Pope Francis Rejects Communion in the Hand

Pope Francis shows the Catholic faithful how to receive Holy Communion.
Added on 01-06-2013
Pope Francis rejects Holy communion in the hand. Will the Archdiocese in India follow his instructions. Will Asia follow also. Thank you holy Father for your clarification. Please watch this video.
Pope Francis Rejects Communion in the Hand
Pope Francis shows the Catholic faithful how to receive Holy Communion.

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7 Responses to Pope Francis Rejects Communion in the Hand

  1. Ladislaus L D'Souza says:

    If you look closely, you will find that the pope is giving communion under both species to Deacons. How can he dip the host in the wine and give it in the recipient’s hand except at the risk of desecration? Its obvious that the host has to be placed on the tongue to avoid the wine from getting messy in the recipients hand/fingers.
    As for the other frames, its not known who those priests are and on whose authority they are acting, i.e. denying communion in the hand and motioning the recipient to receive on the tongue.
    To my knowledge, the pope has not put out any directive as regards a change, so the giving and receiving of communion both in the hand and on the tongue stands.

  2. ralphpaulcoelho says:

    Distribution of Communion during Mass is governed by the GIRM. I believe that Pope Francis has expressed his personal preference which is that of some Bishops. The GIRM permits the distribution of Communion in the hand and gives the Bishop authority to decide which one is suitable in the culture of his diocese.

    I doubt the Pope is advising going against the GIRM. Pope John Paul II also said that he believed that a more suitable posture for receiving the Lord was to kneel than to stand.

    This is a mischievous report, even though it is true. It reflects the tricks that Reformers use, very much like our ads, our politicians and bureaucrats. Not lies, but selection.


    • Joseph says:

      I fully agree with Ralph.
      I believe we need to focus on the significance of COMMUNION; being in Communion with Christ and His body the Church.

  3. Rocque Baretto says:

    Card Oswald Gracias promotes New Age menaces like Yoga, Taichei etc, how will he ever correct the wrongs happening in the roman catholic church. he has to be here to get things corrected and NOT listen to false advisors.

  4. Ladislaus L D'Souza says:

    I fully agree with Ralph.

  5. Ladislaus Louis DSouza says:

    Hello Gordon Jacobs! Haven’t heard from you/LAITYTUDE today. Were you able to use what I had mailed you yesterday on PARENTS’ DAY? Wishing you a very happy feast of Saints Anne and Joachim, patrons of all Catholic parents! Through their intercession may the Lord shower on you and your family the blessings of a truly Christian family life to the glory of his name and to edification of society. Warmly, Ladislaus

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