Rebuttal to the Statement issued by the Archdiocese of Bombay on Properties

Statement on Marinagar

1.       There was no sanction to sell further FSI in 2008 of the Charity Commissioner.

2.       Any Charity Commissioners sanction is valid only for three years if no date is specified and has to be renewed after that. Sanction taken in the year 1991/92 cannot be used.

3.       Any plan/ application has to be put up by the owner in this case the Church. Documents in MHADA have been put up by using the Churches Power of Attorney.

4.       Six persons who were original tenants of Quinny House and who were already permanently housed in Our Lady of Lourdes and are members of the co-operative housing society are now being fraudulently shown as yet to be rehoused in order to get benefits of additional FSI.

5.       On the original position of Quinny House ,a building “Our Lady of Lourdes” was constructed way back in 1996 and occupancy certificate given in the year 1996.Quinny house declared as an A Grade cessed structure after it was demolished in the year 1999.

6.       The original position of Quinny House is being fraudulently changed and has been shown as on the recreational gardens( place where Salus Infirmatory Stood).

7.       This means that the 6 tenants , the  church and builder benefit which has been done with the help of MHADA authorities.

8.       Amenities which flat purchasers had paid for namely 25% plots area as gardens are being reduced to 8% without the flat purchasers consent. The 16 open  municipal approved car parks have disappeared in the new plan.

9.       Societies formed in the year 1998/2004 . Till date conveyance is not given.

10.   As regards the 5 tenanted building the FSI has already been sanctioned taking those buildings into account without the Churches approval and based on that calculation MHADA is to get 100 flats.

11.   What has happened to the inquiry ordered in the year 2011 by the Cardinal? Till today the complainants statement is yet to be recorded.

Statement  regarding Valerian/ Vakola

1.       Let the Church show the valid Charity Commissioners sanction .

2.       The sanction was indeed taken in the year 1995/96 and was valid for one year.The agreement was signed in the year 2005 so there is no valid sanction.

3.       Yes we fully agree that the church has no role in the eviction.

4.       The Church has a role in the selling of the land without following due process of law and having shown 17 tenants instead of 5 in order to devalue the land when Charity Commissioners permission was taken in 1995/96.

5.       Money was collected in the year 2005 at 1995/96 years rates!!!

6.       Priest involved Fr. John Rumao.An FIR has been filed against him by the Vakola Police Station and the said priest is on bail.

Regarding the Missing Jewels

1.       Why is no complaint lodged with the Police .

2.       Why was the matter hidden .It was only when someone raised the question that explanations started.

Regarding Thane Church

1.       The Thane Municipal Authorities issued  a letter stating that the and Karuna Kendra have to be demolished before the TDR certificate is issued.

2.       When the plot was sold there is no plan showing which part of the plot was sold.

3.       The playgrounds area reserved is 16000 sq meters and not 21000 which the Church has sold.Why was an additional 5000 sq feet sold?

4.       There are two contradictory reports of   government approved surveyors  one that the area of the plot is 16000 sq meters and another that it is 21000 sq meters.

5.       No church or religious structure can be demolished as the Places of Worship Act.

6.       The land in question is INAMI Varg teen and as per the Government Resolution such lands can never be sold.

Lock Breaking Priest

1.       Is it the job of a Priest to break locks at Midnight?

2.       If it is a family matter then why did that Priest enter such a matter?

3.       If a lock has been put even illegally due process of law has to be followed.

4.       In how many other cases have priests broken locks and used inmates who have come for treatment to their centres to break those locks?

Regarding Members of the Finance Committee

1.       When you have such experts why is there such a mess?

2.       Who were the experts who told you to sell Marinagar, Opp.Mahim Station,  in the year 2008 even at an increased rate of Rs.2000 when the then going rate was not less than Rs.10,000/- per sq foot?

3.       Who were the experts who told you that no Charity Commissioners sanction is required to alienate the property in the year 2008?

4.       Who were the experts who told you that recreational gardens , approved municipal plans of which , once shown to flat purchasers and on the basis of which flat purchasers acted upon can be sold/ area reduced ?

5.       Who were the experts who told you that tenants already permanently rehoused once can be rehoused multiple times?All other builders in Mumbai are fools not to do this.

6.       Who were the experts who told you to shift the original spot on which Quinny House stood to the new spot ( Where Salus Infirmatory stood).

7.       Which expert told you that conveyance to the Societies can be given when full development gets over and not after the mandatory period of 4 months as per the Maharashtra Ownership Flats Act?

8.       Which expert advised you to sell 21000 sq meters of lnamin Varg Teen land in Thane which is prohibited as per the government resolution?

9.       Who are the experts who have stated that Valerians/Vakola deal has a valid Charity Commissioners Sanction in 2005 ie the day money was allegedly paid to the Church and the Sale Deed signed?

10.   Who allowed  the flats allotted to the Church in Gloriossa in Dadar  in lieu of the land given for development to be sold ?

11.   Would any person allow a   builder to sell the Flats in Gloriossa which the Church had to get if he had owned the said property without any collateral?

12.   Why was no bank guarantee taken from the builder?

13.   Despite the agreement stating that the Church owned building and the Saleable building will be built simultaneously why was the Saleable building allowed to be built first on the Ave Maria Plot?

14.   The Church has to get around 26 flats (12 +14) a hall of 11500 sq feet and separate terrace above it in Ave Maria. All the agreements do not state carpet area or built up area .Who was the expert involved?

15.   In terms of money 26 flats + 21 flats of 500 sq feet(11,500 sq feet) + terrace 4 flats roughly 50 flats area is to be given to the Church . In terms of money , Rs. 100 crores are stuck in Ave Maria.

Don’t try to Justify.Stop throwing dust in peoples eyes.Admit your mistake and try to rectify the situation.If there are bad apples throw them out be it a priest or a lay man.


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Bombay Laity Ezekiel’s Chapter 3 Task as Watchman 17 “Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the people of Israel; so hear the word I speak and give them warning from me. 18 When I say to a wicked person, ‘You will surely die,’ and you do not warn them or speak out to dissuade them from their evil ways in order to save their life, that wicked person will die for[b] their sin, and I will hold you accountable for their blood. 19 But if you do warn the wicked person and they do not turn from their wickedness or from their evil ways, they will die for their sin; but you will have saved yourself.
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1 Response to Rebuttal to the Statement issued by the Archdiocese of Bombay on Properties

  1. There is so muck muck and rot in the administration of the catholic church at The archdiocese of Bombay that they sweep it under the carpet. Unless concerned catholic groups start to demand an explanation then only will their rot be exposed.Of course there are those who believe that scampering like church mice at the helm of their cassocks will enjoy heaven the very second they close their eyes.
    People of the catholic church unite to rid the house of Jesus of the alleged scams and scampsters.

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