Francis asks to consecrate his pontificate to Our Lady of Fatima

The square in front of the Sanctuary of FatimaTHE SQUARE IN FRONT OF THE SANCTUARY OF FATIMA

The Patriarch of Lisbon, Cardinal José Policarpo, has revealed this

ANDREA TORNIELLI Taken from Vatican Insider

Pope Francis has asked the Patriarch of Lisbon, Cardinal José Policarpo, if he can consecrate his pontificate to Our Lady of Fatima. The cardinal himself confirmed this, in his introduction to the 181stgeneral assembly of the Portuguese Bishops’ Conference. At the end of his opening speech, Policarpo said: “Pope Francis asked me twice whether he could consecrate his new ministry to Our Lady of Fatima. It is a mandate I can carry out in prayer and silence. But it would be nice if the whole bishop’s conference joined in to fulfil this request. May Mary guide us in our work and in fulfilling Pope Francis’ request.”



The Popes have always had close ties with Fatima. When Eugenio Pacelli, who was consecrated bishop in the Sistine Chapel on the very day of the first apparition (13 May 1917), became Pope, he wanted the text on the third secret to be kept in the Vatican. In 1950, just before the Assumption of Mary dogma was proclaimed, he said he had been present when the miracle of the sun in the Vatican gardens took place, the same miracle witnessed in October 1917 by those who flocked to witness Mary’s apparition to the three shepherd children at Fatima. Pius XII saw the phenomenon as divine confirmation of the dogma he was about to proclaim and in a handwritten note, described how he had repeatedly seen the sun rotate around itself. John XXIII was the first to read the secret in 1959 and told his collaborators in the Secretariat of State and the former Holy Office, but in the end decided not to publish it. Paul VI went to Fatima on a pilgrimage on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the apparitions. The then Patriarch of Venice, Albino Luciani, interviewed Fatima seer, Sister Lucia, less than a year before he was elected Pope.




But it was during John Paul II’s papacy that the secret of Fatima was fulfilled: the attempt on Wojtyla’s life took place on 13 May 1981 and he attributed his rescue to Mary. In May 2000 it was John Paul II who revealed the content of the third secret to the world. The (not binding) interpretation he gave was that the Pope who was attacked to death in the vision experienced by the shepherd children, was him. Benedict XVI who had written a theological comment on the secret when he was still a cardinal, followed in his predecessor’s footsteps and went to Fatima in May 2010. Answering journalists’ questions, on the flight to Portugal, he confirmed that the secret of Fatima is still valid today and that the prophesy could apply not only to the Church’s struggle against the Eastern totalitarian regimes but the paedophilia scandal as well.


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  1. Many many years ago I saw the film “The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima” I thoroughly enjoyed it as it brought out so well the wonder that is Fatima. I hope that some day it will be telecast for all to see and truly enjoy. As a clandestine pilgrim I visited and prayed at Fatima, that Our Lady would help me become a better person; I cannot elaborate more on my visit to Fatima as it could possibly lead to a few complications; but all I can say is that, like my experience at Lourdes where I saw so many people come in faith and I am sure all who pray and pay their respects at these Sacred places surely get SOME gift from Our Lady.

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