given to me on an urgent basis.

If the said information is not given to me in 3 days I would be forced to presume that something is being hidden.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Advocate High Court

19 Responses to Contact and Aims

  1. Nameeta says:

    Having read the above , I can see that there are wheat and weeds in both Hierarchy and Laity. Isn’t that part of being human ? I really don’t know the context of the above discussions in detail but I see why Bp Agnelo [ who is very very patient by nature] reacted like that when there was a false case against Bp Bosco’s driver . Readers may not know but I know this personally . His driver has an illness causing people to think he is drunk . You should also know that this human person who has to earn daily bread for his family – is so important to the bishop that he has never wanted to fire him from the job- but risks his own life during the journeys . Now that’s what I call FAITH .

    If today’s Laity in Mumbai is partly waking up and partly awake , much credit goes to Bp Bosco.
    You can imagine I am saying this : I who myself do have serious issues yet unresolved where I have not received justice from the Hierarchy and clergy. Yet in my conscience I cannot overlook their goodness as persons.

    I cannot even say you are wrong . Of course we all need to speak up against corruption and injustice. But it is becoming clear to me that there is so much misunderstanding in all that I can read above.

    May the Lord Bless and assist each one to do their part , to play their own roles well , to encourage and challenge each other in a Christian manner.

  2. Normally if a car is driven by a disabled person a board has to be prominently displayed.Moreover a disabled person cannot be employed as a professional driver.Bishop Bosco also did not disclose the Marinagar deal had taken place in the year 2008 despite the residents meeting him on 6th July 2009.

  3. Thanks for the information . When I questioned the driver’s fitness to drive [ that was more than a year ago] , I was told he drives well . Only medical tests can reveal whether the person is physically- challenged or differently-abled [ the word ‘disabled’ is not used nowadays] – whether his neuro-motor functions are actually affected and to what percentage .That can decide what traffic laws are applicable.

    As a concerned catholic and human being : What could be the appropriate response to such a situation in the spirit of the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ ? Otherwise what’s the difference between any other social activist and a concerned catholic ? Would even a social activist lodge a police complaint without just reason ? Catholic Laity are called to be Salt of the Earth, Light to the world, Leaven in the Dough, called to transform temporal realities .

    As mentioned in Christifideles Laici : “the post-conciliar path of the lay faithful has not been without its difficulties and dangers. In particular, two temptations can be cited which they have not always known how to avoid: the temptation of being so strongly interested in Church services and tasks that some fail to become actively engaged in their responsibilities in the professional, social, cultural and political world; and the temptation of legitimizing the unwarranted separation of faith from life, that is, a separation of the Gospel’s acceptance from the actual living of the Gospel in various situations in the world.”

    I appreciate the efforts of Enlightened Laity to challenge the Clergy and each other , to be transparent in Church property matters. This kind of effort needs short-term to long-term goals.

    My suggestions :

    1. Collect email addresses of verified Catholics and send Information / News on controversial issues which are somewhat an Internal matter of the Catholic community – by email before putting it on the general public domain as a last resort. Remember we live in a situation which can trigger persecution of innocents .
    2. Comments should not be disrespectful to Individuals whether Laity or Clergy . Hate the sin but love the sinner !
    3. How about connecting this site to a Discussion forum which requires authenticated log-in ?

    The Clerical Mindset that makes the Ordained ministers think they are not accountable – is going on since nearly 2000 years . So also the Pray, Pay & Obey mindset of the Laity. It is very painful to bear anymore. How can it be changed ?

    As far as I understand, Vatican II tried to reduce the gap between clergy and laity , religious and laity – and it tried to flatten the hierarchical mountain , to bring the priesthood at the center rather than the top.The vision/mission of the ordained priesthood according to Vat II was at the service of animating the priesthood of the laity [all the non-ordained people of God ]–so that together the entire church could be at the service of the world. The purpose of the desire to flatten the pyramid was mainly for greater unity and harmony within the church.

    Canon. 207 §1 By divine institution, among Christ’s faithful there are in the Church sacred ministers, who in law are also called clerics – the others are called lay people.
    §2 Drawn from both groups are those of Christ’s faithful who, professing the evangelical counsels through vows or other sacred bonds recognised and approved by the Church, are consecrated to God in their own special way and promote the salvific mission of the Church. Their state, although it does not belong to the hierarchical structure of the Church, does pertain to its life and holiness.

    From an Asian perspective , I do not see why instead of the gap between religious women and laity being reduced , in the struggle for Equality of Power/ Leadership by men and women in the church , most bishops & theologians [ both conservative or liberal and Pre or Post Vat II ] have succeeded in ‘raising’ women religious to stand next to the clergy on the PYRAMID OF POWER.

    So the pyramidal structure is being encouraged in order to encourage women in general [?]in developed countries and women religious whose vocations continue to flourish in developing countries, at the expense of the vast majority of the remaining People of God. My observations show that the Main reason why religious life is flourishing in Asia is the ‘ high’ feeling experienced by religious women when they are put on the pedestal . I have seen exceptions in some congregations and individual religious. But the majority are motivated to religious life due to the attraction of security, comfort, education ,privileges, power.

    I do not support these kind of motivations – inspite of the fact that I’m a woman who has been through a long long journey of liberation as a woman in Asian culture and society and certainly wish the advancement of women in all fields .

    As a disciple of Christ, I do not see this moving in the right direction or in the spirit of the Gospel .

    The Church is not just Clergy & Religious. The true constituents of Christ the Head united with His Body the Church are manifest in the way a Diocesan / Parish Pastoral Council functions because such a council consists of representatives from all sections of the Church . Laity today, especially in Mumbai are very active , well-informed in Pastoral roles .

    My suggestions:

    1. Instead of the outdated terminology in Church newsletters , prayers of the faithful etc. which puts the Clergy and Religious on top of the Pyramid of Power , it should be replaced with terminology which indicates the collaboration between Clergy and Laity[in this sense Laity would include religious and other consecrated persons].

    2. Stop addressing the Hierarchy at all levels with outdated Medieval terminology like Your Eminence, Lordship , Reverend etc. after informing them the reason for stopping this so that the attitude of respect continues but in a family spirit .

    This is how in the long run the Laity will all be awake and collaborate with clergy to protect the Church and its properties.

  4. Felix D'souza says:

    I have accidently come to this site and found that the Cardinal is more of a Dictator that a Pastor. I have had the bad experience of meeting him regarding the misappropriation of funds by a priest Fr. XXX. He was posted in our Church at Park Site Colony and was instrumental in building a church. A lot of money was collected by the parishioners by going to other churches. Fr. XXX as he was popularly known had taken the full finance in his hands and never gave any accounts of cash that was received. After seven years he was transferred to Airoli Church where also he had problems regarding the finances. A delegation from Parksite had gone to meet the Archbishop who kept the laity waiting from morning till 4.00 p.m. and then gave an audience. He listened to our complaints but was so arrogant in his talk that he blamed the laity for disturbing him on a Sunday. He also supported Fr. XXX. The parishioners from Airoli also complained about Fr.XXX and had asked for his transfer which was delayed by the Archbishop until June 2011. Suprisingly in July Fr. XXX was granted one year sabatical from Church Duties. All allegations regarding Fr. XXX can be verified by asking the parishioners of Parksite, Airoli and even Kalina. Bishop Oswald Gracias is aware of the misdeeds of Fr. XXX but is a great supporter of him for reasons best known to him. I hope this matter is fully investigated.

  5. David raja says:

    It is a good Godly work. i want to be part of Laitytude.

  6. vincy says:

    His Eminence Oswald Cardinal Gracias,
    Ref: Theft/Burglary at St. Blaise Church –Amboli.

    This Sunday June 24th. 2012 there was an official announcement at all Masses which read ‘considering certain unpleasant incidents that have taken place in the church campus over the recent months it has been decided to tighten security.etc.etc.’
    On enquiry from some parishioners about this so called ‘considered unpleasant incidents’, I have reliably learn’t that the incidents taken place over these few months were:-

    A Cash Collection Box carried away (theft) from the Parish first floor- Blessed Sacrament Chapel during day.

    B Cash Collection Boxes in the Church broken Open and cash stolen during day (burglary).

    To the Parish Priest/Trustee Fr. Franklyn Mathais these are unpleasant incidents but in law these are ‘Cognizable Offence’s (IPC 451) and have to be reported to the local Police Station which was not done by the Parish Priest/Trustee for reasons best known to him and his pastoral team.
    Further u/s 36A of the Bombay Public Trust Act 1950 ‘A trustee of every Public trust shall administer the affairs of the trust… in accordance with the terms of the trust, usage of the institution and lawful directions which the Charity Commissioner or court may issue in respect thereof and exercise the same care as a man of ordinary prudence when dealing with such affairs, funds or property, if they were his own’.

    Active parishioners like the undersigned have not appreciated the Parish Priest/Trustee Fr. Franklyn’s stance on the above breach of trust and it is our humble request to your Eminence to advice him accordingly on matters relating to law of the state. If such serious issues are taken for granted then we will be left with no other alternative then to draw the attention of state law towards these unlawful incidents taking place in our church. All these to safe guard and protect our Church and Property.

    Looking forward to your immediate action in this serious matter of breach of trust,

    Yours faithfully,


  7. andrea says:

    A Prayer for Priests
    Almighty God, look upon the face of Him who is the eternal High Priest, and have
    compassion on Your priests in today’s world. Remember that they are but weak
    and frail human beings. Stir up in them the grace of their vocation. Keep them
    close to You lest the enemy prevail against them, so that they may never do
    anything in the slightest degree unworthy of their sublime vocation.
    O Jesus, I pray for Your faithful and fervent priests, for the unfaithful and tepid
    ones; for those laboring at home and abroad in distant mission fields; for those
    who are tempted; for those who are lonely and desolate; for those who are in
    But, above all, I recommend to You the priests dearest to me; the priest who
    baptized me; the priests who absolved me from my sins; the priests who
    instructed me or helped me by their encouragement. I pray devoutly for all the
    priests to whom I am indebted in any other way, in particular for . . . O Jesus,
    keep them all close to Your heart and bless them abundantly in time and in
    eternity. Amen.
    O Mary, Queen of the clergy, pray for us; obtain for us a number of holy priests.
    Happy Feast dear Fathers

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  10. manu mathew says:

    Yoga in philosophy and practice is incompatible with Christianity
    Fr.James Manjackal MSFS
    As a Catholic Christian born in a traditional Catholic family in Kerala, India, but lived amidst the Hindus; and now as a catholic religious priest and charismatic preacher in 60 countries in all continents, I have something to say about the bad effects of Yoga on Christian spirituality and life. I know there is a growing interest on Yoga all over the world, even among Christians- and this interest is extended to other esoteric and new age practices like Reiki, reincarnation, acupressure, acupuncture, pranic healing, reflexology, etc. which are methods against which the Vatican has cautioned and warned in her document “Jesus Christ bearer of the water of life”.For some, Yoga is a means of relaxation and easing of tension and for others is a form of exercise promoting fitness and health and for a few is a means of healing of sicknesses. There is much confusion in the mind of the average Catholic- lay and cleric- because Yoga as promoted among Catholics is neither entirely a health discipline nor entirely a spiritual discipline, but sometimes one, sometimes the other, and often a mixture of both. But in fact, Yoga is primarily a spiritual discipline and I know even priests and nuns in the seminaries and novitiates promote Yoga as help to meditation and prayer. It is sad that now a days, many Catholics are loosing trust in the great spiritualities and mysticisms for prayer and discipline handed over to them by great saints like Ignatius of Loyola, Francis of Assisi, Francis of Sales, St. Theresa of Avila, etc. and are now going after the Eastern spiritualities and mysticisms coming from Hinduism and Buddhism. It is in this regard that a sincere Christian should inquire into Yoga’s compatibility with the Christian spirituality and the wisdom of incorporating its techniques into Christian prayer and meditation.

  11. Michael says:

    Dear Laitytude,
    I am writing for to ask your permission to reproduce your material from The Laitytude on my blog The Jarrow Scriptorium,- I am trying to promote Catholic Orthodoxy and Loyalty To the Holy Father, of course I would accredit your site at to the origin of the source!

    God bless,


  12. Vincent says:

    Please go ahead, TRUTH must prevail!

  13. Josef Pampalk says:

    I had tried to contact you from Vienna in Austria on the following address but it failed on Nov. 2nd 2013 – or did you change to mumbalaitytude?
    ” your message to cannot be delivered. This account has been disabled or discontinued [#102]. – ”

    Could you give me the actual functioning address please, Thanks and best wishes for your awakening process
    Josef Pampalk, Vienna, Austria

  14. Vincent Bagul says:

    There is the Women Religious Lawyers’ Forum helping women to fight their cases in Courts. It is very good. When women are harassed by their husbands or in laws, we all must stand up for them and help them and protect them. However, it is always true that only women are wronged by their husbands or in laws. Some women are very arrogant, proud and disrespectful to their husband and in laws. They harass the husband and in laws. The religious lawyers, priests and nuns, therefore must always hear the other side of the story before arriving at a decision. They should not take up women’s cases blindly, but always must follow the principle of natural justice. When two Catholics families have a dispute and religious lawyer takes one side without hearing the other person, it is bound to create bitterness for the religious person. The NGOs run by nuns should take care that they are not taken advantage of by cunning brides.
    – Vincent Bagul, Mumbai

  15. Vincent Bagul says:

    Celibacy should be optional
    According to the report in the Times of India dated 20th May 2014, twenty six women who said they were in love with Roman Catholic priests have written to Pope Francis urging him to make celibacy optional. The women, who all live in Italy, described the “devastating suffering” caused by the church’s ban on priests having sex and marrying.
    In fact, the condition of celibacy is followed by a very few priests, all over the world. The 26 ladies in love with the priests could not have written the letter to the Pope without the knowledge of their lover priests. It is evident that the priests too want to get married. The Pope should hear the signs of the changing times and keep celibacy optional.

    – Vincent Bagul, Mumbai

    • s4sony says:

      Hi Vincent Bagul, what u have said is right, that ‘celibacy should be optional’. I know some women who are cheated and abused physically by men who are behind the mask of ‘priesthood’. Came across a women who is abandoned by a priest, after giving her a baby. Know an young girl taken for granted as becos a man’s double life in his Religious life. Unwed mothers, Abortions, Adultery, Dirty Chat, Pornography, Dirty Magazines and Video Channel…, everything became common in everyone’s life.
      The Bible clearly states that when God created human, He said that ‘Man cannot live alone and He created a woman as his helper’. Even some of the disciples of Jesus’ are married. Celibacy should not be a compulsion, due to which many women’s tears/curses are on the Church, also leading the priests to lead a double life by killing their own conscience.
      Those 26 women had the guts to open up their story, pleading for justice; but Indian women are still covering it up. Now a days even Nuns are teaching their children, not to go to any priest even for confession or counselling, when the priest is in a lonely place. Even the Nuns are having tough time in their life. Hope our Church soon brings light, life and justice to the women who are been cheated in the name of love, marriage, friendship, the white colored godly-men.

  16. Cyril Fernandes says:


    After reading all the stories, I think Lord Jesus would come very soon to CLEANSE the Church from all that is evil. Today the DEVIL rules the Church. We do all the TAMASHA in the Church that should be forbidden.

    To Cleanse the system the Clergy should be removed from non spiritual duties. They are not good at managing Schools, Colleges, Hospitals etc. The Clergy should be restricted to look after the “SPIRITUAL WELL BEING” of the Faithful. Money makes them go BONKERS !!!

    All the Assets of the Church should be looked after by Professional Catholics and the Money should be pumped back into the system. The Clergy Lords over these Assets as if they own it.

    The Clergy should lead a life of a Monk, No A/C’s, No TV, No Cars, No Five Star Dining. Nothing at all. Those who disobey should promptly be transferred to Bihar, Uttarakhand or to China.

    Hope so that our Dear Pope Francis listens to my recommendations and acts on it.

    I remain a committed catholic

    CHURCH’S motto :-


  17. James says:

    1. Why do we use terms such as Excellency , Eminence , Highness , Beatitude , Grace etc. to
    Bishops & Cardinals ? No where in the Bible are such terms used for Jesus for is the Lord and
    Master !

    2. In Mumbai , half the monthly collections running into crores goes to the cardinal . No account of
    the same is given . Can’t the income and expenditure details be published annually in the
    church publication – Examiner !

    3. In contrast to lay people , priests and nuns enjoy the best of food , transport , medical care etc .
    Every day they eat non-veg food a luxury which very few lay people can enjoy .
    In sharp contrast jain monks and nuns go bare foot and beg for food .

    4. Any critical letter to the church is never published in the Examiner .Only flatulent ones are
    published .

    5. There is no fellowship in the church . 90 % of the so -called SCC / BCC are non –
    functioning .Our parish priest in the last 5 years has not once visited the parishioners .Many
    catholics are leaving the church and joining groups such as New Life , Believer , Cornerstone
    etc . What does the church do – once a year call Steve Ray to deliver some talks and give
    pamphlets at far away Goregaon and that’s it . Meanwhile more and more catholics leave .

    6. Nearly every week if you read the Examiner Oswald Gracias goes abroad with his attendants .
    Who is paying , if not us ?

    7. Money is being collected under different headings – community fund , church repairs , holy
    land , clergy home , seminary . new churches , church donations . For all this there is no
    accountability .

    8. There are massive sexual scandals in the church which are being suppressed .

    9. Church properties are being mismanaged and being sold .

    10. Only when nuns are raped , priests attacked do they make their chamcha organisation –
    organise rallies . The xxx does nothing apart from some lip
    service work such as blood donation , senior citizen card , PAN card , RTI camp etc . Does it
    do any thing constructive such as ensure that our children get admission in catholic schools
    and colleges or set up a medical centre for the community ?

    ( In the middle ages there was a similar situation of corruption in the church which led to the great schism by Martin Luther )



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