Catholic schools won’t have to reduce Christmas holidays

Catholic schools won’t have to reduce Christmas holidays

, TNN | Sep 13, 2013, 01.44 AM IST


MUMBAI: Catholic schools won’t have to cut short the Christmas vacation to make up for the additional holidays during Ganeshotsav, the BMC’s education department clarified on Thursday. The additional leaves can be adjusted by the schools at their convenience, it said.

Most schools have decided to compensate the loss of working days by functioning on the upcoming three Saturdays.

Various Christian-Catholic groups had objected to the civic education department’s decision to cut holidays from the Christmas vacation and adjust these against those for Ganeshotsav. Representatives of the Archdiocesan Board of Education (ABE), Association of Concerned Catholics, Catholics for Preservation of Faith and Maharashtra Christian Youth Forum met BMC education officer R R Bhise and state minorities commission vice-chairperson Janet D’Souza on Thursday to sort out the issue. “Bhise reiterated that there was no intention to hurt the sentiments of the Catholic community by curtailing Christmas vacation. He said schools will be given a free hand to adjust the holidays by holding extra lectures at their convenience,” AOCC secretary Judith Monteiro said.

But the non-Catholic schools are still not sure if all institutes would be allowed to adjust the holidays at their convenience as the department is yet to notify them. Bhise could not be reached for comment.

Most schools are against making changes to Diwali or Christmas vacations as such a move would disrupt parents’ holiday plans. “School holidays are declared at the beginning of the academic year. In cases where both parents are working, families plan holidays months in advance and making any changes now will be unfair to them,” said Kavita Aggarwal, principal of D G Khetan International School in Malad.

Representatives of ABE and other Catholic communities also raised concerns over attacks on schools by political outfits. and arm twisting done on numerous occasions. “Schools fall under the guardianship of the education department so it is the duty of the guardian to protect its school. The department should pass rules/laws to take action on those concerned with any attack/mob attacks on our schools as well,” added Monteiro.

The education officer was also informed about the problems the schools are facing due to separate Diwali holiday dates for primary and secondary section. s of schools. “We are looking forward to a positive reply

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2 Responses to Catholic schools won’t have to reduce Christmas holidays

  1. anthony joseph says:

    good work keep it up

  2. Yes of course.This is for the community.We need to stand up against these communal forces who believe we catholics/christians are a soft target. I appeal to people of the community and even those from other communities who are concerned to stand up and demand justice and equality that has been enshrined to us in the constitution. of our great country.

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