Chalice sold by church for £1.3 million and the Thane Antique Church

Read the article below and you will know the value of a 400 year old chalice.
In Vasai we had a 400 year old altar which would have been sold had it not been for a journalist who exposed the rot. Today religious antiques are being collected from various churches . Knowing the track record of some of these people one shudders to think where their( antiques) final resting place will be.
The laity should get actively involved and all religious antiques should be properly labelled and it should be publicly announced at all masses that it is being shifted to a museum at least one month before it is shifted.
In its new place also it should be mentioned that it was formerly property of which church.
However what is distressing is the fact that while these antiques are being collected from churches an antique church in Thane built by the Portugese is being sought to be demolished by our very same church authorities.Why are the ruins of the said church not being protected? Has the said Church been sold to a builder?
A parish can have only one official church .Which is the official church of Our Lady of Mercy Pokran?Is the present premises where the laity worship a church or a community hall?
Why are the Church authorities hell bent on destroying the ruins and why are they not protecting the same. (Mumbailaity has a copy of a letter of a Bishop where he mentions the demolition and how the stones are to be used )
Have the Church authorities made any representation to the Government to protect the antique Church? or are the Church authrities hell bent on demolishing and selling the same?
Has  one of the present trustees of the said church introduced the Archdiocesan Office of Environment on December 14th, 2013?
If he indeed is the same person then Charity begins at home and what steps has he taken to protect the botanical gardens and the Portugese Church in Pokran Thane?
Five parishioners moved the office of the Charity Commissioner in order to protect the two churches, school , social service centre and the botanical gardens , surprisingly Fr.Allwyn the Parish Priest of St. John the Baptist Church Thane has opposed the application for them to become intervenors and wants to know their interest.
Does any catholic, forget about  parishioners not have a right to worship in any Catholic Church?
Fr.Allwyn have you forgotten the I  BELIEVE ?Do you  not believe in one holy catholic church?
Doesnt protecting our heritage mean protecting our environment?
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx medieval chalice donated to a Wiltshire church over 400 years ago has been jointly purchased by the British Museum and Wiltshire Heritage Museum in the market town of Devizes.

The £1.3 million raised will help pay for vital maintenance work at St Cyriac’s Church in Lacock, and the chalice will remain on display at the British Museum in London where it has been on loan since 1963.

“I am delighted that this beautiful and rare cup has been acquired so that it can continue to be enjoyed by visitors to the British Museum as well as in the Wiltshire Museum,” says Neil MacGregor of the British Museum.

Dating from the mid-1400s, the chalice has been named “extremely rare” and “one of the most significant pieces of secular English medieval silver”.

Its sale was opposed by a local resident in Wilshire, who claims the cup is a vital part of the village’s heritage, but his appeal was denied.

A spokeswoman for the British Museum said the cup is “a rare survivor with a unique history”.

It would have been used for feasting in the medieval period but was eventually donated as a chalice to the church, which ensured its survival.

“Most examples were destroyed due to changing fashions and consequently few pieces remain,” the spokeswoman explains.

Dr John Catchpole from Lacock Parochial Church Council said the church is “delighted” with the sale.

“The church plans to invest the proceeds of the sale to generate income to help to maintain and repair the beautiful Grade I listed church,” he said.

Two replicas will be made; one for liturgical use at the church and another to go on display at the Wiltshire Heritage Museum.


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