Sudan: Meriam to undergo new trial which is to exclude death penalty

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Meriam Yehya

Meriam Yehya

The young woman was sentenced to death by hanging for rejecting the Muslim faith.Italians for Darfur and Sudan Change Now say “national laws were ignored” when the sentence was passed

Giordano stabile from Vatican Insider

The Sudanese Supreme Court has intervened in Meriam Yehya’s case. The young Sudanese woman was sentenced to death for “rejecting the Muslim faith.”


Activists in Sudan are now hoping for a retrial since “the local judge applied Sharia law without taking national law into consideration,” the President of the association Italians for Darfour, Antonella Napoli, said. Mrs. Napoli has been working in the human rights field in African countries for many years.


Meriam “will be given a new trial that excludes the death penalty,” some lawyers told Khalid Omer Yousif of Sudan Change Now, a local NGO. 


The woman, who is eight months pregnant and has a young son who is also in prison with her, was abandoned by her father when she was just 6 years old and was brought up in the Christian faith. Her case has caused the world to turn its attention again to the horrors of religious intolerance and the condition of Christians in countries where Sharia law is in force.


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