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Our Lady’s Electronic Newsletter: June 2010
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Special News Release
June 25,2010

Truth about the Third Secret is out — and on Italian TV

In May, we went to Rome with The Fatima Challenge — a gathering of the world’s Fatima experts who put all the facts about Fatima in the public spotlight. Fatima became news.

We succeeded beyond our fondest hopes. And the impact of The Fatima Challenge continues. The truth is resonating ever more loudly. Now, it is sounding on mainstream Italian television, which just aired a program called: Top secret “Fatima: An Unfinished Business.”

Now, one no longer has to be afraid of being called a crank or a “Fatimist” for pointing out the contradictions in the Vatican bureaucracy’s “official” position on the Third Secret and the Fatima Message in general.

Well-respected Vatican journalists, such as Andrea Tornielli, are now saying what we have long said: There is a hidden part of the Third Secret. Tornielli made the claim on the above-mentioned TV program, which also featured comments by Father Nicholas Gruner, who has led the fight of this apostolate for 33 years and who brought The Fatima Challenge to Rome.

And Rome listened. The Pope listened. Now, all of Italy is listening.

The week following The Fatima Challenge, Pope Benedict XVI, on his way to Portugal to mark the 93rd anniversary of the May 13, 1917 apparition of Our Lady, agreed with what was said at the conference; what this apostolate has been saying for many years: The Third Secret is not about the past, but about what is happening now and what is to come.

“Whoever thinks the prophetic mission of Fatima is over is deceived.”

So said the Holy Father. And in saying so, the Pope not only sided with the “Fatimists,” once a term of disparagement, but he made our position respectable in the mainstream media.

Many Catholics and media commentators in Italy now accept that we have not been given the full text of the Secret. And they are citing the evidence we presented in our publications through the years and in The Devil’s Final Battle in particular. They are also citing the Holy Father’s recent statements that the events foretold in the Third Secret are about the suffering of the Church due to the sins of its own members, suffering such as we now see in the clerical sexual-abuse crisis. The Pope has said that the “realities” foretold in the Third Secret are “unfolding” and that they are “terrifying.” Thus, does Pope Benedict reject as false the position put forth with such dogged insistence by his own Secretary of State, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, that Fatima is in the past.

Now, the media has also turned against Bertone. In Top secret “Fatima: An Unfinished Business,” Tornielli says precisely what Father Gruner, Chris Ferrara and other Fatima experts have said: that Cardinal Bertone has failed to produce the envelope containing the hidden text of the Third Secret.

How do we know this? Because Archbishop Capovilla, the still living former secretary to Pope John XXIII, said that he wrote on the envelope, on Pope John’s instructions, the names of those who had read the Secret and the Pope’s decision to leave the disposition of the Secret to his successors. Cardinal Bertone showed what he purported to be the envelope containing the “authentic” Third Secret on Italian television, in 2007, but the envelope contained no writing, except Sister Lucy’s injunction that it was not to be opened before 1960, by the express orders of Our Lady.

When Cardinal Bertone’s collaborator and co-author, Giuseppe De Carli, was questioned about this discrepancy at The Fatima Challenge, he could give no satisfactory answer and attempted to dismiss the problem by saying that Fatima is “not about envelopes.” But the truth has come out, and on mainstream Italian TV: Bertone was being less than honest. In fact, the Cardinal was deliberately misleading, and on a very grave matter: the words of Our Lady of Fatima.

Tornielli, as though he were quoting from what transpired at The Fatima Challenge, cites the discrepancy over the “Capovilla envelope” as an indication that there is a missing text, an “attachment” to the vision revealed by the Vatican in June 2000.

The program goes even further, and insists, as this apostolate has always done, that the missing text must be a continuation of the phrase “In Portugal the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved etc.” The journalist’s say that Our Lady could not have ended Her revelation to Sister Lucy with an “etc.” and notes that the Vatican’s The Message of Fatima, published with the release of the vision in 2000, conspicuously avoids addressing this question.

Mr. Allesandro Banfi, co-director of Mediaset Channels, an Italian TV network, is also now on record saying that there must be a missing text of the Third Secret.

As Italian journalist Antonio Socci, author of The Fourth Secret of Fatima, has pointed out, the Pope is engaged in a great “truth-telling” work about the Third Secret. And now, he has allies in the media ready to follow his lead.

As the effect of The Fatima Challenge and the Pope’s words continue to grow, we will keep you posted. For now, join us in thanking Our Lady for blessing our efforts and keep praying. Her Triumph must be very close.

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