“Money does not bring you peace, all it takes is for the stock market crash and your money is gone”

Pope Francis among the faithful


(©LaPresse) Pope Francis among the faithful

At this morning’s mass in St. Martha’s House Pope Francis talked about where we should seek peace: not in power or vanity but in a “Person”, the Holy Spirit

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God’s peace is not to be found in money, power or vanity but in a Person. And this Person is the Holy Spirit. This was Francis’ message at this morning’s mass in St. Martha’s House, Vatican Radio reports. Those who embrace the Holy Spirit will experience a solid and lasting peace, unlike those who choose to focus on other things such as money.

The peace power offers is in constant danger of vanishing: you many be rich and important today but tomorrow it could all be gone, whereas no one can take away the joy that derives from the Holy Spirit; it is “definitive”.


The Pope’s homily this morning was inspired by the passage from John’s Gospel which describes how Jesus is about to face the Passion and before going to his disciples he says: “My peace I give you.” Francis underlined that the peace of the Son of God “differs completely from the “peace that the world gives us”, because “it is somewhat superficial” it offers a “degree of calm, even a certain joy”, but only “up to a certain point.”


“For example, it offers us the peace of wealth: ‘I am at peace because I have everything I need, everything organized for my whole life, I do not have to worry … ‘ This is a peace that the world gives. Do not worry, you won’t have any problems because you have so much money … the peace of wealth. And Jesus tells us not to trust this peace, because with great realism he tells us: ‘Look, there are thieves … thieves can steal your wealth!’ Money does not give you a definitive peace. Just think, metal also rusts! What does it mean? A stock market crash and all your money is gone! It is not a secure peace: It is a superficial temporal peace.”

Francis then focused on two other types of “worldly peace”: “Power”, which does not work either – he pointed out – because “a coup can stake it away.” And “vanity”, which the Pope defined a “peace of conjecture”, today you are greatly appreciated and tomorrow you will be insulted , “like Jesus between Palm Sunday and Good Friday.”

Instead, the peace that Jesus gives is of a completely different substance: The peace of Jesus is a Person, the Holy Spirit! On the same day of the Resurrection, He comes to the Upper Room and His greeting is: ‘Peace be with you. Receive the Holy Spirit’. This is the peace of Jesus: it is a Person, it is a great gift. And when the Holy Spirit is in our hearts , no one can remove His peace. No one! It is a definitive peace! So what is our task? To custody this peace. Safeguard it! It is a great peace, a peace that is not mine, is belongs to another Person who gives it to me, another Person who is in my heart and accompanies me all the days of my life. The Lord has given it to me.”

“This peace is received at Baptism and Confirmation, but above all – says Pope Francis – “we receive it like a child who receives a gift” ” without conditions, with an open heart”. We must custody the Holy Spirit without “imprisoning Him”, asking for help from this “great gift” of God. “If you have this peace of the Spirit, if you have the Holy Spirit within you, and you are aware of this, let not your heart be troubled. Be sure!”


Finally, Francis reminded faithful: “Paul told us that we must first pass through many tribulations to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. But we all, all of us, we have so many, everyone! Some bigger, some smaller … ‘ But let not your heart be troubled’, and this is the peace of Jesus. The presence of the Spirit that makes our heart be at peace. Not anesthetized, no! At peace! Aware, but at peace with the peace that only God’s presence gives.”


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  1. Fr.Robin Mantode says:

    *Justice for priests and nuns*- Recently a nun is thrown out of the convent because of some small amount of money matter.She is from a very poor family and now she is 28year old.She has been in the convent more than 12 years and at this age as a woman what is her future. Very importantly she wants to be a nuns and serve the congregation but convent says

    * no forgiveness.If the congregation says we are doing God’s work then they have to follow the Gospel which says ,forgive,love,compassion,kindness and so on .When the congregation does not follow the gospel then why they label themselves as doing God’s work and taking the people for a ride.*From this incident just a though cams to my mind of insurgence policy and provident fund facility for the people in society, should there be security for the young men and women who say yes to the invitation of the congregations and dioceses,there should be affidavit signed at the time of admission that we take full responsibility of the young peoples life who join and provide full security even if they decide to leave in future by chance,that also with full respect,support and honor. Can you take up this matter. Even in Mumbai diocese a priest is kept as if in prison by keeping him in the seminary room without any responsibility but insult,humiliation. Fr.Robin

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