Fr Brian D’Arcy: ‘It’s too early to make John Paul II a saint’

Tatkal tickets, tatkal passports and now tatkal saints. Despite there being an Indian Cardinal in the inner circle of eight cardinals yet Fr.Agnel and Blessed Joseph Vaz are yet to be made saints. Is it because they are brown skinned.



Fr Brian D’Arcy: ‘It’s too early to make John Paul II a saint’

Saturday 26th April 2014

● NEWSBy Alan Sherry

Pope John Paul II

Pope John Paul II
Sunday World columnist Fr Brian D’Arcy believes that the Vatican is rushing through the canonisation of Pope John Paul II too soon.

Sunday World columnist Fr Brian D’Arcy believes that the Vatican is rushing through the canonisation of Pope John Paul II too soon.
Masses gathered at St Peter's Square in Rome

Masses gathered at St Peter’s Square in Rome

FR Brian D’Arcy believes that the Vatican is rushing through the canonisation of Pope John Paul II too soon.

John Paul and Pope John XXIII will become saints when they are canonised by Pope Francis in front of a crowd of up to a million, which will include Taoiseach Enda Kenny, in Rome on Sunday.

While many welcome the canonisation of the two men, there has been considerable criticism that the Vatican is rushing through John Paul’s sainthood.

Writing in the Sunday World, Fr Brian D’Arcy is one such critic.

But he added: “Whether he should formally be declared a saint so soon after his death is another question altogether.

“It’s something that worries me. Do we need to make him a saint by breaking the normal rules of the Canonisation process? I don’t think we do.”

Fr D’Arcy is particularly critical of the late Pontiff’s association with Fr Marcial Maciel, the founder of the Legionaries of Christ, who abused children over a number of decades and fathered children in different parts of the world. He was also accused of money laundering and drug dealing.

However, investigations into him were slow and some believe this was due to his relationship with John Paul and other senior clergy. He was only exposed and removed from office after John Paul’s death.

“Worst of all, John Paul put Maciel forward as a man of virtue to be imitated. That was a major mistake,” says Fr Brian.

“It’s a major doubt to have about a canonised saint. There is no suspicion that John Paul did anything wrong himself, but his friendship enabled Maciel to continue his life of crime.”

Fr D’Arcy has been outspoken in his views in the past and in 2012 revealed that the Vatican read his Sunday World column because it was so controversial.

He revealed that he received a formal warning that he must cease being critical of the Vatican and to stop questioning its rules on celibacy, homosexuality, divorce and remarriage or face excommunication.

He said he makes no apology for criticising the church over child sex abuse scandals.

Meanwhile, survivors of abuse have also criticised the canonisation of John Paul.

“It’s time the Vatican to stop honouring those who enable wrongdoing. There is irrefutable documentary evidence to show that John Paul II refused to take action that would have protected children during his 27-year papacy,” said Barbara Blaine of The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, which represents 18,000 people from 79 countries who were abused.

Despite the protest, the double canonisation will go ahead today presided over by Pope Francis. His predecessor, pope emeritus Benedict XVI, will also be in attendance. Delegations from 54 countries including 24 heads of state will be in attendance.

Crowds of between 800,000 and a million are predicted to follow the ceremonies in 19 giant screens around Rome and the Vatican.

Churches remained open all night last night for prayer vigils ahead of today’s Mass in St Peter’s Square.

A vial of John Paul’s blood and piece of John’s skin taken when his body was exhumed for his beatification in 2000 will be on show.

Those in attendance will also get to see large tapestry portraits of the two new saints hanging above the crowd.

Pope John Paul was extremely popular around the world and was nicknamed the Pilgrim Pope because he travelled to so many countries around the globe during his reign.

One million people gathered in Dublin’s Phoenix Park when he visited Ireland in 1979. He was also credited with helping end communism in Eastern Europe and famously survived an assassination attempt in 1981 and went on to forgive his attacker.

However, his conservative stance alienated many left wing Catholics and critics have also blamed him for not doing enough to expose child abuse.

Pope John XXIII was known as the Good Pope and called the Second Vatican Council, which attempted to modernise the church and reached out to other faiths.

He was also credited with saving thousands of Jews when he was the Vatican envoy to Turkey during World War II.

Events will take place around Ireland today to mark the canonisation ceremony. Archbishop of Dublin Dr Diarmuid Martin will celebrate a mass to mark the occasion at the Pro-Cathedral in Dublin at 11am.

The papal nuncio Archbishop Charles Brown will celebrate a mass of thanksgiving for the two new saints in Knock Basilica at 3pm.

Bishop of Galway Martin Drennan will celebrate a special mass at Ballybrit racecourse at noon followed by a short film reliving John Paul’s youth mass in Galway in 1979.

Bishop of Ardagh and Clonmacnoise Francis Duffy will celebrate mass in Clonmacnoise at 3pm. Other notable masses are taking place in the Church of St John and St Paul in Shannon town at 1.30pm and St Eugene’s Cathedral in Derry at 3pm.

Sky will broadcast a live 3D screening of the ceremony at All Hallow’s College in Drumcondra, Dublin from 9am on Sunday and all are welcome. A number of cinemas around the country are also hosting 3D screenings. They include Cineworld, Movies@Dundrum, Movies @Swords all in Dublin as well as venues in Dungarvan in Waterford and Gorey in Wexford.

RTE will also be broadcasting the ceremony live from 8.55am.

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  1. I have asked this question again and again.I have even put this question to Our Dear cardinal Oswald Gracias.He has never responded.Of course if he does and its not in line with the thinking of The vatican, he may be sidelined, and I sure he does not wish that to happen, as the trappings of being in tow with The vatican enables one to enjoy a lot of authority and absolute zero accountability.
    Can some one please comment .

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