Iran: Man sentenced to 10 years in prison for distributing copies of the Gospel


The Iranian ParliamentThe Iranian Parliament

Young people’s interest in and conversion to Christianity is concerning Iranian authorities

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An Iranian man, converted from Islam to Christianity, was sentenced to ten years in prison for “crimes against state security”.


This is neither the first nor the last of such cases unfortunately. This time it was Mohammad-Hadi Bordbar’s turn. The man, also known as Mostafa is a native of the city of Rasht and has been found  guilty for distributing copies of the Gospel in Iran.


As reported to Fides news agency, “the court documents show that the man confessed to “having abandoned Islam to follow Christianity”, and “considering evangelization his duty, he distributed 12,000 pocket gospels”. After having received baptism, Mostafa had set up a “house church”, an assembly of home worship, with prayer meetings at home, which are considered “illegal”.”


“Mostafa was arrested in Tehran on December 27, 2012, after a police raid at his house. The security officers detained and interrogated all those present at the meeting for hours, about 50 Iranian Christians,” Fides news agency reports.


“In his home the police found material and Christian publications, such as movies, books, CDs and over 6,000 copies of the Gospel. Mostafa had already been arrested in 2009 for conversion to Christianity, found guilty of apostasy, then released on bail. In another recent case, reported to Fides by the Iranian Christian Agency “Mohabat News”, a court in the city of Robat-Karim, south of Tehran, sentenced the young Ebrahim Firouzi, another Iranian Christian to one year in prison and two years of exile, for “evangelization activities and distribution of Bibles”, considered “in opposition to the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran”,” Fides went on to say.


“In the ruling, the judge describes Ebrahim Firouzi of being “guilty of criminal acts for holding prayer meetings at home and for having spread among the young doubts on Islamic principles”. The young man was arrested in March 2013.”

“As recalled by the NGO “Barnabas team” and “Christian Solidarity Worldwide”, committed to the defence of Christians in the world, in recent years the interest of young Iranians towards Christianity has made conversion to Christianity a disturbing problem for the Iranian authorities,” Fides wrote.


“Many churches of Farsi-language have been closed in Tehran and in other cities, while the pressure on Christian converts from Islam is on the rise. The new Iranian president, Hassan Rouhani, spoke of a possible “reform of civil rights” recently asking Islamic religious clergy to “stop state interference in the private lives of people”.”


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