Father fights back: ‘Perv priest’ sues ‘victim’ for defamation

The Bronx priest who was defrocked after a church tribunal found him guilty of sexually abusing a teen is suing his ‘victim’ for defamation.

Former Monsignor Charles Kavanagh, 73, was convicted in a 2006 canonical trial of committing two lewd acts against seminary student Daniel Donohue between 1978 and 1982.

Kavanagh claimed in a federal suit that he is innocent and that the accuser’s claims led to him being called ‘pervert priest’ in the media.
Accused: Former Monsignor Charles Kavanagh is suing his alleged ¿victim¿ for defamation after he accused him of sexually abusing him more than 30 years ago

Accused: Former Monsignor Charles Kavanagh is suing his alleged ¿victim¿ for defamation after he accused him of sexually abusing him more than 30 years ago

The 73-year-old was dismissed from the clergy after Mr Donohue’s claims.

The now 46-year-old accused him of jumping on top of him while the teen was lying on a rectory couch in one incident, and climbing into his hotel bed while they attended a pro-life rally in DC in the seventies in another.

He claimed at the time that the ‘abuse’ haunted him for years and that he would ‘wake up in the night screaming’.

He waited 30 years to speak out about the alleged abuse.

According to the New York Daily News, Kavanagh states in the lawsuit: ‘When he made this accusation in writing, Donohue knew it was false and he made it with malice.

‘Any reasonable person would consider a false accusation of such conduct against a holy priest to be outrageous and highly offensive.’

He claims he repeatedly lied to reporters to extract a ‘monetary settlement’ from the New York Archdiocese.

At the time of the ruling from the church appeals tribunal, Kavanagh argued that they did not reveal the evidence against him or allow the sworn testimony of 20 witnesses to be used.

The once-powerful priest’s filing in the lawsuit includes an affidavit from the former dean of Cathedral Preparatory Seminary, saying students weren’t allowed to go to the Right to Life rallies.

It also includes affidavits from two former students saying they were never taken to the rallies and didn’t know anyone who was.

There were also said to be minor inconsistencies in Donohue’s story, such as the time of day that the 1973 abuse allegedly happened.

Kavanagh is the highest ranking New York cleric to be caught up in the Catholic Church sex scandal.

He formerly led St Raymond’s parish in the Bronx.

According to the Daily News, Kavanagh has been fighting the allegation since Mr Donohue lodged it in 2002 – with church rallies, letter writing campaigns and repeated appeals to church courts.

Mr Donohue could not be reached for comment but his wife told the Daily News they thought the incident was finally behind them, saying: ‘Holy Jesus, Mary and Joseph. It’s so outrageous. What a crazy fellow.’

The former priest’s Manhattan federal-court suit demands unspecified damages from Mr Donohue.

Kavanagh was never charged with a crime by civil authorities but instead permanently defrocked and shamed by the tribunal.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1371760/Father-fights-Perv-priest-sues-victim-defamation.html#ixzz1I8cnbbTN

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