Yoga: What the Catechism says


Yoga: What the Catechism says

YOUCAT, the Youth Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2011



“You shall not have strange Gods before me”.  What does that mean?

This commandment forbids us:

. To adore other gods and pagan deities or to worships an earthly idol or to devote oneself entirely to some earthly good (money, influence, success, beauty, youth, and so on)

. To be superstitious, which means to adhere to esoteric, magic, or occult or New Age practices or to get involved with fortune telling or spiritualism, instead of believing in God’s power, providence, and -> BLESSINGS

. To provoke God by word or deed

. To commit a -> SACRILEGE

. To acquire spiritual power through corruption and desecrate what is holy through trafficking (simony). [2110-2128, 2138-2140]



Is esotericism as found, for example in New Age belief, compatible with the Christian faith?

No. ->ESOTERICISM ignores the reality of God. God is a personal Being; he is love and the origin of life, not some cold cosmic energy. Man was willed and created by God, but man himself is not divine; rather, he is a creature that is wounded by sin, threatened by death, and in need of redemption. Whereas most proponents of esotericism assume that man can redeem himself, Christians believe that only Jesus Christ and God’s grace redeem them. Nor are nature and the cosmos God (-> PANTHEISM). Rather, the creator, even though he loves us immensely, is infinitely greater and unlike anything he has created. [2110-2128]

Many people today practice yoga for health reasons, enroll in a -> MEDITATION course so as to become more calm and collected, or attend dance workshops so as to experience their bodies in a new way. These techniques are not always harmless. Often they are vehicles for doctrines that are foreign to Christianity. No reasonable person should hold an irrational world view, in which people can tap magical powers or harness mysterious spirits and the “initiated” have a secret knowledge that is withheld from the “ignorant”. In ancient Israel, the surrounding peoples’ beliefs in gods and spirits were exposed as false. God alone is Lord; there is no god besides him. Nor is there any (magical) technique by which one can capture or charm “the divine”, force one’s wishes on the universe, or redeem oneself. Much about these esoteric beliefs and practices is -> SUPERSTITION or -> OCCULTISM


The Catechism is simply the magisterial teaching of what is embodied in the Holy Bible.

It is thus the Word of God. From reading the YOUCAT, one understands that the practising of YOGA and Eastern meditations by Christians violates the First Commandment of God.

The Church definitively categorizes them as esoteric, occult, New Age practices.

About The Voice Of Bombay's Catholic Laity

Bombay Laity Ezekiel’s Chapter 3 Task as Watchman 17 “Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the people of Israel; so hear the word I speak and give them warning from me. 18 When I say to a wicked person, ‘You will surely die,’ and you do not warn them or speak out to dissuade them from their evil ways in order to save their life, that wicked person will die for[b] their sin, and I will hold you accountable for their blood. 19 But if you do warn the wicked person and they do not turn from their wickedness or from their evil ways, they will die for their sin; but you will have saved yourself.
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12 Responses to Yoga: What the Catechism says

  1. William K. says:

    The Archbishop of Mumbai, Cardinal Oswald Gracias need to be sent back to Catechism class first.

  2. Francis S. Lobo says:

    Cardinal forgotten his basics.
    Somebody should gift YOUCAT to him..

  3. Jimmie Fereirra says:

    Someone who has access to Twitter should start messaging the Holy Father on all the occult practices done.

  4. Ralph Coelho Yahoo says:

    Yoga has a practice and a belief. In human life we deduce belief from culture, children Len faith belief from culture. But culture is not belief. That yoga originated with worshipers of strange Gods as a means of knowing God is a fact. When anyone of another religion adopts the practice he is not changing his belief. He should be aware of the danger to his belief being subtly changed to suit the practice. The case of Tony D’Mello should be a warning to Catholics of the dangers of using practices devised by other religions! I believe just as the Church issued a warning for D’mello’s writings it must warn Catholics. However BISHOPS MUST ENSURE THAT IT IS NOT ENCOURAGED OR TAUGHT BY PRIESTS AND NUNS. Some “little ones” will be misled.

    • William K. says:

      I agree … will the hierarchy agree with this … if they disagree with this then again we need not go far, besides Tony D’mello they themselves are testimony to what yoga can do and their corruption of doctrine and church administration if a proof of it … Corruption in the church has now become a culture .. thanks to yoga spirituality which doesn’t require repentance to achieve salvation.

  5. bernhardmeuser says:

    Thank you for posting this

  6. manu mathew says:

    Yoga may be a gateway to Satanism and Holy cracker theft, suggests barmy exorcist
    By Barry Duke – September 27, 2012
    FOLLOWING a report yesterday that a Catholic priest had banned yoga classes from his Southampton church hall in Southampton, today we have a clearer picture of why Roman Catholics fear this “Hindu spiritual exercise” and other forms of New Age practices.
    Father Gary Thomas keeps a watchful eye on Holy cracker miscreants
    Father Gary Thomas, pastor of Sacred Heart Church in Saratoga, California, told a recent conference of exorcists that
    There is a greater need for exorcism because there is a greater frequency of the practices of the occult, New Age and Satanism, both on the part of Catholics and other people alike.
    Conference speakers explained that people begin experimenting with other traditions and rituals, often simply out of curiosity.
    They don’t realize that they are, at the same time, losing their spiritual centre and turning away from God
    Worse, some are doing naughty things in Church, like nicking Holy crackers and smuggling them out for “obscene purposes”.
    Father Thomas, a priest for 28 years, told of his experience of spotting people who appeared not to be consuming the Eucharist.
    If I don’t know them, I’ll say, ‘Excuse me, will you please finish consuming the body of Christ in my presence?
    The St Edmund’s Church yoga ban was imposed by Father John Chandler, who said the church had been “misled” by instructor Cori Withell from Hampshire. He thought the hall booking was for pilates but then discovered it was also being used for spiritual yoga.
    Yoga is a Hindu spiritual exercise. Being a Catholic church we have to promote the gospel, and that’s what we use our premises for.Father John Chandler: Yoga has no place in his church premises.

  7. Curious person says:

    I don’t understand why yoga for exercise purposes ALONE is so harmful? I’m a Personal Trainer and the effects of yoga and stretching is simply a more relaxed statw due to lesser tension of muscles thus very beneficial for the body. Is doing any stretch that comes from yoga “bad”? I just don’t believe that..

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  10. Martha says:

    For people that think yoga is ok or Christian yoga is ok: To make this really simple, why not say Catholic prayers in Satanist exercises? Doing yoga is not ok. Yoga was created by the Hindu religion. The poses mean offerings to different gods. They want you to empty your mind when you meditate. Like I heard someone say: “Who checks in your mind when you check out?”

  11. LUke says:

    I hope no one came here for an explanation. There is no argument for why yoga in and of itself is harmful in itself.

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