1993 Tamil Missal translation fraud – Lay Catholics win court case against Church- By Michael Prabhu

1993 Tamil Missal translation fraud – Lay Catholics win court case against Church

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  1993 Tamil Missal translation fraud

Lay Catholics win court case against Church

In the year 1993, a fraud was perpetrated on the faithful of the Catholic Church in Tamil Nadu. This fraud was perpetrated on them by the bishops of the Tamil Nadu Bishops’ Council [TNBC].

The details of the fraud can be accessed in a twenty-two page report at this ministry’s web site:



In his above twenty-six page booklet, “Ongoing Robbery of Faith” authored in 1996, Dr. Fr. P.K. George SJ analyses 3 issues:

a) The newly translated Tamil Missal, 1993

b) The new translation of the Holy Bible in Tamil, 1995

c) A Tamil book titled “Yar Intha Yesu?” [“Who is this Jesus?”] by theologian Fr Paul Leon, 1995; it has the Imprimatur of a Tamil Nadu Bishop. [Fr Paul Leon is apparently currently teaching at a seminary in New York.]

Fr George documents the serious errors in these books. The priest provides evidence that a fraud has been perpetrated on the Tamil Church, and more precisely, that Tamil Catholics have been blatantly lied to.

The fraud or lie that he mentions is that the Bishops of the Tamil Nadu Bishops’ Council [TNBC] have stated that the contents of the new Missal were approved/authorised by Rome whereas they were NOT.

Parallels can be drawn with the June 2008 imposition of the St Pauls New Community Bible [NCB] on the Indian Catholic Church by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India [CBCI] when syncretised/Hinduised commentaries and drawings contributed by thirty Indian theologians were given the Imprimatur and Nihil Obstat by two bishops, and several Cardinals and bishops launched this “Bible” at grand public functions.

Following a worldwide crusade and media campaign organised by this ministry to have the NCB withdrawn because of its offending drawings and notes, [the NCB also teaches that the Archangel Gabriel did not actually appear to the Virgin Mary at the Annunciation], the book was eventually pulled from the bookshelves of Catholic stores across India and conservative Catholics breathed a collective sigh of relief.

However, about two years later, a slightly “revised” version of the NCB was quietly released. Cheap editions of it are now also flooding the foreign markets with St Pauls hoping to wipe out all competition from other Catholic translations; the NCB will ultimately be the reigning version in large sections of the Catholic Church.

At no time during the years of preparation that surely went into the making of the NCB, and at no time when the NCB was temporarily withdrawn for cosmetic changes to be made in it, were the Catholic faithful aware of what was going on. The Church is a koinonocracy and the laity is the Church; but the Bishops of India did not think that the people in the pews needed to be consulted or informed or included in the production of an “Indianised Bible” for them! The decisions were made and carried out by St Pauls [an agency that is supposed to protect, promote and defend the faith], the foreign agencies who funded them [money plays a major role in this scam], select theologians — a majority of whom are either liberals, sympathizers of the Hinduisation of the liturgy or New Age or who objected to the Roman Documents Dominus Iesus and on the New Age — and the bishops who are under the influence of these theologians.

The NCB saga is chronicled in a series of twenty-one separate reports on this ministry’s web site commencing July 2008 and extending up to June 2013; it is the chronicling of another fraud perpetrated by the Bishops on the Indian Catholic Church.

Before we return to the present issue which is the problem of the 1993 Tamil Missal, mention must be made here of yet another major fraud perpetrated on the Catholic faithful.

By the Vatican directive Prot. N. 802/69 of April 25, 1969, 12 Points of Adaptation were permitted in India.

These “12 Points of Adaptation” ushered in the era of the inculturated or Indian[ised] Rite Mass — which ultimately turned out to be the Hinduised Mass which has become the standard fare in the ashram circuit along with numerous other unapproved embellishments, and fairly routine in the Church at large.

The details of how the fraud was perpetrated can be read in the following report compiled from the writings of priests and eminent Catholic laity, on this ministry’s web site:


Read the complete article



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One Response to 1993 Tamil Missal translation fraud – Lay Catholics win court case against Church- By Michael Prabhu

  1. Very Very Shocking. Please read complete article.The ref is in the original Email at the bottom.
    Whats happening???. How come our Church is so ,so very silent on these issues?

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