Responses to the “First Revised Edition 2011” of the 2008 St Pauls’ New Community Bible still not acceptable by Catholics

From the month following the release of the St Pauls “Indianised” or “contextualized” New Community Bible (NCB) in June 2008 by the Bishops of the Indian Church until January of 2015, during which period it had been withdrawn for “revision”, released again and even exported, this ministry had published a total of 21 reports analysing and documenting various issues related to this so-called Bible that we and many Catholics, including priests and theologians, had rejected and strongly objected to because of serious problems in its commentaries and in a few of its twenty-four illustrations or line drawings.

Our ministry, supported by good priests, had been forced to send copies of the NCB to certain dicasteries of the Holy See when the Society of St Pauls did not respond to our communications and our Bishops failed to give us any reassurance that the offending commentaries and drawings would be expunged from the NCB,

Last month, in February 2015, we once again re-visited the issue to bring Catholics up-to-date on the more recent developments which we had been keeping track of since our last three reports (old numbering 19, 20 and 21) of May and June 2013.

When doing so, we updated and/or revised and re-numbered six old reports (old numbers 16 through 21), and we wrote and released four new reports (numbers 22 through 25).

Please find the list with titles and links within the first three pages of the present report.

The present file, which will be updated from time to time, is a record of our communication with the Bishops and others on the new reports, numbers 22 through 25, and the responses that we receive.

Reports numbers 22, 24 and 25 of the NCB series give the details of the defense of the aberrations and errors of the 2008 edition by a Bombay Bishop, Most Rev. Agnelo Gracias, the revisions done in it after it was withdrawn from the shelves of Catholic bookshops, and our verdict on the Revised Edition, which is that it is still not recommended by us for Catholics.

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Dear Most Rev. Bishop Agnelo Gracias, Auxiliary Bishop of Bombay Our team has examined the “First Revised Edition 2011” of the 2008 St Pauls New Community Bible (NCB) published by the Bombay Saint Paul Society, and compared the revisions in its commentaries with the commentaries of the latter. Please see:

NEW COMMUNITY BIBLE 24-WHAT WERE THE REVISIONS MADE IN IT? FEBRUARY 2015 We are pleased to report to you that the majority of those portions of commentaries and a couple of illustrations that we found in the 2008 edition to be offensive and unacceptable to Catholics have been expunged or excised, and we would like to express to you and your fellow Bishops our thanks for ensuring their deletion/removal by the publishers, the Society of St. Paul, thus graciously recognizing that we were completely justified in rejecting them. This communication is addressed specifically to you because, toward the end of 2008, you had circulated a response to our July 14, 2008 critique on the NCB, which response you did not provide me a copy of despite my requests to you and to the Cardinal Archbishop for the same. See:

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  1. John Menezes says:

    Proponents of inculturation in the Vatican II Sect may read the articles at: and in order to know that the staunch Hindus look at Christian inculturation of Hinduism as “religious prostitution.”

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