Sacrilege in fancy dress – Mr. John Menezes

JOHN MENEZES                                                                              7 Esperança

  1. Bhagatsingh Road

Mumbai 400001

24 October 2017

The Editor

The Examiner

Mumbai 400001


Subject:  Sacrilege in fancy dress



The Examiner, October 21, on its cover shows a concelebration at the National Symposium held at the College of St. Pius X, October 13 – 15. The celebration is collectivist and anthropocentric and attracts comment on two grounds:

  1. In his Encyclical, Mediator Dei (20/11/1947) Pope Pius XII has stated in Section 69: “Now the minister, by reason of the sacerdotal consecration which he has received, is made like to the High Priest and possesses the power of performing actions in virtue of Christ’s very person.” This collectivism  repudiates the power of performing actions by a  celebrant in the Person of Christ and deprives the innocent faithful of their spiritual entitlement, namely, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass;
  2. In his book, The Order of Melchisedech, late Michael Davies, convert from the Anglican to the Catholic Church, has written on the revised 1968 rite of priestly ordination:   “Every prayer in the traditional rite which stated specifically the essential role of a priest as a man ordained to offer propitiatory sacrifice for the living and the dead has been removed. In most cases these were the precise prayers removed by the Protestant Reformers or, if not precisely the same, there are clear parallels.”  The rites of ordination were drastically revised by Paul VI w.e.f. 06/04/1969 to render them null and void and, therefore, practically all the performers in this collectivist celebration are lay persons in disguise parading themselves in “fancy dress.”

The innocent faithful present on the occasion, who were entitled to Catholicism from their supposed pastors, have instead been treated to a grave sacrilege in fancy dress.

John Menezes

7 Esperanca, S. Bhagatsingh Road, Mumbai 400001; Tel: 9167541628.



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2 Responses to Sacrilege in fancy dress – Mr. John Menezes

  1. ralphcoelho says:

    Sad that you rely on a person who contradicts the Pope and quotes the religion he left

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