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Catholic divorce debate heats up

Catholic divorce debate heats up STEVE KILGALLON AFP Pope Francis. Ads by Google Google AdWords™ Advertise On Google. Get 5000 INR Advertising Credit When You Sign-Up New Zealand’s senior Catholic believes the church is ready to change its hardline … Continue reading

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Asia Bibi’s appeal is rejected and her death sentence upheld

A demonstration in support of Asia Bibi Her case is now in the hands of the Supreme Court. The news will surely provoke a reaction from the international community Paolo Affatato romeThere is no justice for Asia Bibi. The Lahore … Continue reading

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“The Church is open and excludes no one” Synod says in concluding message

(©Afp) (©Afp) A moment during the Synod discussions Bishops are to continue to reflect on the issue of remarried divorcees. Governments should do more to promote the rights of families the Synod said, ahead of the publication of the “relatio … Continue reading

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Advise wanted on Errant Parish Priest

Ashley Submitted on 2014/10/15 at 5:53 am Can any one guide me, We are a Roman Catholic Parish is GOA, Our parish priest is out of control, he has affairs and has removed the sacristan who has seen … Continue reading

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Mixing of Religion With Politics

 He taught Scripture and theology in the Seminary. He was the rector of the Seminary and now see the picture below of how religion is being mixed with politics. It is understandable if some new priest did it but just … Continue reading

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Influential cardinals increasingly open in their opposition to Pope Francis over issues including divorce, remarriage, contraception and same-sex relations.

Tina Beattie The Guardian, Wednesday 8 October 2014 20.54 BST While ruling out women’s ordination, Pope Francis has been quietly insisting on the appointment of more women to positions of influence within the Vatican. Photograph: Daniel Dal Zennaro/AFP/Getty Images A battle … Continue reading

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Francis: God wants to save everyone but the ruling class stands in his way

At this morning’s mass in St. Martha’s House, the Pope urged faithful not to wander around searching for gurus to teach them about a salvation that is different from Jesus’. His salvation comes through mercy and forgiveness Domenico Agasso jr … Continue reading

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