Parish priest accused of forging church documents a few questions and copy of FIR

    1. Parish priest accused of forging church documents

      Hindustan Times ‎- 5 hours ago
      A former parish priest of Our Lady of Egypt Church in Kalina, Santacruz, was among the three people named in an FIR filed at Vakola police 


    Parish priest accused of forging church documents
    Manoj R Nair, Hindustan Times
    Mumbai, January 29, 2013
    First Published: 02:27 IST(29/1/2013)
    Last Updated: 02:29 IST(29/1/2013)

    Parish priest accused of forging church documents

    MUMBAI: A former parish priest of Our Lady of Egypt Church in Kalina, Santacruz, was among the three people named in an FIR filed at Vakola police station about an illegal sale of church property to a family in 2005.

    PRASAD GORI/HTFr John Rumao was a parish priest at Our Lady of Egypt Church in Kalina, Santacruz till 1996.

    The complaint says Rumao, Elphege Pereira and Bonfilio Pereira forged legal documents to sell a church trust-owned residential chawl to private parties.

    The priest Fr John Rumao who now serves in a different church said he had nothing to do with the property deal as he had left the Kalina church in 1996.

    The lawyer who represents the three accused said that while the church trust had leased the property to the Pereira family as far back as 1950, the property’s ownership was finally transferred to the family in 2005.

    The complainants, including one Valerian Fernandes, who are tenants of the chawl have said that they were given eviction notices after a deed of conveyance was signed in October 2005 between Fr Rumao (as the church’s sole trustee) on the basis of a Power of Attorney document. Their complaint says that the Power of Attorney was not valid as Fr Rumao was no longer the parish priest when the deal was signed.

    The complainants also say that an RTI application showed that property documents were forged to undervalue the property. Fr Rumao said he was unaware of the property deal.

    “I ceased to be the parish priest in 1996. I do not know whether my Power of Attorney was misused,” said Fr Rumao.



    A few questions for Fr.John Ruamo

    1. Has Fr.John Rumao lodged a police complaint that his power of attorney has been misused?

    2. Has Fr.John Rumao given allegedly given a draft copy of an agreement to the Charity Commissioners office on the last page of which the areas of the 5 rooms are shown as ranging from 324 to 342 sq feet when in fact the areas of the areas was/is 100 to 144 sq. feet along with his application for sanction?

    3. Who has given the forged electricity bills ,electoral rolls,ration cards to the office of the registrar of sub- assuarances  when the conveyance came to be registered?

    Police Comp. 4.jpg 1

    Police Comp. 1.jpg 2Police Comp. 2.jpg 3Police Comp. 3.jpg 4

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13 Responses to Parish priest accused of forging church documents a few questions and copy of FIR

  1. Very disgraceful especially since the person named is a man of God. May be The local Bishop and/or The spokesman at The Archbishops house or even The Archbishop himself needs to step in and comment.
    A letter and representation must be made to the Charity Commissioner immediately, and without delay.
    The truth must prevail and the guilty must be exposed.
    Can the questions asked of The priest be answered..

  2. Pietro says:

    unbelievable that a catholic priest who completed 50 years and who was appointed as an inquiry officer into the conduct of another priest could have an Fir Filed against him
    there is no smoke without a fire

  3. Ralph Coelho Yahoo says:

    Would it not be more honest to wait for the inquiry since the Parish priest has denied he was involved.? Does he have to make a police compliant to prove his innocence?

    • Of course Ralph, he can exercise all the legal options that he is entitled to within the frame work of the law of the land. The courts will examine all the evidence placed and will decide who is guilty.
      We as common man and catholic laity must not interfere in the course of justice.

  4. stacy vaz says:

    Proverbs 29:7
    The righteous care about justice for the poor, but the wicked have no such concern.

  5. William K. says:

    While the innocents are burned at the stake by the heirachy, the criminals may be protected to the hilt.

    Need an independent Ombudsman like the Comptroller and Auditor general of India to sort out corruption in the Church in Mumbai

  6. Pietro says:

    ralph if what is stated is false then he should sue the complainant

  7. Gordon Jacobs says:

    In fact once anyone takes a look at the documents and the reply of the RTI applications made it appears to be a classic case of forgery of Govt Documents. The local police would not have filed the FIR had then also not been convinced of the same.
    Now let the law of the land take its course.
    After all under privileged brothers and sisters have been rendered homeless, including a 80 year old lady.
    As catholics we must stand for justice, so let the process begin, while we pray for those catholic families now on the streets of Vakola.

  8. Being given a tip from an East Indian blog, I have visited Thane, and have got more information on the issues that the parish had with the concerned parish priest, I have another tip to visit Vasai, where again,and there is also a suspect can of worms. It also seems that Our Dear Cardinal Oswald Gracias is aware of the same, yet other than the parishioners of the concerned parishes, the laity are in the dark.
    This afternoon I got a call to scratch the surface at St Xavier’s Church at Vile Parle,where one can get more information on the happenings there.
    Lets pray that Jesus will guide the search.

  9. David Vaz says:

    Fr Savio Fermandes was recently approached with the forged documents of kalina church and to our surpsise the guidance received was that this matter needs to be taken up at Kalina church.
    Well than why has he given a clean chit to the land grabers from the Archdiocesan office which is helping the culprit to mislead the authoroties at all levels.

  10. Yes I am told he is the one. the one with a French beard and who is the Chancellor of the Archdiocese.

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