Louisville couple claims retaliation from former church


Louisville couple claims retaliation from former church

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB Fox 41) — A Louisville couple says they’ve been the victims of retaliation just days after filing a lawsuit against the Archdiocese of Louisville.

Gary and Margie Weiter say they’ve been banned from helping their church after they complained the parish was hiding a priest accused of sexual abuse.

“It was horrible. It was horrible. He cried all night. Some people don’t understand it but we’ve devoted our life to the church, to those people,” said Gary and Margie Weiter, plaintiffs.

Gary and Margie Weiter claim they were fired from volunteering at St. Therese Church where Gary has run bingo for years.

Both said they received a hand-delivered letter Friday from Father Tony Olges.

“He said you are no longer allowed to volunteer or run the bingo at St. Therese,” said Gary Weiter.

“I just want to know why? Why me? What did I do to deserve this? To hurt the people of the parish I just don’t know why?” asked Margie Weiter.

“I’ve never seen retaliation like this, as long as I’ve been practicing law and that’s been over 30 years,” said Mikell Grafton, attorney.

Attorney Grafton represents the couple.

The notice came just one day after the couple sued the Archdiocese of Louisville and Father Olges, accusing them of hiding Father James Schook, a priest accused of sexual abuse, who had been removed from his previous parish.

The lawsuit claims Margie was fired from her bookkeeping job at the church after complaining that Schook was allowed to live in St. Therese’s rectory, and was often left unsupervised.

The Weiters became uncomfortable with Schook’s presence because Gary had been a victim of priest abuse in 1960s.

“Why was our church chosen to harbor out a sex abuser? I don’t understand and no one has given me an answer,” said Gary


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1 Response to Louisville couple claims retaliation from former church

  1. Gordon Jacobs says:

    Hi Gary and Margie Weiter ,
    I am from Mumbai, India and wish to congratulate you for your stand. Please do not worry about retaliation, you have an uphill task and the Church will want to protect its “sick” Clergy, Please pray and continue to fight. I can assusre you all those that are reading will be saying a pray for you both.

    Here is India we too have the same issue, with peverted and sick clergy, and to crown it all the bishops protect these sick perverts and attempt to sweep the issue under the carpet.
    We are also fighting the same way as you. I hope you have copied your issue to Pope Benedict also In case you dont have his email ID I can provide the same to you. God be with you in your efforts.

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