What has happened to the Property Guidelines in the Archdiocese of Mumbai?

Some time ago various guidelines were issued regarding how properties owned by the Archdiocese of Mumbai are to be dealt with.

Once again it appears that the said guidelines have only been issued to throw mud in peoples eyes.

Time and again properties are being sold/leased without the same being published in any official newspaper or website of the Archdiocese.

The latest , once again being the Examiner Press Building in Dalal Street.

Some time again an application was put to the Charity Commissioner to alienate the said property.It appears that one Bruno D’Souza filed a caveat in the office of the Charity Commissioner and then the said proposal was put on the back burner.

Time and again Catholic Properties donated by Catholics are being sold at below market rates and that too without sanction.

Our Lady of Egypt Church Kalina, through its then trustee made an application to sell a plot of land in Vakola admeasuring about 700 meters opposite St.Anthonys Church Vakola stating that the plot was fully encumbered when in fact it was’nt.The Charity Commissioner granted sanction in 1996 stating that the said property be sold for Rs.3,51,000/- and that the money be deposited within a year and that the sanction was valid only for one year .

The balance money was paid to the said Church in 2005 and conveyance was signed in the year 2005 on the basis of a Power of Attorney of Fr.John Rumao knowing fully well that on that date he was no longer trustee of the said Our Lady of Egypt Church Kalina and the said deal had no valid sanction.Despite a number of complaints made to the Church authorities nothing has happened.In fact one of the persons complained too gave the buyers a clean chit.He has now become Bishop and his said letter was used  in Court as an Exhibit for the anticipatory bail applications.Based on the 2005 value of the said plot the stamp duty authorities have ordered stamp duty and penalty to be paid amounting to around Rs.25,00,000/- sometime in mid 2013 on the said plot.An appeal against the said order is pending in the appellate authorities office as of today.

In Marinagar FSI was sold for Rs.2000 a sq. foot when the going rates for flats was Rs.20,000/- a super built up foot.Was Charity Commissioners sanction taken?

What has happened to the flats which the Our Lady of Salvation Church had to get in Gloriossa Buidling Dadar?Yes a deal was entered to take all the flats in Ave Maria thereby giving the builder an interest free loan amounting to the cost of all the flats which they had to get in Gloriossa.Today more than/around 7 years have passed since Gloriossa has come up but the Church is yet to get the flats.Yes we have a very generous Church.Does the said act not amount to making a rich man richer?What was the security taken? What was the stand taken by the then Archbishops representative and then Parish Priest?

What has happened to the Ave Maria property? Two buildings were supposed to come up simultaneously one for free sale and one for the church.The free sale building had come up and has been sold what is the position of the building which the Church had to get? What about the hall? What about the terrace and separate entrance?

As long as the laity continues to remain silent more and more properties will be sold or third party interests will be created.We have an example in Mahim of Church owned shops given on lease for one year sometime in 1995 and possession not taken back till today and the sad part of it was that a retired Bishop came to negotiate on behalf of the lessee to regularise an illegal structure.Yes some of them have become Municipal Corporators too!!

A time will come when even distant places such as Boisar will be out of the Catholics reach if our properties are not protected and community housing is not promoted.Presently all acts point to the fact that the Church in Mumbai is not promoting community housing.

If catholics move out our churches will be mere structures and a time will come when even those structures will be sold as has happened in Bhuleshwar.



About The Voice Of Bombay's Catholic Laity

Bombay Laity Ezekiel’s Chapter 3 Task as Watchman 17 “Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the people of Israel; so hear the word I speak and give them warning from me. 18 When I say to a wicked person, ‘You will surely die,’ and you do not warn them or speak out to dissuade them from their evil ways in order to save their life, that wicked person will die for[b] their sin, and I will hold you accountable for their blood. 19 But if you do warn the wicked person and they do not turn from their wickedness or from their evil ways, they will die for their sin; but you will have saved yourself.
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12 Responses to What has happened to the Property Guidelines in the Archdiocese of Mumbai?

  1. What rot !! doesn’t anyone know that guidelines are for guiding and not for being adhered to !!!
    What about all the tenancy transfers to non Catholics which have taken place in Khotachi Wadi Girgaum, most of them during the reign, of the then parish priest of St. Stephen’s Cumballa HILL , who is now merrily living out his days in the old priests home. Hell in future ??? but then who are we to judge ???

  2. Kimmie Retna says:

    The Knight in shining armour is handling all the church land cases! there is no shuffling happening. The Laity must question. All this church land fudging .

  3. Have you heard of two church residential properties at Sacred Heart Parish Santa Cruz mumbai. Roselands and Shanti Bhavan.
    In the case of Roselands a room was allocated out of turn to a lady who sold her original flat for over 30 lacs and managed to get into this church property which was originally built to house those that needed a home to start life in Mumbai, This lady is alleged connected to some’ Big daddy” in the hierarchy. Then there is another room that is being used for commercial purpose, here again the tenant is alleged connected to the same “Big Sugar daddy”
    A little away the next is Shanti Bhavan, the tenancy has been transfer by our previous parish priest when earlier parish priests refused, the flat is then rented out to a local developer by the tenant for Rs 300000 (Three lacs) for 22 moths, again the same flat was rented out to the secretary of the then parish priest for Rs 3000 a month for six months where as the agreement shows Rs 1000 for six months. In this case there is a staff member of the parish office involved. he has since not seen in the office.Here also there is a, link with the administration.
    This is nepotism and down right shortchanging The parish Church. When brought to the notice of our dear cardinal Oswald Gracias,for a unbiased investigation nothing has happened for the last two years.
    Where are we heading, do we still call ourselves honest catholics????

  4. Enough of all this pussy footing. It is long gone past the time when we must disobey what mummy and daddy taught us as children ” never talk about the priests” THEY ARE MEN OF GOD the only question is which god do they worship ????. Certainly not THE GOD OF GOOD !!!!
    We the laity have suffered too long as a result of these scheming, conniving clergy.
    A strong representation must be made to the Pope asking for two immediate changes to be introduced:-
    1) The part of the Canon Law which diktats that the parish priest is the SUPREME authority in all matters regarding the functioning of a parish, must be amended so that members of the Parish Council have a right to overturn, by vote, any wrong decrees that the parish priest orders.
    2) This horrid system of having secular/diocesan priests must be abolished immediately; these ilk of priests, presently, are at liberty to amass huge personal fortunes and properties; hence are a rot and decay which have to be surgically removed.
    I have put a post on the Facebook page of the Holy Father regarding this; but what action will be taken, I do not know,, when we have, as one of the Pope’s advisers, our very own deaf, blind and dumb boss man.

    • Hello Fergus, its one big cover up, you scratch my back,I will scratch your butt.This is what is happening in the administration. Our Dear cardinal cannot answer questions raised so he prefers to sweep them under the carpet and delay, as I think he believes all will be forgotten. I have discussed these issues with some of the senior clergy in our Archdiocese and other Archdioceses and they are of the opinion that we should not give up. I will continue to take up the struggle come what may. God Bless..

    • Rocque Baretto says:

      Fergus all the Church land issues cropped us during Ivan Dias time.

  5. janice says:

    Fergus says “The part of the Canon Law which diktats that the parish priest is the SUPREME authority in all matters regarding the functioning of a parish, must be amended so that members of the Parish Council have a right to overturn, by vote, any wrong decrees that the parish priest orders.Parish Council”
    . What happens when the PPC members are all HANDPICKED, SELECTED, not Elected members? When the PP refuses to divulge who are in the Parish Finance Committee? When husband/wife, father/daughter and I hear the wife are also in the PPC?!!! Who will overturn anything?!!

  6. Dear Gordon and Janice, it is long past the time when we must at least now voice our opinion very strongly, I wonder if there is any proper representative body who can champion this cause. A petition strongly worded must be sent to our Pope directly and not through all these local crooks. Some wrath will be incurred by us petitioners, but I am ready to put my signature and if need be efforts to achieve this. The corruption must end. Simple things like taking money for school admissions must also stop. The fiddling with the Church entrusted properties and finances must be made transparent. Think about it, we must come up with a plan for a solution.
    Do contact me on fergymisquitta@yahoo.in— as to how I can help sort out this mess, which we cannot leave for future generations.

    • Hello Fergus. I strongly support your thoughts. Please be informed that here at Mumbai we have a couple of strong catholic groups that are taking up the cause. Association of Concerned catholics, Maharashtra christian forum, catholics for the preservation of the faith to mention a few.my email address is
      I will reach you to plan and work out strategy by email.
      Janice you can also reach fergus and myself at our Email addresses.

  7. All I remember of this alleged kingpin of OPUS DEI, is that he popped up on the Bombay scene after a two line report/announcement on the top left hand corner of “TIMES of INDIA”.
    Whenever some atrocity took place, a Church got burned, a nun got raped/murdered, a priest got beaten up/murdered this coward/diplomat was “not available for comment”. The Bombay posting was probably given to him a a sort of short vacation; and now he has gone to higher rewards; but at least it says something of the universality/democracy in the Church of Rome; even a person of Indian descent can reach great heights.
    When will these thieves, butchers and wolves be purged from our Church system ????
    Perhaps the time has come for the greeting “HAIL LUCIFER” !!!!!!!! YOU TRIUMPH

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