Garland of $$$$$ or Rupees. for Cardinal Alencherry and Bishops


Photos received from Joe Mullappali, Chicago BY ALMAYASABDAM · 20/10/2016

Syromalabar procession in progress in Jalandhar/Chicago?

The only thing that counts in USA is Dollars

It is to make a Harvest of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ they make frequent trips to US!


In this procession by your action you are proclaiming to whole world:

“We are servants of the Mammon of Inidquity!”

When will you stop your Pallikrishi and $ Koithu?

(Church cultivation for $ harvest?)

And to you God fearing laity:

“Flee from these Prelates as from Mortal Sin”

(“Fuge prelatum tamquam peccatum!”)

Latin saying

james kottoor

(Note: Just look at Cardinal George Alencherry and bishops decorated with garlands of $$$$$$ or Rs. Rs. Rs. Notes leading a procession of Church festival.The above photo was sent to me by my Knana friend in Chicago, Joe Mullappallil.)

Comments in English & Malayalam received on

Garland of Notes for Cardinal & Bishops!


From: Joe Mullappallil Date: 2016-10-20 6:10 GMT+05:30

to: James Kottoor

Hi Koottoorji

Look at the Money mala for cardinal and Bishops. Shame on them!

We are meeting MR. Moolechalil this weekend in chicago.


Joe Mullappallil

2. Fr. Dominic Emmanuel, 20/10/16/, to me Since when did Gandhi begin to appear on Dollar Bills though? fr.dominic james kottoor, ,20/10/16/ Quite true dear dominic. Since when did Indian bishops started public processions in US parading garlands of Rupees of Gandhi or $$$ notes though? james


Joseph Mattam sj, 20/10/16/

to me Dear James, They are just fools to parade their greed. When will it come to their senses? God help them, if he can. Joe


isaac gomes,20/10/16

to Joseph, me

Only the other day, on 2nd October 2016, Cardinal Alencherry, along with Cardinals Telesphore Toppo and Baselios Cleemis, was parading himself at Netaji Indoor Stadium, Kolkata to commemorate the sainthood of Mother Teresa of Calcutta (photographs attached). While we all know that Mother dedicated her life in the service of the dying destitute and the marginalised, whom are Cardinal Alencherry and his Bishops serving by proudly wearing garlands of Dollars in public?

No wonder CBCI leads by these Cardinals and Bishops does not insist on the implementation of Parish Finance Committees for fear of being asked to account for their overseas jaunts and unaccounted for donations they receive. In keeping with the adage: “Money always leaves its trail behind”, no wonder now-a-days even parish priests are attacking even kidnapping Bishops to claim a share of the handout or freebies the cardinals and bishops receive!




Swami Sachidananda Bharathi

to me, jmattappally

My dear Dr. James,

Consumerism and materialism are cancerous growths eating into the soul of humanity today. The Church of Christ which is called to counter these cancerous maladies with the power of the Holy Spirit is herself enslaved by them.

The garlands of Dollars or Rupees worn by our Cardinal and Bishops show how deep this moral cancer has spread into the soul of the Church.I was deeply pained when I saw our Cardinal Alencherry wearing such a Garland. I thought he was a good follower of Pope Francis. I have been nurturing great appreciation for him. In fact, I had written a letter to him only last month appreciating some of his values and statements.

A spiritual regeneration of the Church, beginning with the Syro-Malabar Church, the richest Church in the world, is the crying need of the hour.For this, we need dedicated and courageous disciples of Christ from that background. The Syro Malabar Church needs an Integral Revolution to spiritualise the religious, social, political and economic dimensions of its life. ‘Disciples of Christ for Peace’ is called by the Holy Spirit for this very purpose.

I will be visiting our ‘Dharma Bharathi Ashram’ at Mulanthuruthy near Kochi during the last week of December. I wish to meet you and few other really interested persons from the Syro-Malbar Church in the Ashram during one of those days.

I will be grateful if you could serve as a Convener of this first meeting to plan out an Integral Revolution for the spiritual regeneration of the Syro Malabar Church. The day can be any day between 23rd Dec 2016 to 02 Jan 2017 and time can be from 3PM to 6 PM. You are free to chose the day as it is convenient to you and let me know at your earliest.

George Moolechalil, Mathew Tharakunnel and Joseph Mattapally are to be included in the team. All four of you should also speak out your heart on this subject.We will thereafter work out a plan of action as to how to proceed with this divine mission.

Looking forward to your response and with much love

Yours in Christ Jesus our Sadguru


Augustine Pamplany <>

21/10/16/ to me

Dear James Kottor,


I am in receipt of your mail and the pictures of the bishops with garlands of currencies. While I appreciate your probable goodwill, I would exhort you to examine and verify the facts objectively.

It is clear from the picture that the bishops are garlanded with Indian Ruppees and not with dollars. This garlanding was done during their recent trip to North India. This is a common cultural practice very intimate to the ordinary folk in several of the North Indian States. It is loaded with a lot many symbolisms. The currencies of Rs. 10 used for the religious leaders of particular meaning. Refusing to accept this garland would be tantamount to insult to the hosts.

Any practice should be understood and appropriated within a context. Cultural sensitivity is fundamental to mature religiosity.Your aggressive tactic seem to have stretched out the meaning and blown up the issue out of every constructive proportions. While the priorities and Value system of the Church and Church leaders need to be reoriented in several respects, there are gentler ways for the faithful to keep the leadership in focus. Constructive criticism should emerge out of the love for the Church.


Fr Augustine Pamplany


James Kottoor, 21/10/16

Dear Fr. Augustine,

Greeting and many thanks for your well-meaning, timely and constructive reaction on the whole.

CCV first received the report from a trusted source in Chicago and so the assumption was that it happened there. Photos never lie and photos were of Prelates parading themselves with garlands of money, which is atrocious to say the least and counter-witness to a poor Jesus made naked and crowned with thorns. But on closer look we too wondered how Rupee Garlands migrated to Chicago. On continued search CCV now stands corrected on it, that is, on the location where it was paraded.

We respect fully your view that traditional folklore practices should be respected. But we beg to disagree just a 100 % that they should be approved and sanctified with the blessings of the Church. That precisely is the reason why Casteism is still practiced even by bishops in India, after centuries of respecting that tradition. Recall many articles we wrote about the kidnap and torture of Kadppa bishop for being a Dalit and that by his subordinate Reddy priests. Only Cardinal Oswald Gracious of Bombay reacted immediately and publicly condemning the act, but not even CBCI president Baselius Cleemis even after so many concerned persons wrote letters to him.

Contrast this with the Circmcission issue of pagans who become Christian in Acts. The Apostles never relented even one bit and Paul had to protest violently in the face of Peter publicly on the issue. Why go that far. Just take the reaction of Jesus himself to

the sanctified traditions of Scribes, High priests and Phaarisees in the whole of Mat.23. Recall also the cleansing of the temple. Didn’t the “Sweet Jesus, meek and mild” become “bitter Jesus rough and wild?” Didn’t he, after resorting to: Samam, Danam, Fedam, take up the whip(Dendam) and overturn the cash tables of worshipers of money in the temple? How will you reconcile Jesus’ use of this physical violence with the popular presentation of Him as the paragon of Non-violence? In short, whom are we to follow, Jesus of history, the crazy Christ (who made mess, as Francis exhorts the young to do) or thousands of tradition crazy divided and fighting Churches?

CCV’s unwavering view is that practice of Caste and Constantenian pomp should be whipped out lock stock and barrel, from all churches, starting with the Syromalabar Church which has become notorious as a Church of Pomp, show, exhibition and worshipers of tradition – St.Thomas tradition.

Cardinal Alancherry is a very good friend of mine who phones me back when I fail to connect with him. Wise men disagree in an agreeable way and fools disagree with ranker and ill will. So dear friend, no ill will is implied in CCV’s 100% disagreement with you. Many thanks once again for your reaction and God bless. james kottoor


Fr. Vincent Pereppadan <>

21/10/16/ to Augustine, me

Dear Fr Pamplany,

Thank you for the very apt objective response.

I hope Shri James Kottoor will respond to it. As an honest Christian, he is obliged to apologize for this hyper action without any objective basis.

Thank you for that brotherly Christian correction.

Love,vincent pereppadan


almayasabdam 20/10/2016 at 5:19 pm

This photograph is widely circulated among social media the world over, followed by very hitting comments. However, it is not clear if this parade happened in Delhi or Kerala or Chicago. Also it is nt clear that the bills are fake or original. In Delhi, currency garlands are a sign of respectful welcome according to some and Cardinal Alanchery might have been surrendering to their choices. However, unlike his predecessors, Mar Alanchery has no reservation in receiving any volume of luxury he is showered upon. In Ahmedabad a collection of 17 lakhs Rs were spent to arrange a reception for him. Very recently he was part of an imperial coronation at Preston. On the one side he advocates simplicity and on the other isde it is he who blesses all the luxury temples built on the name of Jesus and Christianity. It is this controversy that the general public basically questions. Reply


Bens 20/10/2016 at 9:50 am

It is not a procession that happened in US. it is a photo of the reception at a meeting in Jalandhar on this Monday.


Jose Paul , Delhi,, 22/10/16

to me

Works at St. Luke’s Sen Sec School Solan (H.P.)

Either the cardinal and these bishops should be ashamed of claiming to be the followers of Jesus or they should be bold enough to denounce Jesus as a crazy spiritual leader and remove all the traces of Jesus especially the concecrated body and blood of Jesus from the so called church palaces.

We, the lay people want to follow Jesus the saviour and follow his teachings. It is time that these enemies of Jesus get out our way. We will be happy to see them follow Jesus in His real way of life. We long to see Jesus present in them, not their glittering colourful garments, the gold ring, gold plated staff and the flag post of their mansions covered with gold.

Wearing the currency garland by these leaders of the Church is really demeaning to the church and its teaching. It is a crime in our nation. More than that it is a devilish act for the ones who teach about and supposed to follow Jesus. It is time for these prelates to ask apology to people of the church for showing a sinful example. When will we see the catholic church is redeemed from the clutches of this devilish pomp and show ?

In the recent past, we have heard many stories of desecrating the body and blood of Jesus by some communal elements in different parts of the country. In the eyes of the Lord, these elements are far better people than those who lock Him up in a box in their palaces and lead a life of utter luxuary against all the teachings of jesus. The communal elements do things because of their belief system or ignorance about jesus. But our so called leaders do it knowing fully well that what they do is not the Jesus way of Life.

Jose, Delhi


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  1. Philomenraj Williams says:

    Dear Sir, You are doing a very good job in bringing awareness to the laity. Congratulations.

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