Are teachers in Catholic Schools being paid differently?

Is it true that  teachers  in schools run by/under  the Archdiocesan Board of Education are being paid differently?

Are salaries being  paid as per whims and fancies of school principals.

Are D.A. instalments and pay arrears  not paid or delayed for no worthwhile reason.

In fact the Archdiocesan Board of Catholic education should set example of being a good employer, and should pay teachers a decent salary.

I am also told that certain teachers of the primary section are not paid gratuity for years.

Now whatever the argument is , these people even if not eligible for gratuity, the situation today is such that even a 12th standard person working in a call centre with little experience is paid a salary of Rs.25000 per month .

Teachers who have put in years of service should be given a decent farewell.The term used maybe gratuity or any thing else.

Dont we give our servants a parting amount when they have been faithful to us for years?

Its high time we treat our teachers better and there is uniformity in salaries , moreover the overwhelming majority of teachers are catholics.



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8 Responses to Are teachers in Catholic Schools being paid differently?

  1. Never ask or expect a response from these queries.These questions must be asked for to the Local Govt and get a response from them.One can do this through RTI. You ask the AB house for a response and you will get tired and frustrated.This is their strategy for wearing out those that put soul searching question to them.
    You got to deal with them to know how to get them to talk.

  2. Cedric Vaz says:

    Are teachers in Catholic schools being paid differently ?

    This question is not new but age old. And the answer may still be – YES !
    My late mother (who would have been 80 years old this year) served as a teacher in 3 Roman Catholic high schools for a total of forty years. I still remember her say often that the school office (under tacit instructions from the Principals – who were always Roman Catholic priests and nuns) used to maintain 2 sets of ledgers and records. One ledger/record would show the actual monthly salaries paid to the teachers and other school staff and another ledger/record would show their salaries which had to be actually paid (as per Govt. Dept. of Education rules). Of course the teachers and the other school staff had to “obey” their Principal’s instructions and sign on BOTH the ledgers/records – without questioning or complaining – or else they would be reprimanded or told to leave their jobs with the schools. All this was going on with also the tacit and un-written approval of the Archdiocese Board of Education (ABE), I’m sure !
    Moral of all those responsible for this :- Don’t practice what you preach !

    • Hello Cedric, Your input is not a surprise to me and others.In fact we as concerned and practicing Catholics must expose these fellows come what may. Yes as a child I was always told that our teachers were paid very low salaries. These administrators at the ABE must be exposed. Its a well know fact that they enjoy the cream. I am from Santa Cruz and do recall as a child i was sent to the beef shop. There a nun from the convent came to do the daily bazaar, Its was XYZ kg of boneless prime meat for the nuns and “hadiwalla’ meat with bone for the boarders who the convent then kept.
      Have you seen our ‘Dharma Gurus” when the first come in. Its like the seven years of famine, and in a year they grow like the seven years of full and plenty. I had the misfortune to dine once with the clergy at a parish at Mumbai, there was soup, then side dish, then main course rice curry and mutton followed by custard with ice cream.
      Wow what a life. Can a average catholic family afford this meal and that too twice a day?

      • Phil Dsouza says:

        Dear Gordon,
        No surprise at what you have witnessed. It will be no surprise to Catholics that it is always the cooks who cook at parish houses and diocesan houses who are the best paid employees of the diocese. Also a fact that may be noted, due to high calorie rich food many of the priests become patients of lifestyle disease and especially heart disease is very common. However to come back to the point of payment to teachers in Catholic schools, there is an urgent need to raise awareness about the injustice meted out to them about pay and payment of D,A. and other benefits. Otherwise church’s call to social justice has no meaning if violation occurs at the very thresh hold of the diocese.


        Phil Dsouza

  3. Dear Phil, Does the catholic teachers from The Archdiocese of Bombay has a association? Has this issue been taken up through the association? If Not the first thing is give it a shot. If This does not work, we would need to organize a silent protest march of all Catholic teachers to the AB house on a Sunday. Let us not do this on a school day as it would disrupt the child learning process.
    I am sure if the Catholic Teachers guild have written to the the AEB ( Archdiocese Education board) you wd have and will never get a reply.This is one of their classic strategy to tire and frustrate the messenger,lets rise above this and do what we believe is right for the teachers. After all they are the ones that hold the future of our country.

  4. Phil Dsouza says:

    Dear Gordon,
    The sad fact is that there is absolutely no organisation to take up the cause of teachers in schools , other than aided, coming under the Archdiocesan Board. I have not heard of Catholic Teachers guild. If you have any info, please let us know.


    Phil Dsouza

  5. Dindi Aneco says:

    I would also like to draw attention to the general lack of disinterest on the part of government to aid schools and at times a biased treatment favoring posh urban English medium schools (to which children of bureaucrats, elite and the wealthy go). There is a complete neglect of non-convent, working class, suburban English & Marathi Medium Schools. Recently some ignorant officials from Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) demolished a part of a functioning Marathi Medium School in Dharavi on a flimsy pretext. So much for their regional pride!

    Also I wonder why the elite from St Xavier’s & St Stephen’s who published leaflets before May 2014 and later appeared on prime time never open their mouths when ‘aam aadmi’ schools get demolished? If a convent school were to get demolished, I’m sure there will be morcha of white cloaked clergies protesting against communalism. Is the assault on a nun in W Bengal graver than the assaults that happen every day in villages, towns and cities? Why do we pick and choose? Doesn’t class discrimination concern us? I don’t want to digress from the main topic.

    There is a strong bias favoring westernised, rich and cosmopolitan schools (and these days there are ‘international’ schools! Only God knows what they teach there.) Earth revolves around the Sun, two plus two is four, time & space are relative, will remain unchanged either you study in an International School or a suburban English medium school.

    Both the previous central governments spent very little on education as compared with other developing countries. Government of India expenditure on education as a percentage of its total expenditure from 2005 to 2014 was less than that of countries like Brazil, Iran and South Africa.

    This is despite the fact that our GDP growth rates between 2005 and 2014 were well above their’s.

    India did prosper economically under Manmohan Singh government, but the fruits of growth didn’t benefit the education sector. The hereditary party heirs never looked into World Bank reports. If they had they wouldn’t have faced the astounding defeat in 2014.

  6. Hello, Last week the Catholic teachers at Mumbai has a joint meeting.I was invited among others to attend. I was shocked to listen to the sad tales of sorrow and difficulty the teachers at are catholic schools are facing. The Sixth pay commission has not been implemented and the administration has gone to a step to tell them to commit suicide, yet they will not get any thing. I was further shocked at senior practicing catholic teachers had a very very bad word for Oswald Gracias who happens to be The Archbishop of the Archdiocese of bombay and those in the administration of the AB education board.This will soon bring a split in our community and then let it be known to Oswald Gracias that there will be no one to blame but himself.He will need to give an account to The Lord, if at all he believes there is a judgement day.
    I have nothing more to say but disgusting.

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