Theft/Burglary at St. Blaise Church –Amboli.

This Sunday June 24th. 2012 there was an official announcement at all Masses which read ‘considering certain unpleasant incidents that have taken place in the church campus over the recent months it has been decided to tighten security.etc.etc.’

On enquiry from some parishioners about this so called ‘considered unpleasant incidents’, I have reliably learn’t that the incidents taken place over these few months were:-

A Cash Collection Box carried away (theft) from the Parish first floor- Blessed Sacrament Chapel during day.

B Cash Collection Boxes in the Church broken Open and cash stolen during day (burglary).

To the Parish Priest/Trustee Fr. Franklyn Mathais these are unpleasant incidents but in law these are ‘Cognizable Offence’s (IPC 451) and have to be reported to the local Police Station which was not done by the Parish Priest/Trustee for reasons best known to him and his pastoral team.
Further u/s 36A of the Bombay Public Trust Act 1950 ‘A trustee of every Public trust shall administer the affairs of the trust… in accordance with the terms of the trust, usage of the institution and lawful directions which the Charity Commissioner or court may issue in respect thereof and exercise the same care as a man of ordinary prudence when dealing with such affairs, funds or property, if they were his own’.

Active parishioners like the undersigned have not appreciated the Parish Priest/Trustee Fr. Franklyn’s stance on the above breach of trust and it is our humble request to your Eminence to advice him accordingly on matters relating to law of the state. If such serious issues are taken for granted then we will be left with no other alternative then to draw the attention of state law towards these unlawful incidents taking place in our church. All these to safe guard and protect our Church and Property.


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One Response to Theft/Burglary at St. Blaise Church –Amboli.

  1. dominic says:

    In fact regular thefts also take place in St.Michaels Church when the money is being counted in the counting room but despite suggestions being given to install cameras in the counting room no cameras have been installed.What could be the reason?

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