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Mumbai Date: 5th February, 2014

Rev Fr Anthony

Reference: Note from Bishop Agnelo published in The Examiner dated 23rd/29th November, 2013.

Kindly refer to my mail dated 1st February, 2014 and as indicated in the said mail, I am sending some more questions which are self-explanatory. However, it is to be understood that resentments of people have reached to this stage doesn’t limit due to the sale of TDR alone, but many lapses on various fronts. Thus, I have included those which are known to me and can be substantiated with proofs.

1. How it is that, a meeting was held in the premises of a politician’s to replace an existing architect and appoint a politician’s recommended architect citing reason that the newly appointed architect will expedite the process with the TMC, among other things?

2. How it is that, other than the priests and a non-property committee member attended the said meeting without the knowledge of the lay property committee members?

3. How it is that, copy mentioned as C C of a written communication about what transpired in the said meeting was sent only to a lay property committee member and not all the members? Is it the policy of divide and rule?

4. How it is that, said member whose name appeared on the copy denied before Cardinal, priests, OLMC property and finance committee members that he has never received such a letter?

5. How it is that, after completion of all formalities and receipt of Rs.20 crore for the sale of TDR, bifurcation of the remaining land was not made, nor any boundary wall erected, which is the minimum any sensible person would do to protect one’s property?

6. How it is that, all the parishioners are kept in dark by not showing actual land on our hand and continued to use the Karuna Kendra premises and garden area which are situated on the land against which TDR has been sold, to make parishioners believe, as if nothing is changed?

7. How it is that, Bishop Agnelo and Fr Rumao were in a tearing hurry to close the deal with the builder but, disappeared from the scene when it was time for them to see that necessary working team is appointed to take forward construction of OLMC and Little Flower School?

8. How it is that, no one was made responsible and accountable for overseeing the work and left it to the parishioners of OLMC to raise their voice to fulfil the dream, as projected by Bishop Agnelo to the gullible parishioners (out of reverence to him) at the time of the sale of TDR? Can those parishioners forget the power-point presentation given by him in OLMC?

9. How it is that, Cardinal have not taken anybody to task for their deliberate negligence (reasons best known to them), but shown very little courage to take a stand and direct concerned people who have let down the parishioners of OLMC?

10. How it is that, commitment given by Cardinal on various occasions latest being on 11th January, 2013 remained on paper and nobody is held responsible for their inactions?

11. How it is that, Estate Office of the Archdiocese Office not questioning anybody or getting involved in this long pending property issue?

12. How it is that, though known to all that the structures of OLMC and School are illegal, fines and additional charges towards taxes are being paid year after year (since 1986), still people are squabbling and “passing the buck” instead of resolving the matter as early as possible?

13. How it is that, at the time of Fr Felix classrooms were erected in the auditorium with water proof planks, woods etc and within a year those rooms were dismantled and disappeared, so as those materials? (The cost of those materials and labour will be of a few lakhs)

14. How it is that, a decade ago our Little Flower School which was among the best four schools in Thane (other three being Holy Cross Convent, Singhania and St John) whose present position in the minds of parents and others is anybody’s guess?

15. How it is that, internal audit report does not have any mention of such wasteful expenses?

16. How it is that, in less than a year of appointment in the year 2009, the new finance committee was able to recover Rs2 lakhs which was due from many supplies and not recovered for many years by the people who were responsible?

17. How it is that, an amount of Rs.30 lakhs was outstanding in the year 2009, payable to a Bank for the loan taken by OLMC trust, inspite of having in the Trust accounts in all probability more than 10times of the loan amount?

18. How it is that, total fees receivable and actual fees received does not match at any point of time?

19. How it is that, Fr Felix started loan disbursement scheme by taking bank loan and no one raised questions? Who had approved this activity? There is another part to this, because of non recovery of many of these loans, those are ultimately written off.

20. How it is that, it appears PPC too remained silent all these years or the PPC was silenced?

21. How it is that, a comprehensive control system to stop leakages which was submitted to Cardinal for implementation in all the institutions under Bombay Diocese was not put to use, though he had appreciated our efforts? And……………….

22. I can go on with many more but, leaving it for other parishioners to speak up for the betterment of OLMC, Little Flower School and its parishioners in general.

At outset, let me assure you and all, who reads this mail that personally I have nothing against any of the above named honourable priests. However, I have issues with people whom we give greatest respect (we address them Eminence, Lordship, Rev Etc) and when they not only fail to meet their commitments towards their people but, take cognisance to blaming others to hide their inefficiencies. It is not the persons but, their actions which I wish to bring to light. A small group of people as reported by Bishop Agnelo (out of over 4000 parishioners) is stalling OLMC project sounds ridiculous. The action of this group as indicted by Bishop, to my mind is the reaction of many accumulated CAUSES. It is the accumulation of those causes that producing these kinds of reactions (not necessarily those reactions are right). I am aware, that there many parishioners who are disheartened but, does not wish speak up openly. Therefore, in this complex situation at present prevailing in OLMC a leader has to sincerely find effective solution for those causes to bring sanity to the situation.

A true leader always goes for the causes to resolve, not simply blame people’s reactions and further aggravate the matter.The above points as reported are in that direction. The sooner our revered leaders accept and direct their energy in that direction, I am sure that there will be a new dawn of hope and unity in OLMC.

Yours sincerely,

Sankar Dasgupta



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