Catholic ex-priests, nuns to meet in Kochi

A 101-member committee, comprising former priests and nuns, has been formed for organising the conference.


Catholic priests and nuns who have left their ministerial in the Church will meet in Kochi in late February demanding social acceptance and protection, in what is possibly a first.

A Syro-Malabar Catholic Church spokesperson welcomed the move but said there was no provision to pay maintenance to former priests or former nuns.

“Hundreds of priests and nuns have left priesthood and nun-hood as they feel stifled in their pursuit of truth. But sad to say, they are left to Nature’s mercy without their families or the society for support. And with no monetary backing either, they lead a miserable existence,” said Reji Njallani, the convener of the February 28 event.

The “national seminar” is being conducted under the auspices of the Kerala Catholic Church Reformation Movement (KCRM), an organisation of faithful based out of Pala in Kottayam district. KCRM state secretary-general K.K. Jose Kandathil told The Telegrapha 101-member reception committee had been drawn up with ex-priest K.P. Shibu Kalamparambil as the vice-chairman.

“Canon law requires the Church to pay such people who decide to quit so that they can take care of the rest of their lives. But this does not happen and instead they are treated as sinners,” he said, adding the point of the convention was to find a solution to such problems.

Shibu said the Church must discuss the problems of ex-nuns and ex-priests, find ways to support them, “allow the priests to marry as this will check sexual indiscipline to a large extent and fix a five-year term for the nuns so that they can decide whether to continue in service or choose their own path.”

The convention will also draw up plans for a retirement home where nuns and priest who bow out of their order “can rest for six months or so till they can find an alternate vocation to carry on with their lives”, he added.

Shibu left the Vincentian congregation in 2010 after published his “experiences” as a book, Here is the Heart of a Priest, which came to be widely discussed.

Reacting to the event, Syro-Malabar Church spokesperson Pautl Thelakat told Telegraph newspaper: “Priests who have left priesthood and nuns who have left the convents are faithful to the Church. The Church considers them dear to the Church. It is always good that they flock together and think together their own issues as well as the matters of the Church as responsible members of the Church and help the Church in whatever way they still can.”

On the demand for giving them maintenance, he said: “As I understand, when a priest is in the period of suspension on enquiry, they must be maintained by the diocese or congregation concerned. But when they are laicised, there is no such provision.”

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2 Responses to Catholic ex-priests, nuns to meet in Kochi

  1. This is a eye opener. Were any one of you aware of this??

  2. I do hope all agree on one main point — probably the chief cause / reason for all these defrocked or moved away priests and nuns — is that the lure / temptation of the flesh or to put it more bluntly — the wish / want / desire to enjoy the greatest pleasure created by God — sexual intercourse — this was denied to them whilst they were in their ” frocks ”
    They were adults when they took their vows — and hopefully fully understood what life they were getting in to — that I personally have another view /opinion on this celibacy part — is not really relevant now — and another matter !!!!
    Most of them — if they are honest people will admit that they have enjoyed some / or a lot of sexual escapades in a clandestine way, whilst they were serving ministers of the Church — if ANYONE of them DENY this — they are L I A R S — and completely dishonest persons.
    Because the joys and pleasures of sex are so thrilling and enjoyable — they have felt that they must get out of the environment where they felt stifled —
    Now that most of them realize that they are useless or not wanted for anything / profession in normal everyday life — and cannot make two ends meet financially — they want a sort of pension for reneging on a vow they have taken for life ??????
    Here in Lonavla we have a young man — with a seemingly ” HOLY JOE ” father and family — being ordained a priest in a religious order — Hardly a year or so after his ordination — and after a nice flat, which belonged to the religious order, being transferred to his family — at a throwaway price — he chose to quietly slip away — of course put in some papers for his departure — and presto got married in the registrar’s office in a civil marriage — I am told he now attends Holy Mass on Sundays at a subsidiary ( non-parish ) Church in the locality and also receives Holy Communion — sounds weird — but true — not a story — I personally like this young man — very affable and polite guy — his wife is also a fine young lady and very well accomplished !!! Both are now working in fairly good jobs — and I wish them well !!!!
    I would advise young people — before they take the extreme step to devote their lives in the service of the Church — with all its seemingly weird rules and regulations — think a million times — it is a commitment that is meant to last a lifetime !!!! — It may mean free food, clothes, accommodation, plenty of cash at your disposal once you rise in the ranks — and excellent retirement benefits — a good career opportunity — for many who would not make it in this dog eat dog world !!!! — B U T one BIG SNAG —- NO SEX !!!!

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