Rebuttal to those who chose to defend the Thane /Kalina Church Propety Deal

Any person who seeks to defend the deal may answer the following questions of mine regarding the Thane Property deal

What are the names of the proprietors/ persons of the  three highest  bids submitted to the Charity Commissioner by the then Sole Trustee  in the below described land deal?

Which person did the Charity Commissioner order the property to be sold ?

Was the property sold to him?

Is it true that an affidavit was given to the Charity Commissioners Office by the then Sole Trustee that the plot was fully encroached upon when in fact it wasnt?

If it was not sold to him then the complete deal is illegal?

What sort of agreement was entered into by the Church and the actual purchaser of Land/FSI?

Can the said new purchaser re sell his rights?

If the answer is no then what has the Church done?

What was the name of the advocate who represented the Our Lady of Egypt Church Kalina in the High Court Case and the advocate who represented St.John the Baptist Church Thane in the High Court?

Are both the advocates one and the same person?

Is it true that the advocate remained absent on the date when the order came to be confirmed in the Our Lady of Egypt Church Kalina Case in the High Court ?

Is it true  that the Kalina Church case was filed before the Thane case?

Is is true that in both the cases the same person was the Sole Trustee?

Is it true that the Kalina Church got Rs.3,51,000/- for the land sold opposite Vakola Church  and the stamp duty paid on the said plot is also around  Rs. 3,51,000/-.

Is is true that there was no valid sanction of the Charity Commissioner on the date the conveyance come to be registered in the Vakola land deal?

Is it true that an official from Archbishops House has given a clean chit for  the said deal?

Is is true that a forged letter of Our Lady of Egypt Church has been used in the City Survey office and the letter has been signed by Sole Trustee one Adrin Pereira when in fact there never was any sole trustee by that name?

Is it true that despite the same being brought to the notice of the higher ups in Archbishops house by the tenants of the said Vakola plot the Church has not done any thing till today?

Do not stand on pulpits and give wonderful sermons.

Do not use Jesus’s Church to condemn Catholics/Gordon Jacobs who have the guts to take you on.

Do not use Church money to make banners stating that Gordon Jacobs in the No.1 enemy of the Church?

Do not take on political parties and talk about how they act when you yourself have arches put up of them and you.

Do not talk about ridding the nation of corruption and stand with  Anna Hazare.

Try to rid corruption in the Church first .

Or have the guts to state that there is no corruption in the Church.

Please rebutt me publicly by replying to each of my questions separately.



Duped’ by their former priest, church seeks to protect remaining land
Parishioners at Thane’s Our Lady of Mercy Church recently learnt their former priest surrendered development rights over half of their 37,500 sq ft plot to the Hiranandanis in 2007 for Rs 30 crore less than the market value Seeking to protect their remaining land, 400 parishioners came together on Sunday morning to conduct a survey but were driven away by powerful local corporator Jitendra Indise
Yogesh Sadhwani
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Four hundred parishioners of Our Lady of Mercy Church in Thane, who gathered to conduct a survey of their land on Sunday, were driven away by powerful local corporator Jitendra Indise. The reason for their survey is the recent revelation that their former priest, Father John Rumao, handed over development rights to 21,000 sq m of the church’s original 37,500 sq m land to a builder in 2007. While the deal itself was not a secret, Father Rumao’s reason for surrendering the rights – that it had been encoached upon extensively – was not known to them until recently. They say the plot is – and has alway been – free of encroachments. Apart from this, what has taken parishioners by surprise is the Rs 20 crore figure for the TDR deal, whichtheynowbelieveshouldhavebeenaround Rs 50 crore at 2007 rates.
At the centre of the controversy is 37,500 sq meters (9.26 acres) of land in heart of Thane city. Parishioners say that Father Rumao, their sole trustee, handed the rights to Hiranandani Developers to give the reserved plot to the civic body andclaimtransferofdevelopmentrights(TDR)in exchange.
“What is shocking is that the playground has always been free of encroachment. There were never any slums on it. The church could have developed the playground on its own and sold the TDRintheopenmarketorevenusedittodevelopment on our own land. The trustee misrepresentedfactstothecharitycommissionertoletthedeal go through,” said a parishioner, who did not wish to be named.
“We were not aware of the reasons given for the deal. Moreover, we believed that the deal was done for the right price. But now, having seen the documents, we were are all taken aback,” said Thomas Joseph, a parishioner member the church’s property committee.
The drama unfolded when parishioners decided to construct a new building for their church and second one for Little Flower High School, which the church runs.
While working on the plan, they dug up several old documents, including those pertaining to the deal between Father Rumao and the Hiranandanis.
The documents show that Father Rumao approached the charity commissioner in 2007 and claimed that the 21,000 sq m plot had been encroached upon and that the church had no resources to protect it any more.
He sought permission to assign the rights to someone who could develop it as a playground, hand it over to civic body and claim TDR from it. In 2007, the charity commissioner accepted the request and allowed the deal.
With Pandora’ Box wide open, the parishioners suspected foul play with their remaining 16,500 sq m and decided to get it surveyed.
“We were promised that money from Rs 20 croredealwouldbeusedtobuildanewcommunity hall and school building, but that is yet to happen.Hence,wedecidedtotakemattersinourown handandcalledforasurveytobeginwith,”added Joseph.
The parishioners unanimously decided to get the survey done and then start constructing the new buildings. Their current priest, Father Elias D’Souza, who is in favour of the plan, sought police protection to enable the survey.
But on Sunday, morning as hundreds of parishioners came together to ensure that survey went off smoothly, Jitendra Indise, a local corporator, turned up with his supporters and stalled the survey, claiming to be the owner of one of the adjacent plots.
Indise claimed that he had bought one of the plots from Hiranandanis and that he would not allow a private survey.
This upset the parishioners, most of whom wanted to go ahead with their survey anyway. However, some of the senior members decided to avoid a confrontation and instead asked or a meeting with Indise.
“Ihadboughtasmallplotofaround9,000sqft from the Hiranandanis. It isn’t church property, but somebody else’s plot,“ he said adding that his reason for stalling the survey was that the churchgoers were getting it done privately. “Ideally they should have got it done from a government surveyor after giving notice to all land owners in the vicinity,” he added.
OnSundaymoring,theparishionersleftwithoutcreatingascene.Butbeforeleavingtheytooka decision to challenge the Hiranandani deal in the highcourtandensurethattheirremaininglandis protected.
“It concerns all of us. So much can be done with a prime plot like this. We could build a brand new school and provide education of the poor. With the money from the TDR sale, the church can take up many noble issues,” said Joseph.
Attempts to contact Father Rumao proved futile. However, Niranjan Hiranandani, founder of Hiranandani Developers, claimed that it was a clean deal.
“The fact is that I paid Rs 20 crore five years ago and still haven’t claimed TDR for it. The deal was absolutely legal and done after after obtaining permission from the charity commissioner. Now some people have woken up to create trouble,” he said.
This is not the first time that Father John Rumao’s name has cropped up in a shady land deal.
Early this year, an FIR was registered against him at Santacruz police station for allegedly forging documents of a chawl owned by Our Lady of Egypt Church and selling it to private parties.

Parishioners recently learnt that their former priest, Father John Rumao, surrendered development rights to 21,000 sq m of their land (circled) citing extensive encroachment. They claim the land is – and always has been – free of squatters


About The Voice Of Bombay's Catholic Laity

Bombay Laity Ezekiel’s Chapter 3 Task as Watchman 17 “Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the people of Israel; so hear the word I speak and give them warning from me. 18 When I say to a wicked person, ‘You will surely die,’ and you do not warn them or speak out to dissuade them from their evil ways in order to save their life, that wicked person will die for[b] their sin, and I will hold you accountable for their blood. 19 But if you do warn the wicked person and they do not turn from their wickedness or from their evil ways, they will die for their sin; but you will have saved yourself.
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3 Responses to Rebuttal to those who chose to defend the Thane /Kalina Church Propety Deal

  1. Well, well Mr A M Sodder that’s the way to go, you have taken the issue by the horns.In fact these questions need to be put to Elisa D’chuna who is supposed to be heading the diocese real estate and property cell his mobile number is 9920017447, he is supposed to be assisted by Joe D’Mello mob 9820516809.These details have been given to me by my source among the clergy, I hope the details are correct.
    My frank views are to take this issue head on with the local Govt dept, the tax dept, the EOW. No appeals and requests to the AB house, the AB himself will be of any help next year same date/time we will be still awaiting for a reply, this is their strategy to tire the messenger so that the issue and message will give up in desperation.
    We have the strength and grace of The holy spirit and our Lord Jesus Christ Himself to guide us and give us the energy to pursue the issue.
    Of course we need to mobilise the laity, to change their paradigm mindset. this is our immediate task on hand.
    Lets continue to go for it. Thanks for the soul searching questions you have placed on the table.

  2. Iniyan Rahul says:

    Funds are transferred from one trust to another with no questions being asked. Today AB sends envelopes to donate for hunger campaigns etc. Why is that the AB funds are NOT disclosed to the Laity. Why is Ivan Card. Dias allowed to stay in a 12 room apartment and waste the funds of the Vatican when it can be put to better use.

  3. Dindi Aneco says:

    The cardinal lives in a 12 room apartment? That’s bigger than the Congress’ heir apparent Rahul’s home in New Delhi which is an eight room house! It’s time for an Aam Aadmi agitation and a fast unto death.

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