Has the Pope taken Cardinal Oswald Gracias advice of being ” Thick Skinned ” ?

The Pope may not live in his official residence.

The Pope walked short distances.

The Pope celebrates mass in jails , slums and with gardeners.

The Pope does need the pomp and show associated with most Cardinals ,Bishops and even some of our Priests.

Cardinal Oswald Gracias advised the new Pope to be thick skinned .Read the interview attached below .Has the new Pope taken his advice?

People usually give advice to others based on their own personal experiences.

Is Cardinal Gracias himself thick skinned?

Has the Cardinal taken action on your complaints or has be swept them under the carpet?

Has the Cardinal ever replied to you that information cannot be provided since you are not a parishioner of the concerned Parish? Do we believe in one HOLY APOSTOLIC CHURCH OR THE CREED HAS NO VALUE?

Has the Cardinal ever washed his hands and said he is not aware about the sale of MARINAGAR GARDENS in the year 2009 when in fact the gardens were already sold in the year 2008?

As per CANON LAW when any property above Rs.4,00,000/- is sold the same has to be approved by the Archbishop of the concerned place. Was’nt the Cardinal aware of the Marinagar deal?

Why is the Church in Mumbai not following the law of the land and giving conveyance of the land to the two co-operative societies which had to be given in the year 2004 and is long overdue?

Why is the Pro Nuncio not reacting despite being fully aware of the situation?

The Priests in my Parish St.Michaels Church Mahim give lovely sermons on the Sundays of Lent on the TEN COMMANDMENTS but are they implementing what they preach?

Now my question to them is which  of the ten Commandments has been breached by St.Michaels Church,Mahim by not giving conveyance to the two catholic Societies which is mandatory as per the law of the land.


The Cardinal was informed and did nothing.So also was the Pro Nuncio who did not even have the courtesy to reply.

Now , tell me is Cardinal Gracias himself thick skinned or does he have a hide ?

Now I tell you, Easter is a time to shed your old skin and get a new one.



Pope plans to live in Vatican workers’ residence

Pope Francis said last Tuesday morning he will stay at Saint Martha’s residence instead of moving to the Apostolic Palace, according to the Vatican press office.“After the Mass ended, the Pope told those present that he intends to remain in the Casa Santa Marta and stay with the employees,” said the Holy See’s press office director, Father Federico Lombardi.His comments came after a 7:00 a.m. Mass that he has been celebrating each day at the residence for Vatican staff who live in some of the rooms during the year.Pope Francis has been staying at the residence instead of the papal apartment because of renovations that were taking place there.

According to the Associated Press, those updates have been completed and the apartment is ready for the Pope to move in.

During the conclave, the year-round residents moved out for the cardinals to stay there.

After the cardinals elected Pope Francis, they returned to their homes and the Pope moved into the residency’s papal suite, room 201.

He has invited street-sweepers, Vatican gardeners, the residency’s staff and the Vatican newspaper’s staff to take part in the daily Mass.

The seals of the papal apartment have been removed, but the Argentinian Pope will remain in St. Martha’s residence for the time being.

Fr. Lombardi did not say if the Pope will move out in the future.

When he was in Buenos Aires, Pope Francis lived in a small apartment, instead of the grand archbishop’s residence.

For years, he cooked his own meals and traveled on public transport around the city.


During the conclave, the 117 cardinals will be cut off from the world.

Posted on February 26, 2013, 6:04 PM

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Cardinal Oswald Gracias, who is one of the five Indian cardinals to vote for the election of a new pope, said he would choose qualities of intelligence, compassion and courage in the candidate over nationality.“I will look for a pope who is spiritual, intelligent, compassionate and courageous in worldly matters as well. His is a tough job that invites criticism so he should be thick-skinned,” Cardinal Gracias said.During the conclave, the 117 cardinals will be cut off from the world.“No newspapers, telephone, TV or radio. If a decision is not reached within three days, we break for prayer on the fourth day and then resume,” the prelate said.Once a name is selected, the ballots are burnt and mixed with a chemical to release white smoke by way of announcement.

The date of the papal election is yet to be announced, but the process may be advanced.

Cardinal Gracias said that usually the seat falls vacant after the death of an incumbent and the vote occurs 15 days afterwards.

“However, since the pope has chosen to resign, my guess is that the election will be advanced to March 10-11. Easter Sunday falls on March 31 and all the cardinals would like to be back in their dioceses by Holy Week,” he added.

He described the outgoing Pope Benedict XVI as a “gentle, soft-spoken, intelligent man who knows many languages and loves research.

“He did come under pressure over child abuse allegations but did his best to address the issue,” he said.

The pope, who announced to resign from the post earlier this month, would give his final audience on Feb. 28.

Source: Times of India

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1 Response to Has the Pope taken Cardinal Oswald Gracias advice of being ” Thick Skinned ” ?

  1. It is not for us to pass judgement on Oswald Gracias; it is time for us to pity him and pray for him; that GOD cures him of his terminal affliction of being both blind and deaf; the thick skinned part is a by product of this affliction

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