Let Indian bishops respond!Begone Bed-Room Inspectorate!

Let Indian bishops respond!
Begone Bed-Room Inspectorate!
(Letter to the Editor)

Varghese Pamplanil

Note: “Who’s this gray haired, erudite looking, venerable exuding Pamplanil?, was the first question that sprang to my mind after reading his frankly speak, learned research piece. ‘A moral theologian, university professor, research scholar or just a layman?’

Can’t be the last, was the conclusion reached! Not a “theologically illiterate layman” in any case, although that title was slapped on laity, by the grate Cardinal Valerian Gracious at the first Bangalore seminar of yore!
Let Bishops respond!
We send this like all the rest, to all Indian bishops, accepted to be erudite, to see who sounds convincing. Nothing like matching facts with facts! Pamplanil is commenting on the article in the CCV, Jan, 30/ 20: “Fireworks in German Bishops’ Synod on contraception, masturbation, homosexuality, women’s ordination” etc.

Now read below what Pamplanil has to say and react with your considered views without mincing words. james kottoor, editor ccv.

This is with reference to the suggestions at the Synod of German Bishops for approval by the Catholic establishment of all types of sex such as masturbation, homosexuality, contra- ception etc. The German bishops seem to have realised the follies of the Church, the realities of the day and saw the writing on the wall.

TheCatholic Church had accepted,with alacrity, the preposterous and perverted view of the debauchee and sex fiend Augustine of Hippo (fifth century BCE) that Original Sin had infested the human race with the first sexual intercourse between Adam and Eve.Then onwards the Church latched on, like an obnoxious pest, to the reproductive organs of its followers with ferocious intensity.

The Church had realised that, if this basic human instinct is condemned as the mother of all sins, it can hold its dumb followers in a state of perpetual control. The Church has been peeping into the bed rooms of Catholic men and women, with hawk’s eyes, to oversee the various permutations and combinations of human sexual activities. The church has demeaned their god to a cheap voyeur.

Sex is the grist of the confessional box, details are probed in meticulous manner. Catholic couples can have sex in “missionary position”only.All other modes are taboo. According to the clerics, whose experience is limited to surreptitious illicit sex, sexual activity, per se, is abominable and dirty. For the Church, sex is intended solely for breeding like rabbits and pigs. Joyless sex is insisted upon.If the couples derive any pleasure in the act, which is normal in the case of healthy, considerate, mutually understanding and accommodative participants, the child born out of the union would be tainted with original sin.This sin would be removed by “water dunking”, with a lot of hocus-pocus, by a male priest, even if he is a rouge and a deviant.

Thousands and thousands years before the anti-human cabal in Rome got the blueprint of regressive sex from their asexual god in the fifth century, sexual activities were widely prevalent among Homo Sapiens. In the past, shortly after a girl attains puberty, she was given in marriage. In the old days, the minimum age for marriage for girls was 12 years. Among many people, even today,marriages do takes place at an early age. In the Christian West teenage sex is rampant. All over the world, at any given moment, various forms of sexual gratification take place. No god seems to be bothered about it. The only people who spend sleepless nights ruminating on sex of others appear to be the Christian clerics.

The Church says their god keeps detailed accounts of the sexual activities of their members especially sexual deviations to earmark them to the bottom most part of hell. Take comfort, if one reaches that part of the hell one can enjoy the company of many Popes, Cardinals, Arch-bishops and the like. One of my college professors used to say that he would prefer hell to heaven, since in hell one can have the pleasant company of Hellen of Troy, Coleoptera, Merlin Monroe , Sofia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor and all other beautiful females; one can ogle at movie stars, models who appear in Playboy and Fashion World etc.In hell, one may have various sexual choices.

Men and women has been engaging in all sorts of sex since the day the “naked ape”, called the human, came down from its perch on the trees. No earthquakes or eruption of volcanoes could have taken place because some humans engaged in the sex act. At the most, the reverberations would have been limited to the shaking of the conjugal bed.

Church or no church, Pope or no Pope, humans, male and female engage in all sorts of sex, masturbation, homosexual and lesbian acts. The church may have a detailed list of the various permutations and combinations of the act.

“Telling us all the sins, we are capable of performing with our sexual organs does not enlighten us about our sexuality. Those who reduce a mystery to a problem are guilty of ‘intellectual perversion” (Mathew Fox)

“The conflict between ethics and sex today is not just a collision between instinctuallity and morality, but a struggle to give an instinct its rightful place in our lives, and to recognise in this instinct, a power which seeks expression and evidently may not be trifled with and, therefore, cannot be made to fit in with our well meaning moral laws. Sexuality is not mere instinctuality, it is an indisputable creative power, that is not only is the basic cause of our individual lives, but a very serious factor in our psychic life as well. Our civilisation enormously understates the importance of sexuality.” (Carl Jung)

The Commission of theologians and lay experts appointed by Vatican II on Responsible Parenthood did make various far reaching recommendations in line with modern thinking. The chapter on Marriage and Family which had been discussed and revised time and again was presented for the first vote on 16 November 1965. Cardinal Ottavani, the Grand Inquisitor, 75 years old baker’s son, from Trastevere, Italy, half blind, had sternly warned that the principle of responsible parenthood would be incompatible with the Catholic faith. Despite this, two votes produced more than 2000 “placet”and only 91 and 144 “non-placet”. In Article 50, responsible parenthood was affirmed in a welcome way. “Married couple must in the end themselves decide”. But the Cardinal party, by their usual tricks and manipulations, succeeded in turning the clock back.(Source – “My Struggle for Freedom”- Hans Kung )

The weak kneed Pope Paul VI was prevailed upon to issue the notorious “Humane Vitae”. “After “Humane Vitae” most bishops and priests in Latin America were too busy in managing a revolution against what they saw as “sinful societies” to worry about what people were doing in their bedrooms. If you mention “sin” in Europe, most Catholics would think of sex; if you mention it in Brazil, they think of society” (“Absolute Truth”, -1998- Edward Stourton).

“Catholicism is still all about sex. In Europe and America sex is driving a wedge between the Church leaders and the led and the gap has increased. The realities of Catholic life is growing wider all the time. The number of Catholics who fail to live up to the Church’s ideals about sex, marriage and family is growing all the time. Increasingly they cease to see themselves as failures and conclude instead that the church and its teachings are irrelevant” (ibid)

“The actor turned zealot” from Poland, (expression courtesy Morris West) , made the situation from bad to worse. “In 1980, Synod on the Family, John Paul II’s first synod, was typical. It began with wide- ranging opinions being expressed on controversial issues including contraception, divorce and the changing role of the Christian family in different parts of the world. But at the end of the first week Ratzinger, (the Inquisitor after Ottavani), structured the agenda along much narrower lines. The Pope’s apostolic exhortation ‘Familiaris Consortio’ which came out a year later could easily have been written without the Synod ever having been taken place(‘God’s Politician – John Paul II and Vatican’ – David Willy – BBC’s longest serving foreign correspondent who moved to Rome in 1972)

In today’s world balancing the family budget is a Herculean task. It is a crime to produce more children who cannot be provided with nutritious food and other creature comforts and above all an appropriate education that would enable their economic survival.

The earth is overburdened by the exponential growth of human population putting strain on limited resources especially drinking water. Global warming is inching higher and higher because of the uncontrolled plundering of natural resources out of greed mostly by Christians in the Bible Belt who think that their god will take care of everything as is said in the bible; everything is created for humans, increase and multiply like locusts.

Sex is an end in itself. It is a no-cost entertainment, good for the body and mind. The benefits of frequent sex are many, say the experts in the field.

In India birth rate is the lowest among Catholics, Humane Vitae seems to have been dumped, deservedly, into the wastebasket . The stark reality is that the clerics will not lift even their little fingers to help its socially and economically deprived followers. On the contrary, these ever greedy Shylocks, all the time, demand their pound of flesh.

Nowadays the writs of Rome seemed to be given a go-by. After all ‘Who is Afraid of Virginia “WOLF ” Hats off to the German bishops for their courage to come out of the “darkness at noon” and see the light of the day. Make no mistake, the mandarins of the Zero church will continue to be the ostriches with their heads buried under the sand for ages to come. Varghese Pamplanil.

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