Water flowing from Crucified Cross at Irla Gaothan


A cross at Irla Gaothan with the crucified Christ, where  drops of water from the feet of the image were noticed this morning at 0830AM on March 5th 2012.
There were crowds who collected water in bottles. I have also done so and will be pleased to share some with you.
Gordon Jacobs
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5 Responses to Water flowing from Crucified Cross at Irla Gaothan

  1. Thanks Gordon
    God Bless you for sharing this with us


      Thank you Gordon. You are really fortunate to witness this miracle of Christ during this Lenten season. I am a retired father in the family. Would you kindly send me a small amount of the Holy Water dropped from the Cross and collected by you? You may send it by Courier post to the address given below.
      GANGTOK-737101, SIKKIM.

      I am a Chief Editor of a monthly family spiritual magazine named ‘Prerna’ (Inspiration). I am willing to publish some of your witnesses with photographs of the miracle. Kindly permit me to do so. Please send me a few lines of your Witnesses and photographs of the same immediately to my given email.

      Thank you.

      Hoping to hear soon,
      Michael Rongong
      My email: michaelsonamit@yahoo.co.in
      Mobile: 03592-9609853340

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  4. angel says:

    Thank you very much
    Check also http://www.thewarningsecondcoming.com for latest messages from Lord Jesus to visionary Maria from Europe

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