Paul VI’s revised rite of Confirmation

The below mentioned letter has been sent by Mr.John Menezes to the Examiner but for reasons which are obvious the same will never be published. They want to stifle the views of the laity.

The Editor
The Examiner
Mumbai 400001
April 16, 2016
Subject: Paul VI’s revised rite of Confirmation  –  for favour of publication

In the Mumbai Bishops’ Engagements in The Examiner, April 16, there are 13 confirmations scheduled for the coming week. Vasai is a separate diocese with no auxiliary and there could be just about one confirmation at least. All these are to Paul VI’s drastically revised rites which, to traditional sacramental theologians, may have crossed the threshold of validity.

At the same time this weekend, there is a European traditional bishop who is performing a canonical visit to the rules of his order, the Society of St. Pius X, to confer, out of necessity,  the Sacrament of Confirmation to the traditional (pre Vatican II) rite in Vasai, Mumbai having been taken care of in 2007.

A substantial difference between the old and the new rites is that whereas in the old rite the recipient of the sacrament became a soldier of Christ in the new it is more a higher initiation into the community (after Baptism), marked by a handshake from the bishop, rather than an indelible mark on the soul. The two Forms of the Sacrament are radically different.

The faithful have got to know the difference between the two rites and when a SSPX bishop confirmed in a jam-packed hall in Bandra in 2007, more than the children of SSPX adherents were teenagers who were presented for conditional re-confirmation not only from Mumbai but from Pune as well. When, in July 1979, I attended a confirmation administered by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre on Long Island, New York State, there were around 250 candidates – more for conditional re-confirmation. Doubt compounds doubt when one considers that those bishops who administer the sacrament have been raised priest and bishop to Paul VI’s drastically revised ordination rites.

It is an axiom of sacramental theology that a rite is to be avoided if there is the least doubt of its validity.

John Menezes

7 Esperanca, S. Bhagatsingh Road, Mumbai 400001.

PS: A critique of Paul VI’s revised rite of Confirmation is attached.


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  1. Turmoil when the end is near.

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