Can a Diplomat proselytize?

The Papal Nucio’s office in Delhi claims diplomatic immunity and is not willing to entertain any telephonic complaints from the laity and in fact if one manages to reach them telephonically after repeated attempts the answer you receive is ” We are not under any obligation to give you any answer since the office enjoys diplomatic immunity”.

Members of the laity who have interacted with the said office in the past will be aware of the type of attitude of this office where the receiver refuses to give their names despite asking the caller for his .

Members of the laity will also be aware that all e mails sent to the said office go unanswered and one of the callers was told that these e mails are consigned to the waste paper basket.

salvadorePhotograph taken from the web of the Pro Nuncio celebrating  mass in full public view as the chief celebrant in Basilica of Mount Mary’s Bandra on September 8th, 2013.

Since the Nuncio’s office is representative of the Vatican in our country and is claiming diplomatic status when confronted with any problems in the local archdioceses one may ask ” Whether can a diplomat proselytize?”.

Recently the Pro Nuncio visited Mumbai and a few archdioceses and institutions and his observations reported in the Press are in-congruent with his diplomatic status.The said Pro Nuncio has also celebrated mass publicly.

In the circumstances the Government of India should cancel his accreditation with immediate effect.



About The Voice Of Bombay's Catholic Laity

Bombay Laity Ezekiel’s Chapter 3 Task as Watchman 17 “Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the people of Israel; so hear the word I speak and give them warning from me. 18 When I say to a wicked person, ‘You will surely die,’ and you do not warn them or speak out to dissuade them from their evil ways in order to save their life, that wicked person will die for[b] their sin, and I will hold you accountable for their blood. 19 But if you do warn the wicked person and they do not turn from their wickedness or from their evil ways, they will die for their sin; but you will have saved yourself.
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2 Responses to Can a Diplomat proselytize?

  1. Yes this is very true. Try reaching the office of The Papal Nuncio at New Delhi your self and experience the arrogance and high handedness you will be greeted with.The tel number is 01126889187. First there is a tel operator who seems is the remnant from the Second World war, she will demand who you are and what reason you need to speak to the office of The papal Nuncio, Once you have passed this vampire, the second lady on the other like in a very diplomatic way listens to you and take your tel number, yet never ever calls back. Once I managed to speak to some man with a Italian accent, who said he and the office is not obliged to respond to any one calling, I explained to him that I have sent many emails, and his reply was “We dont look at Emails”.The office of The papal nuncio enjoys diplomatic status. I am of the opinion that The Govt of India must review this status and cancel their accreditation immediately.I hope no Mama Mia will shield this office. I am a catholic and still believe that this office shows the height of nepotism. A copy of the blog and responses will be sent to The Holy father at Rome, as I believe is an individual thats causing all these issues in India.
    Its very shameful and the catholic church administration is seen in very poor light.

  2. This Nuncio guy is obviously a remnant of the old school; and he perhaps, personally is not in sync/does not like what Pope Francis is trying to do; hence the easy way out; whenever he feels like a change of air or a short holiday he naturally would take a quick trip to some city other than Delhi; enjoy all the pomp and ceremony; make some inane statements be feted and feasted and go back to his diplomatic office/palatial place of residence in Delhi and “R I P”. It is a fact that he and his office are considered to be a diplomatic mission/ambassadors of the country they represent, and hence this diplomatic immunity nonsense may stand a test if questioned. What this old fogey does not WANT to understand, is that besides being the ambassador of the Vatican he is, for us Catholics in India the representative of the Pope; hence he does have a moral obligation to look into problems that we have with our local clergy. But then how does one resolve this conundrum ????

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