Church Revolution in Pictures    Check this out

Poor Pope Benedict!

Church Revolution in Pictures

Photo of the Week

Pope Francis plays with his solideo

Francis jokes with the papal zucchetto

According to the Catholic tradition and protocol, the white zucchetto (skull cap) is a symbol of the papal dignity. Since there is no earthly authority above him, a Pope is meant to take off his zucchetto only before God. From this solemn custom derives its name in Latin and other languages – solideo: soli = only; Deo = before God.

Notwithstanding this highly expressive piece of the papal garb, we see Pope Francis, above, taking off his zucchetto just to joke around with a girl and make people laugh. Doing so, he tries to appear like an old grandfather entertaining his granddaughter, sending the message that the papal symbols are worthless.

It is another step of the Bergoglio Revolution to de-sacralize the symbols of the Papacy in order to abolish them. This took place on May 9, 2013, during one of Francis’ democratic / demagogic tours around St. Peter’s Square.

Below, we see Pope Pius XII blessing the faithful, wearing the papal mozetta[short cape] and zucchetto, as a Pope should do.

Pius XII wearing zucchetto and mozella
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Posted June 2, 2013



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One Response to Church Revolution in Pictures

  1. Ralph Coelho Yahoo says:

    I am not sure what The pope intended to do. Is this a decultirisation as opposed to inculturation?

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